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Author has written 5 stories for Yu Yu Hakusho, and Inuyasha.

About Me

Yayness. = D

I'm not difficult to understand until you get to know me, so this won't take long. You can learn a lot about a person from the little things.

• I'm generally an enthusiastic, but realistic, person.
• I'm easily amused. Seriously, give me a lollipop and I'll leave you alone for two hours. XD
• I'm approximately 5'3" and I weigh anywhere between 110 lbs and 120 lbs depending on whether or not I'm currently in school. During breaks, I tend to skip meals because I forget, so I lose a little weight. Go figure.
• I'm a Caucasian mutt.
• I live on the East Coast of the USA.
• I have a very narrow happy temperature range. I don't like cold because I don't have enough body mass to keep me warm, so I tend not to write as much in winter since it makes my hands hurt. Summer is a little better; I don't like being hot, but I can still write through it.
• I have dyed my hair enough times that I've had it ten different colors (and I don't mean shades, I mean COLORS).
• I have one tattoo of a butterfly with a rose on my right calf, but I want to get more tattoos.
• I'm currently in college, majoring in psychology. As quickly as I notice new classes I want to take, I will never transfer to another school. XD
• My dream job is to be a novelist. I've currently got two books in progress and have ideas for three or four more.
• I give blood as often as I can and encourage others to do the same. Also, my driver's license says I'm an organ donor. = D
• I'm old enough to buy alcohol, but I don't.
• I work on campus, tutoring math.
• I like putting things together and solving problems.
• I'm a good listener.
• I don't have many friends or much of a social life and I'm happy that way.
• I daydream far too much, but it inspires me...and helps me get to sleep at night. (Insomnia is a bitch, especially if it's from a restless mind.)
• I have a policy about little things, like food and music: I'll try anything once, but I won't go for something I know I don't like.
• I have had two boyfriends. One was gay, the other was psychologically abusive and I got the hell out of dodge as soon as I realized it.
• I love fresh flowers, but I keep dead ones for longer.
• I am fickle, but I'm also very stubborn.
• I'm probably one of the least emotional people you'd ever meet.
• The most noticeable thing about me is apparently my intelligence. (I had a 3.9 college GPA last time I checked, so I guess they're right.)


Poetic Justice chapter one Recollections reposted. = D

Fox and Fool chapter three rewritten and posted.

Been writing original fiction. Yayness.

Please don't ask me to send fics to your email. You may be trustworthy, but I have been plagiarized before and I'm a little paranoid about such things. Thanks kindly.

New computer acquired. Happiness. Still trying to figure it out and get used to a stiffer keyboard. Will resume writing soon. = D

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Chiisai Mu.
Human in body. Demon at Heart.

Formerly Demon at Heart.
Formerly Legal Graffiti.
Formerly Sanguine Sky.
Formerly Wakajini no Shijo.
—Those are all the significant ones, I believe.

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