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Jesse: Hi hi all!
Naoku: Hello.
Soju: Hurray Fetus!
Jesse: Riiiiiiiiiiight then, Can I have a fetus?
Jesse: * sighs * Maybe we should introduce ourselves?
Naoku: Finally! The baka uses her brain!
Soju: baka's have brains?
Jesse: Uh, yeah, thanx. Well, my name, as you can tell, is Jesse. These are my partners in crime: Soju and Naoku
Naoku: Again, hello.
Soju:...Tempura fetus yummy!
Jesse: Moving on, we like to write random insanity fics, as well as humor fics, mostly Gundam Wing.
Naoku: Crazy yaoi fan...
Soju: KyoxKaoru! Yu~kixKozi! Yu~kixKlaha!
Jesse: Uh, as I was about to say, I like yaoi, as does Soju as you can plainly see. We particularly like: 1X2, 3X4, 5X6, 6X13, and 5X6X13! Whereas Naoku here likes the conventional, non-yaoi pairing, 1XR, 2XH, 4XC, and so on. It's kinda funny, actually. Naoku is afraid of Dorothy! *snickers*
Naoku: Baka! *smacks upside head*
Jesse: ITAI!!!
Soju: Fetus Donuts! They are a delicacy in Russia you know.*nods head and starts skipping around the room saying Yay Fetus*
Naoku: Now that you know a bit about us, we'll be going. JA.*trips Soju*
Soju: *falls and gets swirrly-eyed*
Naoku: *grabs both Jesse and Soju and starts dragging them away*
Jesse: *being dragged away by scruff of neck* Bye-bye, all! ^_^ JA!!!


Naoku: by the way, for anyone who is curious, we also have seperate fiction press accounts. Here are a list of them:

Naoku: Flame Wolf

Soju: sojuske

Jesse: Jesse-Maxwell


We've just put up a fic that we started writing a long-ass time ago, and we finally finished the 1st chapter, Our own truth or dare fic...the idea is unorigional, but the material is as good as it gets.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, we now have a livejournal just so that you can see when we update, if you actually care...the account is insane_sisters @

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