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Author has written 2 stories for Fruits Basket, and Yu Yu Hakusho.

1/15/07: Goodness. I should have put the years on my profile mini-updates. One is at least three years old! Anyway, I have not been writing fanfiction for some time now. I am only logged on now to publicly address a charming email I recieved recently requesting that I continue with my Furuba one-shot. I have recieved similar emails and reviews before and so I will just post my answer here: There is no planned continuation of that short story. One day, perhaps, but as of now, not likely. I would like to write some sweet, sugar-coated falsettos here but, to be honest, I do not plan on writing any new fanfictions. We'll see what happens, eh?

6/29: It has been too long. I am sorry. I updated my pro and shorten it because I decided to get rid of a few things. Recently all I have been writing is poetry. Tis a phase it will pass. Or not. Then we're all screwed, eh?

10/10: Just posted two new stories. Check'em out. ~-

10/8: Any of you fans of Fruits Basket? Any shippers of Yuki & Haru? (BEST FB PAIRING EVER!) If so, join my C2 community, entirely devoted to Yuki & Haru. Oh and as for posted my stories, don't worry. I'm on it. _~

10/4: The self-insertion protest has apparently failed. Jiaan has become quite literally pissed off because of my lack of writing. He has unleased a horde of plot bunnies on me, and insists that I write. I shall begin posted AiP on MediaMiner since it is banned from FF.N, very soon. If you want to be notified of the exact date please email me at Please include 'Notify me of date for posting of AiP' in the subject line or I will not open your email. As for my other stories, they shall be posted here since FF.N is a very popular site no matter how restricting...unlease your imagination and free your soul my ass...

5/8: My story Anything is Possible apparently broke some guidelines and was removed. I shall begin posting it on under the same penname IF the protest against rule against self insertion fics doesn't get anywhere.

Basic Info:

Name: FMOT (What's the point of a pen name if people know your real name?)

Sex: Female

Age: Never ask a girl her is very rude. _~

Interests: acting, computers, adultswim, jhonen basques opera, tennis, writing, singing, musicals, movies, johnny depp, snow boarding, hacking, tim burton, your mom..and many more but by now, your bored and will mostly stop reading this and move on.

Hobbies: Reading, writing (duh), drawing, snowboarding (on occasion), hanging out with my friends, surfing the web, and uh...that's all I can think of for now. _

My Muses: Jiaan, friends, and the occasional outlandish ideas that randomly appear in my head,

My Stories:

~Anything is Possible (YYH)

Category: Yu Yu Hakusho Type: On-going Status: Unfinished (Removed by FFN.)

~The Wedding of Yuki and Haru

Category: Fruits Basket Type: One-Shot Status: Finished

~Too Late Category: Yu Yu Hakusho

Type: One-Shot Status: Finished

Special Note: I am a fan of homosexuals relationships and enjoy reading slash fanfiction. No, I am not gay myself and do not have to be to enjoy such genres. I do not appreciate some emails I have recieved over this topic and I want them to stop. However, since I cannot control people, YET be warned. I love seeking out revenge. I am one psychotic bitch. You have been warned.

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