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Author has written 4 stories for Akame ga Kiru/アカメが斬る, Pokémon, Highschool of the Dead, and Fairy Tail.

I'm a pretty huge anime/manga fan. In fact, i think that's pretty much all i think about... when not thinking about daily life of course. I would like to say that i'm quite experienced when it comes to anime and manga but the reality is... i haven't watched/read that much. Well, compared to some people i know anyways.

Mah tumblr: Even though i don't use it .

My birthday is on December 4th, for anyone that cares.

I am a guy by the way.






Rank in guild: (C-class, B-class, A-class, S-class)

Birthday: D/M

Physical Appearance:
















Romantic Interest: (put some traits your character would find attractive in someone else)

Have they joined Victory Tree yet?: (yes or no)

If they joined already, why?: (like Riley, it could be because of some debt. Or something else)

If they haven't joined yet, why would they?:

Magic: (max 2, one main magic and the other a secondary magic. No slayer or ancient, please)


History of Magic:


(2)History of Magic:

Personal History:

Most Memorable Moments from Past: (events that have a lot of significance to them)


Would you be interested in making another character?: (I might need for more ocs in the future, so i'll ask you guys if you would be interested. If nobody says yes no worries... I've got some ideas already)

Character Reference: (optional, does your character have some resemblance to a real character from an anime/manga/manwha? Put both said character's name, and the series they are from)

Other: (did I miss something?)



(Will only be accepting females, since i got plenty of males)

The Leader- Phil Angelo

The Fighter- Christian "Chris" Evans

The Strategist-Aryan Patel

The Long Ranged Fighter- Nickolas Duncan

The Medic- Shannon Bennett

The Lucky One- Delison Led

The Guardian Brandon Rodack

The Nerd Anthony Reyes

Arcs for Festival of Carnage-

The Festival Begins

-Filler Arc-

Summer Slaughter

-Filler Arc-

A Fall of Hope

-Filler Arc-

Dead Winter









Religious Views:


Slot Wanted:

Physical Appearance:




The Festival Begins:

Summer Slaughter:

A Fall of Hope:

Dead Winter:

Accessories: (watches, cell phones, glasses, etc)









Fun Facts: (stuff I could use for comic relief moments)

Romantic Interest?: (if yes, just put some traits that your OC would find attractive in someone else)


The Festival Begins:

Summer Slaughter:

A Fall of Hope:

Dead Winter:


Most Memorable Moments: (events from their past they are fond of or that have some great importance to your OC; in a positive or negative way)


Current thoughts on Anthony Reyes: (what does your OC think of him?)

How would they get along with Anthony Reyes?: (how do they interact? Or do they not interact at all?)

Any history with Anthony Reyes?: (are they childhood friends? Do they bully him? Or nothing whatsoever?)

Would you like for something in particular to happen with your character and Anthony Reyes?: (do you want your character to become best friends with him? Mortal enemies?)

Character Requests: (Do you want an arc for your character, anything in particular to happen to them? Like... maybe die?)

Medical Needs: (Are they allergic to anything? Have any sickness that needs certain medicine? Some disability? Do not confuse this with phobias, those go in fears)

Would you be interested in making another character?: (Later on I might need some new characters, if nobody says yes don't worry... I've got some ideas already)

Character Image Reference: (this part of optional, if your character is similar to a character from another series in particular just tell me the name of character and the series, or link an image. It doesn’t have to be a real character either; it could be a drawing or an image of a random character. Preferably I want it to be anime style, but again this is only for me to get a better mental image of your OC so you can say none if you want.)

Other: (any extra info that doesn't fit in the other slots)

Name: Anthony Reyes

Gender: Male

Year: Senior

Age: 17

Birthday: December 4th

Nationality: Latino American

Religious Views: Believes in a higher power, but doesn't believe in any god portrayed by the current religions.

Sexuality: Straight

Slot Wanted: The Nerd

Physical Appearance: Anthony Escobar has short, copper brown hair with some bangs covering his forehead. The seventeen year old has deep brown colored eyes, but because of bad eyesight he needs to wear a pair of black rimmed glasses. From spending so much time indoors the high school student has developed a skinny build, while he doesn't have a lot of muscle he's surprisingly very fast. Anthony's olive skin is paler from his years of avoiding the sun as much as possible.

Height: 5'8”

Weight: 146 lbs


The Festival Begins: When the outbreak started Anthony was wearing a plain, black t-shirt that was left un tucked from a pair of grey jeans. His footwear is a simple pair of black running shoes which are a bit worn out.

Summer Slaughter: A red t-shirt with some black on the neck area; Anthony wears a black button up shirt over it that's left un-buttoned. Below he wears a pair of dark blue jeans, with his footwear consisting of some white sneakers.

A Fall of Hope: A grey, long sleeved shirt that under a black sweater vest. His bottom wear is a pair of dark blue jeans, which are hold up by a brown buckle belt. To finish off the out his footwear is a pair of black combat boots.

Dead Winter: A leather, dark blue jacket with cotton around the neck area that’s left closed most of the time concealing his plain grey t-shirt that’s tucked into a pair of black jeans; said jeans are held up by a brown buckle belt. His footwear consists of black combat boots.

Accessories: He has a pair of black rimmed glasses, without them he can still see but not as good. Anthony has a black smartphone he's had for a few months now.

Personality: To anybody in his class Anthony is a very quiet individual, quite shy actually and prefers not to talk unless answering a question asked by a teacher. Because he's frail and weak looking Anthony tends to get bullied numerous times throughout the day by other guys in his grade, though they have never out right attacked him and instead verbally harass him in a way where it seems they are just messing with Anthony... like all guys do. To be honest he's kind of gotten used to it by now, you can call him a pushover or a coward but Anthony calls it playing smart. Rather than standing up for himself the male just does what his bullies are asking for him to do, like do their homework or give them answers for a test.

Apart from that Anthony is a generally nice guy, even when it comes to his bullies he doesn't feel any hatred for them which might hint that it’s pretty hard for the teen to keep a grudge. He likes to focus on his studies and graduate with honors, so he could get into a good college and make something out of himself in life.

A side that people don't know about him is that he's actually quite a clown. He loves telling jokes and performs a bunch of other comical things, like imitate something from TV or make some sarcastic witty comment. He's also quite paranoid, thinking up the worst case scenarios Anthony is the type of guy that has exits and a backup plan already figured out if things turn bad.

The teen has a self-esteem problem... despite being very smart he's always calling himself a failure, loser, pushover, or a coward for not doing something inside his head. This is why he tends to stay quiet and do nothing, fearing that what he say might sound stupid or will fail. When he gets in this depress state Anthony likes to lose himself in anime or books, just so he won't think those dark thoughts anymore.

Likes: books, video games, anime/manga, indoors, darkness, math, the rain, dark colors, Mexican food, Chinese food, the night, animals, pizza, and a peaceful silence.

Dislikes: sports, p.e, sunny days, pressure of any kind, being in the spotlight, pineapples, milk, loud crowds, violence

Strengths: highly intelligent, has a very amazing memory, has some great ideas when he's calm, going hours without sleeping, going a long time without eating, hiding his real emotions or any signs of pain, technology, cooking and maintaining a home

Weaknesses: raw strength, combat of any kind, his stamina, using guns, using swords, being a leader, thinking with pressure, isn't really the type to speak up, he's very shy around his classmates, sometimes talks bad about himself in his mind

Dreams: For a long time he dreamed of becoming a superhero, but once realizing how stupid he was for that he decided to become a police officer like his aunt. Anthony dreams of having his own collection of anime merchandise someday and getting a girlfriend.

Fears: The ocean, he's fine with lakes, rivers, and large pools but something about the ocean makes him feel... scared. Anthony fears dying or turning into one of Them, or someone he cares about dying and turning into one of them. The high school student also fears: some bugs, black furred cats, some birds, platypuses, confessing to someone and being rejected, cows, no more internet ever, guns, going to the bathroom without some sort of light, looking under the bed at night, knifes, anything with a blade, heights, old latters, puppets, Barbie dolls, baby dolls, clowns, people taller than himself, being the first or last one, any kind of live fish, turtles, large forests, eating fish and chocking on small bones, eating something rotten and possibly dying, failure of any kind in front of anyone, someone figuring out even one of his fears and using it against him.

Secrets: He actually envy’s jocks, and thinks they are pretty cool. He misses his old friends. Sometimes he feels very lonely and wishes to have someone he could talk about anime, books, and the like with. Anthony really wants a dog.

Fun Facts: Claims to have a crush on a fictional character named Saber, tends to hit his head on some hard surface whenever he's mad, he likes imitate some scenes he's seen in anime in real life when nobody is around.

Romantic Interest?: Someone with an attitude, confident, smart, strong willed.


The Festival Begins: A wooden broom.

Summer Slaughter: A black machete, Swiss knife, army knife

A Fall of Hope: A black machete, Swiss knife, 9mm pistol.

Dead Winter: A Swiss knife, army knife, a rifle.

History: With the early death of his dad Anthony never got to properly know or even have some memories of him, so while he feels a bit sad whenever that subject is brought up Anthony never remembers crying about it. His father Jonathan was a firefighter, and died when a heavy wooden pillar fell on him inside a burning house.

Mourning the loss of her husband his mother, Julia, started to find for ways to get rid of the pain in her heart... eventually it lead to her becoming an alcoholic and drug user. Julia managed to keep herself stable until Anthony turned 9, and at that point she became a full blown addict.

In the end Anthony had to grow used to this, her mom didn't do house chores or even cooked anymore. So the male began to do all the house chores, like doing the laundry, mopping, and even cooking which he began by making some eggs first before he really got the hang of it.

On the day of his graduation from elementary school his mother showed up drunken and possibly drugged to the assembly, muttering nonsense and forgetting why she had come in the first place Julia was arrested by some police officers and went to prison for a bit only to be transferred to a mental hospital.

Anthony died of embarrassment that day, he was so affected by that event that the male completely stopped talking with his friends in fear of them judging or making fun of him. After that day he just wanted to blend in with the crowd, he didn't want to stand out in any way whatsoever so the boy became anti-social and a loner.

After that assembly Anthony went under the custody of his father's sister, Rosa Reyes. A part of Rosa felt bad when she saw the boy walk home alone; lock himself in his room without speaking a word to her. But she couldn't actually confront him, as he did do all those things the boy also helped around the house with chores and had very good marks in school; luckily over the years he and his aunt grew closer, Anthony started to see her like a mother and Rosa saw him like the son she never had.

When his class was informed that they won a trip to go to a tropical island over spring break, Anthony didn't want to go. But in the end his aunt convinced the teenager that he might have fun, so Anthony went to the airport and left for Santa Luna.

Most Memorable Moments: When he and his aunt went to the zoo, the graduation assembly in elementary school, screaming at his old best friends that he wanted nothing to do with them anymore in fear after the graduation assembly, when he discovered anime


Rosa Reyes – Aunt, sister of his father

Julia Espinoza – Mother

Jonathan Reyes – Father

Medical Needs: He's allergic to peanuts.

Character Image Reference: hmm...


I'm mainly looking for traveling partners, one or two rivals, and maybe an independent villain. If you are planning to make your character have some sort of connection with a gym leader, elite four or the main evil team please message me first for more details. If you want your character to have some sort of connection with the international police message me first too.

The story will have elements from the game, anime, and manga. Battles and Contests will be played out like they are in the games, with a hint of manga and anime to it. The geography will be with the anime... as in there just won't be 3 houses in one town or take less than five minutes to cross a route. The plot will be pretty dark and serious at some points, like the manga. I'm going to try and bring in some new elements to pokemon into the story later... i'll most likely make a poll to decide if I should go with them when we near those parts.

I'm really looking for unique characters here, so please do try your hardest in making them as detailed and unique as possible.

When you send your message, please do title the pm “MOBIUS OC”

You guys have till March 13 to submit your characters, acceptance will close the following day.




Birthday: D/M

Desired Profession:

Hometown/Region of Origin: (if your character is from Mobius just look at the map of the region, i'll have a link up there as well as info of every city plus more locations)

Physical Appearance:



Image Reference: (this is optional, but it would help give me a btter mental image of your character)


Equipment: (like backpack, main item of communication, sleeping bag, etc)


Main Traits: (words often used to describe your character)






Romantic Interest?: (describe who they would fall for if yes)


Most Memorable Moments from past:

Starter Pokemon: (choose from all starters from every region)

Starting Pokemon Team: (including starter, put the stats (species, nickname, gender, held items, moves, small summary of personality and history). You can only have two max for now(that is including starter, so you can only have one more).

Final Team: (put the same stats as above)


Connections with Leo: (put none if you want)

Thoughts and how they would get along with Leo:

Character Requests: (do you want something in particular to happen to your character? Like an arc or some event?)


Name: Leonardo Escobar

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Birthday: 4/12

Desired Profession: Coordinator, or so he claims

Hometown/Region of Origin: Saint Maria, Mobius

Physical Appearance: From spending most of his time outside the male has developed a very developed athletic build, along with a darker shade of olive for skin; though over the recent months he has grown a bit paler. His jet black hair is slightly long, reaching down to his neck and is slightly messy... it is kept this way on purpose as the male makes it work (or that's what he tells himself anyways) and i quote "ladies love a wild man." Leo's eyes are a light blue that usually hold a small spark in them, almost as if he's plotting something. Ever since the incident though he always has a grumpy look on his face and has developed black bags under his eyes, seemingly permanent as he's never seen without them under his eyes.

Height: 5'7”

Weight: 138 lbs

Image Reference:

Clothing: His current set of clothing is a simple grey t-shirt that's hidden right under his favorite jacket... a lighter black in color, it has the words "My Poison-Type Romance" in white on the front. The teen's bottom wear consists of plain, dark grey colored jeans that have some dirt on them which are hold up by a leather brown buckle belt. Lastly Leo's footwear is nothing fancy, just a pair of white running shoes.

Equipment: A light grey two-strap backpack, a beaten up pokenav, a small charmander pillow and a light black blanket.

Personality: At first sight Leo could be seen as a bit of a clown, seemingly the kind of person that never takes anything seriously. While the male does love to make people laugh, giggle; just make people happy overall the teen is pretty intelligent. Sure he might do things that question this statement but nonetheless, Leo is pretty smart for his age; he's a "think before acting" type most of the time. He can come up with some very advance battle strategies, while seemingly lazing off and has a vast knowledge on a lot of subjects; pokemon or not. Despite this though he's the kind of person that is easily motivated by feelings, if he feels rage then he'll act solely on that. This might hint that it's pretty easy to tell what's on his mind or how he's feeling… usually anyway. The teen tends to use actions rather than words too, finding it a lot easier to express him this way.

The male has a tendency to get close to people very easily, so before you know it he might already be considering you a good friend. The male is also a bit of a flirt, but don't get the wrong idea; he's not a "smooth with the ladies" kind but more of a "I'm just desperate for a girlfriend" type. Either way though he wasn't much of a womanizer… the male was lucky enough to even get a response.

His life revolves around the people close to him; he always seeks for their safety and happiness before himself.

Because of an incident that happened a few years ago Leo lost a lot of self - confidence, sure thanks to time he was able to overcome them a bit but sometimes he just moves his body and let's words out just so he won't worry anybody… while negative thoughts like this begin to flood his mind.

Weakling, you can't do it so why even try? Give up before you make fool out of yourself. Everyone secretly believes you can't do it, you know.

Main Traits: Flirt, Clown, Goof, Someone who is more than meets the eye

Likes: pretty girls, darker colors, traveling, food, pokemon

Dislikesneon colors, being around too many males for a long time, battling, milk, pineapple, staying still for too long, very small spaces, the ocean

Fears: Having to battle again, the ocean, clowns and eternal oblivion

Strengths: decently fit, highly intelligent, battling despite not wanting to do it anymore, he feels a bit more confident if he has friends cheering him on

Weaknesses: Leo doesn't have a lot of self-confidence so he doesn't believe himself good enough to be capable of anything great despite going on and on about being the best coordinator, being a coordinator, having a proper friendship with a pokemon because of his fear of hurting them again, being in a battle as he easily blanks out whenever he's in one, swimming... ever since he could remember he's feared the ocean, the constant thoughts about failure tend to hold him back

Romantic Interest?: Someone completely opposite of him, a confident acting girl with an attitude that doesn't let herself be pushed around by anyone. Of course he doesn't know this yet... right now because he's 15 any girl that is good looking catches his eye.

History: Leo is stuck as the middle sibling, and is the only male in his family. His older sister Annie Escobar is already a professional trainer, and is as of now traveling in Unova to conquer the league there. Every now and then he gets a letter from her, as the two were really close as siblings; Annie beats the younger male by five years. The youngest Escobar sibling is a little girl who is nine years old. She is named Asuka Escobar and as of now still attending trainer school. His mother is of Johto origin, and her full name is Akira Kurono. She's an ex-coordinator who now works in the police force along with her trusty Arcanine and Pinsir. Apart from having monstrous strength Akira has the appearance of an elegant lady, but the nature of an angry Ursaring; nonetheless she has quite literally killed any sort of serious crime in the town.

Going up the ranks in a couple of months, she now receives a very good wage and there is more than enough to give her kids whatever they need. But despite her good intentions Akira never has time for them.

What about their father?

From what Leo has heard, his name is Nicholas Escobar. Coming from Hoenn and meeting his mother while on his journey, they got married at the age of twenty five and had Annie a year later; which Nicholas got to name. A couple of more years later they had Leo, this time his mother got to name him.

It wasn't even a whole year after his birth when Nicholas left them. Before his sudden departure Nicholas told his wife that he had to leave, that he felt like he was getting older and that if he waited more than he wouldn't be able to accomplish his dream; that is to become a pokemon master. They haven't heard of him since.

While Annie grew anger towards him, Leo was another case. Being too young to remember him the male was unsure on how to feel about his father, never meeting him all he had to go on about him was the stories about the adventures his mother and father had while they were on their journey.

This inspired him to become a trainer.

After all, his father had left them just to continue being that! So being a trainer must be the most amazing thing you can be… right?

Two years into his trainer school Leo captured two pokemon, a heracross when he went to visit their grandparents in Johto and a starly when their mother took them to Sinnoh for the most recent summer vacation at that time. Around that time Annie had already gone on her journey, so for his eight birthday she sent a trapinch over to him. Barely turning eighth the male already had a bright future in the art of being a trainer.

But in a day like no other, the young boy encountered a masked man.

Feeling pretty confident, the young boy challenged the older man into a battle. Never knowing who he was, the boy would regret challenging him for the rest of his life. None of his pokemon stood a chance against the masked man's drapion. As his trusty Heracross finally fell to the ground, severely injured the words the man told him would forever haunt him, "You are a fool, kid. Fighting an opponent you can't beat… I can't help but pity those pokemon, having such a stupid trainer"

Taking them to the local pokemon center right away, Leo received the news that while it would take time to heal the damage… both Heracross and Trapinch would survive. Sadly though starly wasn't lucky enough…

It's small, weak body didn't survive the enormous amount of the damage the drapion had caused. The nurse said she did all she could… but starly died.

Not fainted, but died.

This was his first time coming face to face with death, Leo had always thought that the worst thing that could happen to a pokemon was fainting… and even then a simple trip to the Pokemon Center could get them good as new.

After that both Heracross and Trapinch refused to get out of their pokeball; while trapinch did it because every little thing now scared her, the bug-type had lost all respect and trust for his trainer. Around that time, the young male went through a deep depression… Annie even stopped half way on her journey to go and try to cheer him up as much as possible. But the weirdest things happen, while he went through his depression nine months later after that day, his mother gave birth to his little sister Asuka. She told them that his father had suddenly appeared, but left as fast as he had arrived a few months back.

With the birth of his new sister, the male slowly began to go back to his normal self; for the sake of everyone. The boy hated to see his mother worry about him, all while she had to take care of his new little sister and seeing Annie stop her journey just to cheer him up… Leo couldn't do that to them.

So after a few weeks of fake smiles, Annie went back on her journey and his mother could focus on raising his new sister.

A few years passed, the guilt never dying down. But nonetheless Leo couldn't lie… pokemon were his life. But he had already decided he would never battle, so he then aspired to become a coordinator. Just like his mother.

Out of nowhere he gave Asuka his trapinch. He wasn't much of a trainer for her, but maybe her little sister would; who knows Asuka might even manage to let out trapinch and start making her not so scared of everything. Heracross on the other hand is still with him... the bug type had already made it clear it wouldn't go out of it's pokeball, but Leo carries it around so he will never forget not to battle again.

Most Memorable Events: When he decided to become a trainer for the first time when he was young, that day of the fight with the masked man, the day he got trapinch from his older sister, the day he caught heracross, the summer he went to visit Sinnoh with his mother sister, when his little sister Asuka was born

Desired Starter: Torchic

Starting Pokemon Team:

Torchic, Spike is a male – None; Scratch and Growl – he's kind of lazy but a fierce battler at heart. While he follows Leo's orders he doesn't want to be in contests...

Heracross, Rave is a male – Macho Brace; Horn Attack, Rock Smash, Bulk up, Bulldoze – a very prideful pokemon who's loyal to any trainer he deems worthy. But a part of him is a huge glutton... because of the incident that happened years ago he lost all respect for Leo and refuses to get out of his pokeball; yet despite this the bug-type still cares for the human teen.

Final Team: You'll see


Nicholas Escobar - Father

Akira Kurono - Mother

Annie Escobar – Older Sister

Asuka Escobar – Younger Sister


Saint Maria - A small, yet prosperous town that has a beautiful l beach which is full of nothing but Clamperl. It's known to rain a lot in this town, so much that rain has become a common thing for people living here and most aren't really bothered by it. A young professor by the name of Jack Bailstone is residing here for now, while studying the clamperl living at the beach here the male has also been given the task to give starter pokemon and a pokedex to any new trainers, coordinators, or anyone that is planning to travel all over Mobius really.

This is where the story will begin too.

Gold Beach City – The largest city located in Mobius, it has the largest population in Mobius and it's beautiful beaches, the street of hunger, the massive port, the first gym and contest hall as well as the festival are what makes travelers go here. Gold Beach City is mostly known for it's beaches, populated with numerous pokemon and great to relax at almost all the tourist come for this.

The street of hunger is a famous street deep in Gold Beach that has hundreds of small posts that serve food from all over the world. If you feel like eating something it's most likely you'll find it here...

The Golden Port, which has countless ships that are full of tourists and travelers stop by every day; as you may imagine it produces countless jobs for people.

“Cave of the Jabberwock,” this is the nickname many people have given the gym here. Despite the gym leader still being rather new compared to how long other leaders have been part of their own gym she has become a tough wall for trainers to surpass. She is also daughter of one of the elite four which mainly explains why she focuses on dragon types. Like all gym leaders in Mobius she has a low and high level team, but many trainers find themselves quitting because she's so difficult to beat... especially new ones.

The Contest Hall. For new coordinators or people who want to have a small taste on how being in a contest is like, you can earn all the normal rank ribbons here. Every January 1st the festival goes on for three days.

Dothur Town – A tiny town that lives surrounded by the Emerald Forest, the super ranked contest hall is located here. It's a farming community with many fruits and vegetables for both humans and pokemon harvested by farmers here. Apart from the place being popular for coordinators because of the contest hall, it is also a place where a coordinator can get tons of different and rare berries at the weekly “Berry Market.”

The only reason a trainer would bother to come here is the chance to catch a legendary pokemon... supposedly spotted almost every week at the nearby lake.

Lake Thog – Nothing special about this lake really... up till a few months ago anyway. Now almost every day it's populated by trainers and tourist alike to have a chance to catch at least a glance at celebi. Apart from this the lake is inhabited by a decent amount of water pokemon.

Thibet Town – A rather quiet town, though it's full of traveling trainers because you need to pass through it to get to the next two gyms. Apart from that fact if you walk a bit more you can take one of the seven ferries through River Seven so you don't have to walk through the desert, but this only applies to tourist... as you need to travel the desert to get to the third gym.

Jaren City - The smallest city in Mobius. While it's decently populated many people tend to come to the city more in December, which is when the Emerald Championship begins. Taking a one of the numerous ferries in the port nearby you can arrive to the capital of Mobius, Yorknew City, in two days.

“Throne of Ice,” the nickname for the second gym which is located here. It's a castle-like building made in a way where it seems it's completley made out of ice. The gym leader, while quite young, used to be part of the elite four; but he asked to be switched to a gym leader suddenly two years ago. Much like the name suggests he specializes in ice types.

Lirian Desert - A large desert located right next to River Seven. It's very dangerous to cross because of the many dangerous pokemon that inhabit it, but it is a necessary obstacle as the next gym badge is located in Irem Town.

Irem Town – A small town constantly bathed in the desert heat. The population is very small, but officials for some reason decided to have the third gym located here.

“Paradise,” that's the name given to the gym here. The strange, giant like red haired gym leader that resides here claims himself to have been a pirate before being a gym leader. Despite the town being in a desert he focuses on not only water types, but grass types as well. His gym was build in a way to make it look like a water park.

Opherville – A ghost town near River Seven, it's not prohibit to go here but because of an incident involving an army of feral pokemon that happened a few years back nobody really wants to go here... there were survivors from the attack, but many ended up scarred for life.

River Seven - Named after the seven ferries that travel through it, River Seven is the best option to crossing the desert if you aren't challenging gyms. It starts from the port near Thibet Town and arrives in Bosco in half a day. It is also famous because supposedly you can find feebas here...

Bosco Town – Much like Thibet Town many travelers pass through here, from traveling through route 6 for so long it's a nice place to relax. It's a peaceful town with many hot springs and hotels for people to rent a night or two, or if you’re a trainer rest up at the large Pokemon Center in the outskirts of the town.

City of Minstrel - A city of knowledge and a way to get a peek at the future. It has the largest, most advance hospital which focuses on taking care of both humans and pokemon in the world. Apart from that the grand library which has some of the oldest books that you can find in the world the library is also a gym, home to the two gym leaders.

An older brother and sister, they nicknamed their gym/library “Home of Knowledge.” The older brother focuses on dark types while the younger sibling focuses on fairy types, both are highly intelligent and with their high level team qualify to become elite four... for some reason they refuse the offer whenever it's made though.

The Hyper Rank contest hall is located here as well.

The city also has a small port, only housing one ship that has enough speed to go all around Mobius and back in a single day.

Jagged Mountains – Apart from being a great place for trainers to level their pokemon easily, it is also home to the fifth gym. Finding it is very hard though... a blizzard constantly ravages the highest part of the mountains and wild pokemon that are crazy strong live here.

“The Crimson Nest,” nicknamed by the gym leader. He's an expert in fire types and supposedly... befriended a legendary pokemon a few months ago.

Sekai Town – A town that is home to many pokemon experts, from move tutors to deleters. While it has nothing else worth traveling here for those facts make it quite crowded, as anyone training pokemon would find it very neat to for some new move to teach to their pokemon... or they regret teaching them one.

Battery City – Despite the name, it is actually not a city; it's a large prison containing both some of the most dangerous criminals and out of control pokemon. But the actual prison is underground, with the surface containing ruins of a one shining city... there was never a city like that here but it was made to make it look that way.

The gym here is above ground, compared to others a rather simple looking one. “Lair of the Traitor,” the gym might look pretty simple from the outside but the inside... some challengers spent days navigating through it. Many traps that wear out the challenger both mentally and physically are all over the place.

The gym leader is a master of poison types, his original team is unknown but the one he uses for gym battles is rumored to be pretty easy to defeat.

Maiden's Sanctuary – A sanctuary prohibit to anyone that doesn't have 6 gym badges. It's home to many rare, exotic pokemon but capturing any of them while they are in the sanctuary is strictly not allowed. Deep in the sanctuary lies the seventh gym.

“Labyrinth of Insects,” the nickname the leader has given her gym. The gym itself was made in a way where it was built to be one with the forest, meaning once you enter the building it's really hard to tell if you actually did... if it wasn't for the man standing at the front that gives you the helpful tips, one could actually confuse with the outside. Not much is known about the gym leader other than that she's the sister of the final gym leader, she built the sanctuary herself, and her original team is strong enough to make her an elite four.

She speacilzes in bug-types.

Newgate City – A city where every single rich person in Mobius lives. It's full of 5 star shops, restaurants, and all kinds of other business with prices only rich folk can afford. Apart from the Master Contest Hall being located here... people tend to come for the grand auction held every 5th of each month.

Romavilla - A small town housing the last gym. Despite the town being home to the toughest gym in Mobius it's rather quiet, but in a peaceful way. Apart from the gym nothing's really special about the town.

“King of Legends,” the nickname the gym leader has given himself. His gym is rather plain; in fact he is usually the only person in the gym when staff that keeps the gym clean isn't there. Apart from being a gym leader he is a well-known actor, model, and singer which usually makes people underestimate him as a simple pretty boy.

For a while when he was first assigned to the gym he used his original team, but months later when the Emerald Championship was about to begin everyone came to a shock when literally no trainers arrived at the stadium... apparently nobody had been able to beat his team. This is why he was ordered by the Pokemon Association to make a change in teams and has been prohibit to use his original team in gym battles.

The male gym leader now focuses on ground types, his team is still quite formidable but not ridiculously over powered like his original team. He's been asked to join the elite four and even to challenge the champion numerous times, but he refuses for some reason...rumors has it because the champion defeated him a few years back with his original team.

Yorknew City – The capital of Mobius. The Emerald Stadium is located here, the place where the tournament to decide who will fight the Elite Four and perhaps the champion is held. The whole island is a city, in fact it's size would have made the city the biggest in Mobius if Gold Beach didn't have expand it's territory years ago.

The hall for the elite four and champion of Mobius is located right in the middle of the city.

International Police HQ – The first building built in Mobius, it's had many modifications over the decades but it remains the same basic look.

Desert of Lias – The desert on the other side of the River Seven. Many hidden caves and labyrinths are located below the sand; also other specs not found in the Lirian Desert live here. The last trial for the Emerald Championship is held here... “The Fallen Crown,” held right underground the last hundred trainers left from the tournament fight off in a battle royal style... the remaining three have a chance to go against the elite four and the champion.

Whisper Forest – The small forest that surrounds Mobius Lake. Many rare species of pokemon inhabit the forest, but entry is prohibit and is constantly guarded by the International Police.

World Tree – The largest tree in the world. Humanity has yet to build any structure coming near it's height, the world tree has many types of bird pokemon living in it.

Mobius Lake – The large lake that surrounds the World Tree, quite a number of rare pokemon inhabit the lake.

The Emerald Forest – The forest that covers more or less half of Mobius. It took many decades for it to grow to the size it is today... for anyone that's studied Mobius they would know that the Emerald Forest wasn't here when the region was discovered, no, a large desert covered all of Mobius.

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    Highschool of the Dead - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Horror - Chapters: 9 - Words: 23,245 - Reviews: 92 - Favs: 20 - Follows: 22 - Updated: 7/29/2013 - Published: 5/25/2013 - Takashi K.
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    Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 34 - Words: 105,691 - Reviews: 863 - Favs: 411 - Follows: 327 - Updated: 7/27/2013 - Published: 9/14/2008 - Blue/Green (unspecified), Green/Blue (unspecified)
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    Just a matter of perspective by Kanae-88 reviews
    As it turns out, flirting is a matter of perspective; it's just rotten luck Eren doesn't seem to know the first thing about it. — Eren/Annie.
    Shingeki no Kyojin/進撃の巨人 - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,996 - Reviews: 36 - Favs: 140 - Follows: 28 - Published: 7/7/2013 - Eren Y., Annie L. - Complete
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    here are tips from pokeboys on how to flirt
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    What does a Dragon Slayer do when they've found their mate? Deny... then try and come up with an answer. Natsu's found his mate and has no clue on what to do, luckily for him though Igneel already saw this day coming and left behind a little gift for him, a guide if you so call it. If claiming your mate was so easy then everyone would be mated! Too bad it's not, good luck Natsu!
    Fairy Tail - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 20 - Words: 45,364 - Reviews: 1350 - Favs: 1,581 - Follows: 833 - Updated: 7/5/2013 - Published: 3/16/2013 - Lucy H., Natsu D. - Complete
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    Fairy Tail - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 9 - Words: 35,558 - Reviews: 204 - Favs: 199 - Follows: 212 - Updated: 6/28/2013 - Published: 4/21/2011 - Gray F., Juvia L.
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    At first it was just defeating them to crush their hopes- training wild Pokémon to high levels and spreading rumors of the numerous hardships and dangers to dissuade them but it slowly transformed into a much more deadly operation. The organization became known as the Phantom Hand, the cause of many of the missing children. The time of pure terror...the fist had fallen. OCs needed!
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    Tick. Time escapes you like a mistress, fleeding into the night like a whisper. There simply isn't enough of it no matter how much you try, you always want more, you always need more. Just finally it was run out, it's the end. You can run but it will end for you and everyone you know but the question is what will you do with your time given? OC ACCEPTING!
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    Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,206 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 1 - Published: 6/5/2013 - N H./Natural H. G., Alder/Adeku, AZ - Complete
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    [ONESHOT] Set during their time together in the 104th Trainees Squad, Eren meets Annie in the woods for some one-on-one combat training. Or at least, that was the original plan. Sometimes, cold and broken hearts come together and create their own warmth. [Eren/Annie]
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    What can I say? This is the "Gratest Pokemon Master." Mary Sues, no plot and the complete murder of the English language. Enjoy if you dare.
    Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 22 - Words: 22,822 - Reviews: 60 - Favs: 22 - Follows: 24 - Updated: 6/2/2013 - Published: 3/9/2013
    The Chessboard of Inlusio Island by Madame Hisakata reviews
    An island claiming to be the mythical Inlusio Island has appeared and it is ruled by a young, selfish kind who claims to be the descendant of the king of Inlusio. The young king commands a group called the Lumen Knights. They kidnapped Pokemon to take to the island. Now a group of young Pokemon trainers must travel to the island to save the Pokemon. Accepting OCs. SYOC. OPEN!
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    Follow the adventures of a certain blue-haired girl as she enrolls (or rather, gets a scholarship into) a school "filled with strange people". Then again, who said you could trust mailmen anyway? [OC Applications closed! You were too late...]
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    [OC Story. Applications Closed for now.] Within the Unova Region lies the Liberty Gardens Academy in which many trainers, breeders, and/or coordinators from around the world come to educate themselves within their respective fields. Will problems arise within the student body or will you and your pokemon decide it's fate?
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    The War Of The PokeVerse by Everyone's a Mortal reviews
    To all you guys that reviewed on Pokemon Truth Or Dare With Zeck And JJ! This one's for you. '"Sir," the lady said. "It's the Champion of Kanto, the Hero of Kanto, the Heroes of Unova, the OFSA Leader...and..." She trailed of. "And?" He asked. She sighed, "And Gold, sir." The champion of Sinnoh smiled slightly, "Send them in."
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    Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Horror/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,611 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 17 - Follows: 2 - Published: 1/25/2013 - Blue O./Green O. (male), Green/Blue (female) - Complete
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    Indefinite Hiatus
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    Beelzebub/べるぜバブ - Rated: K - English - Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 875 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 22 - Follows: 4 - Published: 12/6/2012 - Oga T., Aoi K. - Complete
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