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PurplePixie: Hi, minna-san! ^_^ Here's a bit of info on me! Although, you'd probably wouldn't care about it, it's still here! ^^;

Name: Kyomi a.k.a. PurplePixie!

Age: WhOoOo!! I'm 14 now! I am one step closer to becoming old enough to drive a car...and running people over with it! BwAhAhAhA!!

Sex: Female.

Hair: Black.

Eyes: Brown.

Location: Uh...That's a Secret!

Xelloss: HEY! You stole my line! *Dumps a giant stack of copyright law papers onto Kyomi's head*

PurpleP: I'm sorry! I'm SORRY! DON'T SUE ME!!!

Favorite character: Xelloss from The Slayers(Xellos/Filia!! I also support Amelia/Zelgadis and Lina/Gourry couplings, but I like X/F more!!)! He's so COOL! XD He's so mysterious and cute! And then...I hear his dubbed voice T-T. DAMN YOU, DAVID MOO!!! He went and KILLED Xel's super cool image with that stupid voice of his >. Favorite Music: Anything except Country music. No offence Country-music-lovers, but Country SUCKS!

Favorite Colors: Blue, purple, and black. I like dark colors. ^^ They're so PuRdY!

Favorite Food: HmMm, where should I start? I like pizza, eggrolls, noodles, spagetti, hamburgars, icecream, candy, lollipops, soda, apples...
~*10 minutes later*~
...cherries, tacos, chow mien, fried rice, burritos, pasta, potatoes, french fries, brownies--^^ Well, I bet you can see that I like a LOT of stuff.

Favorite Animals: ^^ Ooh! I like doggies and wolfies!! WAI! They're so cute and cool! ^_^ Oh, and I also think kitties are cute.

Dislikes: Okay I don't like ketchup (yuck), any and all types of bugs (DIE!!! *takes out a can of bug spray*), DAVID MOO (DAMN YOU!!), monkeys (O_O My sister got attacked by one once...I'm not kidding), clowns (*shudder*), Barney (AH! Evil, purple dinosaur of DOOM!!), some of my relatives, school (I wake up early in the morning to get into a car, get stuck in morning traffic, just to get to school where I am tormented by teachers...why?!), and I don't like teachers (I happen to know that Satan takes the form of a kindergarten teacher, who's name will not be revealed *shudder*).

My Muses: YaY! ^_^ I've finally invented muses! Meet Masako (Mah-sah-coh) and Mimic (a.k.a. Mimi) *gestures towards a spiky, blue-haired guy and a pink-haired girl wearing a lot of bells*
Mimic: ^_^ HiIiIi!!!! *waves wildly*
Masako: =_= *glares* ...
Mimic: Masako! Say 'Hi' or something to the guesties! -^^-
Masako: =_= Go away.
Mimic: ^^; Uh...okay. Nevermind what Masako says! Mimic says 'HI!'!! ^_^ Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!
Masako: -_-; *sigh* Oi...

PurpleP: ^^ Don't they sound just FUN? *huggles Masako*

Masako: >_ PurpleP: ^^ AwWw, I love you too.

Masako: No, you don't! You just took my name from the word 'Mazoku' and switched the letters around, damn it!!

PurpleP: *whistles innocently* *walks away*

My Writing: Okay, I KNOW I haven't been updating in a VERY long time, and I am sOoOo sorry! But yeah, school has started and with school comes...(dun, dUn, DUN!)...homework. ^^; Yes, I have fallen victim to the horrible power of homework, and it's been keeping me from my work. But I promise that I WILL finish my fanfics as soon as possible...I hope. ^^;
Oh, yeah! I also realized that almost ALL my stories have something to do with Xellos and Filia. I just wanted to say that-that...I CAN'T HELP IT!! I wuv them! Ky-chan wuvs them LOTS!! And if you have read my stories and STILL haven't figured out that I am a big X/F...then there is something very wrong with you. ^^ I suggest a visit to the doctor. Nah, just kiddin'! Anyway (^^; Damn it! I've promised myself that I would try to stop saying that word!) sorry all you people-who-don't-like-stories-that-have-something-to-do-with-Xellos-or-Filia. ^_^

My Webbie: YAY! ^_^ I finally have a spot on the internet to post up random stuff! YAY! ^^ It's kinda small now, though, but I WILL update stuff! Later. Hopefully. ^^; Yeah... Anyways, check it out sometime. Oh, and don't forget to sign the guestbook! ^_^ Thankies!

The Problem...: *sniffles* *teary-eyed* Has...has anyone seen seen Silly-Kyomi?! T.T I lost her...AGAIN! *sniffles* And I'm being attacked by the Writers' Block AGAIN!! WAH! I can't write, I can't be funny--WHAT'S NEXT?!!

BAM! *GGB comes and squashes PurpleP*

from under Writer's Block* *sigh* T.T This has just not been my day. Or week. Or month...Meh, well.

^_^ Well, that's all for now. Ja ne! *waves*


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