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Hey this is Olimc

I really enjoying writing and sharing my stories so I thought it was time to share them with the world! My main reason for being here is to become a better Author and to write entertaining stories that people can enjoy! It helps a lot when people leave feedback and it's the main thing that keeps me going.

New chapters of Unova Legends coming soon please check it out and review!

Authors I like:


El torro


For there amazing Pokemon stories check them out !


4/08/2014: Look at the chapter I posted and leave some reviews telling me what to do, would be much appreciated :D

22/01/2014: Hey guys :p I had Chapter 17 ready to upload but for some reason it decided to not save and I have to re-write the whole Chapter :( So sorry for the delay but I can tell you that Sam does take on the 2nd Gym Leader and some other interesting stuff happens :p

7/01/2014: Because of the New Year I have uploaded two Chapters both in two days! Chapter 16 is a really good one so make sure to read it and leave a review!

5/01/2014: Happy New Year everyone! Lets celebrate with a new Chapter! This is the Chapter that concludes the Swindle Town Contest. Make sure to leave a review on it and send me a PM about any questions. Chapter 16 should be out in a few days (being serious this time) im already half way through it so yay!

27/12/2013:Merry Christmas to everyone! For a few days ago (lol) Chapter 15 is coming along, but I've been busy with Family, so that's why its taking awhile. So hopefully it will be up soon ;)

Unova Legends

Main Characters

Sam Ryder:

Age: 13

Sam is your typical 13 year old fun lazy but ready for adventure. He's moving to Unova to embark on a pokemon journey while leaving behind his hometown Canalave city in the Sinnoh reigon. Sam strives to beat all the Gyms in Unova but does take part in contests even though he thinks there not his thing. Even though Sam has only just started his Pokemon Journey he is very strong and is able to think of good stratiges for his Pokemon. Sam misses his Girlfriend Candice who has also started her journey in Unova. At times he thinks about her but sticks to the main focus.He looks like the male from the Black and White video games and wears similar clothes.


Trio Badge

Known Pokemon: (See below)

Jennifer Baxter:


Jennifer is the Sister of Timmy Baxter. Sam met her in the Acculuma Town Battle Club. She is a very strong trainer and has taken a liking to Sam. Jennifer is very loving to both Sam and Timmy. She is very protective of Timmy and sticks up for him at times.Jennifer partakes in Gym battles and Contests and gets hyped up for both. She likes cute pokemon and knows how to use them in battle. She wears similar and looks like the girl character from Heart Gold and Soul Silver.


Trio Badge

Known Pokemon:

Snivy, Blitzle, Eevee

Timmy Baxter:


Timmy is a boy around Sam's age who he met on Route 1. He's very un experienced but with a battle with Sam he picks up a few tricks. He is Jennifer's Brother and they have a friendly relationship. He looks up to Sam seeing how well he battled against his Sister. Timmy has started to mature over time and see himself as a serious trainer. Timmy gets very excited about Contests which is his main goal in Unova. When he does a contest he likes to make different images.


Striaton City Ribbon

Known Pokemon:

Sewaddle, Patrat, Burmy

Candice Brown:


Candice is Sam's girlfreind who she absolutely adores. She's moving to Unova herself to start her life as a pokemon trainer two weeks after Sam. Candice revealed that Flying type is her favourite type of Pokemon. Not too much is known about Candice at the moment. A Lugia did show itself to Candice so obviously SHIZZ IS GOIN DOWN. She becomes sad when her and Sam are separated but she stays strong and determined to follow her dreams!

Known Pokemon:


Sam's Rival's

Chad Worthington:


Chad is a typical rich boy who Sam met while getting his starter Pokemon. He started his Journey one day earlier than Sam so he's allready had some experaince. He tends to think he's better than everyone and that he's "Top Dog". In chapter 6 Chad showed he had two Pokemon from Kanto in his team from where he used to live. He hates to lose and gets angry easily. Chad only seems to care about a Pokemons strength. He doesint like Pokemon contest's and only cares about a Pokemons power. Jennifer states the Chad "hates" Sam but isn't confirmed to be true.

Known Pokemon:

Dewott, Bulbasaur, Nidorino

Tyson Hill:


Tyson is extremely energetic and is easy to excite (showing him a new Pokemon). He has short black hair, tan skin,brown eyes. He usually is quick to offer or accept a battle. Tyson tends to thin he is better than he actually is, but not in a cocky way, more of a stupid way. All of his Pokemon get fired up with him and he gives really stupid emotional speeches that don't make sense.

Known Pokemon;

Charmander, Riolu, Oshawott, Tranquill

Timmy's Rival's

Dexter Johns:

Age: 13

Dexter has been a friend of Timmy's since a young age. He has spiky black hair and wears a black and red t-shirt. He takes part in Contests and loves the applause from the crowd. In the Striaton Contest he was shown to be very strong and able to take down opponents in one or two attacks. He seems to be where the Contests are. At times Dexter can be slightly cocky but doesn't seem to notice.


Striaton City Ribbon

Swindle Town Ribbon

Known Pokemon:

Pansage, Herdier, Timburr

Team Plasma

Ghetsis: Not much is known about Ghetsis except he is the Leader of Team Plasma and gets angry and can be terribly mean. He knowns something big which we dont know yet. We found out his old team of Pokemon left him.

Known Pokemon: Deino, Pawniard

Oliver: Not much is known about Oliver except he was somehow forced into Team Plasma with his friend Kieran with his starter Pokemon from Hoenn. Oliver with his friend Kieran are some how trying to stop Team Plasma from the inside.

Kieran: Not much is known about Kieran except he was somehow forced into Team Plasma with his friend Oliver with his starter Pokemon from Hoenn. Kieran with his friend Oliver are some how trying to stop Team Plasma from the inside.

Known Pokemon:


Sam's Pokemon

Tepig: Tepig is Sam's starter Pokemon. Tepig is a determined fighter who will always try his best. Tepig is very loyal to Sam. Sam and Tepig have good team work going on when they train together Tepig can pick up new stratiges and demonstrate them in battles. Sam and Tepig can sometimes be thinking the same thing. Tepig learnt rollout while training and was able to show it off in a battle against Tyson.

Known moves: ember, tackle, flame charge, rollout.

Obtained in chapter 2: Mayhem in Nuvema Town!

Pidove: Pidove is a very strong Pokemon who helped out Tepig while another Pidove was attacking it. Pidove has grown very strong and learnt alot of new moves. Pidove can learn new moves and display them in battle effectivly. Pidove can help Sam out in certain situations by flying to spot things out for him.

known moves: wing attack,quick attack,air cutter, detect

Obtained in chapter 3: Battle Galore!

Snivy: Snivy is a Pokemon who Sam met on route 2 because Timmy's Sewaddle acidentaly destroyed its home. Snivy took a liking to Sam and wanted to join his team. Sam's Snivy and Jennifers Snivy have a family relationship. In Snivys first battle Snivy tended to be a little bit of a jokester and liked to have fun. Snivy showcased herself also being beautifull and Elegant while using a leaf tornado attack. People were stunned by Snivy's beauty. Snivy learned Slam in a battle against Ghetsis being very cheeky about it. Snivy loves to show off in Contestants and add her own Flare!

known moves: tackle,growth,vine whip,leaf tornado,slam

Obtained in chapter 6: Elegant Snivy

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