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Author has written 12 stories for Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, X-Men: Evolution, Avatar: Last Airbender, One Piece, Gurren Lagann, Young Avengers, Harry Potter, Highlander, Once Upon a Time, and Chronicles of Chrestomanci.

Hiya! This is Kettricken. My name comes from Robin Hobb's "Farseer" trilogy-- which is as much as I shall ever borrow from her, as she despises fanfic. I can respect that; it's her world, and I won't play there unless invited. (Great world though, go read.) More about me:

-I'm in my 30's. I also write original stories, mostly SF.
-Most of the "favorite authors" links are DBZ BNFs who are good starting places for finding a lot of other authors quickly. At least, authors writing DBZ fic in 2003... heh. The "favorite stories" tends to be a list less of my favorite stories and more of stories I'm currently following and want to be able to find quickly.

What I'm trying to do in my fic: not tell an AU or original story using other people's characters, but create a dialogue with a world and people that I've loved.

These are my attempts:

Chichi in Charge (DBZ). My first fanfiction story. This is kind of a full mini-saga set a year after the Cell Games. In some ways this is my attempt at giving a requiem for Son Goku's death. (Death's a funny creature in DBZ... it's hard to take it seriously in context!) So in this story, Chichi, Gohan, and even Bulma and Vegeta, find their ways of grieving for him. Erm... with lots of action and humor. I never said these were rational people... I also wrote this because I was frustrated with how the show abandons its minor characters, who are often some of the most interesting characters around; and because I was annoyed at how fans gang up on Chichi, and on Gohan for giving up fighting and taking on a different life. So, this is a story where the un-powerful minor characters hold their own against ridiculous strength, and where brains can find its way to wiggle around brawn. And, of course, since this is DBZ, some fancy flying, crazy fights, stupid jokes, and a happy ending to crown it.

(The earlier chapters of this are IMO weak, but I've got a soft spot for it. Aw, my first fic!)

After The Mission (Naruto). Written-at-2AM one-shot featuring Shikamaru's POV. I used it to experiment with present tense. This takes place concurrently to the wrap-up of part I of the manga. I don't think it needs much explanation.

InoSakuCho (Naruto). Here I was trying to cover the missing story from the Naruto manga gap: how everyone else became a chuunin. However, I think this story got away from me and its moment is lost... I might just delete it, since unfinished stories are obnoxious. I'm sorry.

Working Without A Net (X-men Evolution). I love Kurt Wagner, and also Kitty Pryde, from the original Excalibur!, and I was so pleased to find them teaming up in this show that I had to appreciate. :) This is why the Kitty here has more "616" flavor to her.

Children (Avatar: The Last Airbender). Zuko briefly manages to capture the Avatar; Iroh still can't bring his nephew to understand.

The Naturals (DBZ). This... is just me being kind of evil at DBZ. I saw the darkest possible reading, and couldn't leave well enough alone. Mea culpa.

Ladies' Night (One Piece). Current WIP for my current main fandom. Odacchi is some kind of demigod of frenetic creativity, the way he has kept the wild ideas flowing for so many years now. I am in awe.

In Jiiha Village (Gurren Lagann). Has some pretty major typos in it, sorry, I will reupload as soon as I get a chance. I kind of wrote this because I think old Simon is probably just as awesome as all the other incarnations of Simon, and because, let's face it, living underground must really, really suck. Grounding it this way makes me appreciate the high-flown fantasticalness of the rescue more-- after all, Simon and Kamina are these people's legends.

Casus Belli (Young Avengers). Written for milleniumrex for Yuletide 2009; reposted. I am a particular fan of Kate. She rules all, and I like the thought of her mentoring her younger, all-too-humanly vulnerable teammate. It's kind of ironically fitting that Cassie's the superhuman of the two!

Welcome! Enjoy stories, have fun, leave a review! I apologize in advance for the typos; I stink at proof reading, but I'm a bit of a fandom loner, so I don't have a beta-reader.


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