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Scarlett: Okay, I'll be honest. I'm a lazy disgrace to all authoresses everywhere. However, I can't find the outline for my story still, and without that, I cannot possibly rewrite it. Plus, I enrolled in all honors/AP classes for my academics this year, and I took no study hall. -_- So homework's been bogging me down. Excuse number three: my father died about two months ago. So~o... yeah. Writing isn't a top priority right now, but I do have urges to write all the time. I'll keep searching for my notebook (I might even have found it but just forgot about it -_-;) and keep updating.

Scarlett: ~Sighs, bows repeatedly~ So~o sorry that I haven't been updating! Teachers pick now to give all the hard homework and projects out... and when motivation finally struck (during actual free time! rare these days..), my grandma decided to pop in and force me to play boring card games for 3 hours with her... O.O I literally was about to start writing, and she walked through the door. ~Sigh~ Sorry! If you want to see more of why I have no time to write, just go to my journal...

Scarlett: We finally re-uploaded The Assassination Game! Scar and I will be spending the rest of the night partying in celebration, all reviewers (and all random people) are invited!

Scar: So come if you'd like!

Scarlett: Alright, alright! After getting over my semi-dilusional craziness, I have written the introduction to the re-formatted A Game. Expect it to be posted soon! Within a couple of days!

Scar: We'll try to get up the chapters as fast as we possibly can (we really mean it this time). We feel really bad about not updating for so long in the old A Game, so we'll try to redeem ourselves by doing it faster this time. Expect better service from us!

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Scarlett is a modern-day teen who sports shoulder-length, brown, curly/wavy hair. She stands at 5'7", and actually wishes that she was shorter! On most days, she's cheerful, nice, and funny. But bug her on a bad day, and there will be a big price to pay. She's also the holder of the Millenium Axe (since axes rule!), and a theif-spirit named Scar currently resides in it (which explains Scarlett's tendency to steal; she's Scar's reincarnation). Scarlett also has a pet white tiger named Bijou who she loves to death. In her free time (which there is little of nowadays), she loves to read, draw, write, watch movies, and listen to/play music. She also updates her stories when she can, and that's the end of that.

Scar is an ancient spirit who was confined to the Millenium Axe. She used to be an expert theif in her past life, and she still hasn't lost her touch. She has long, black hair that goes down to her waist, and it also has thin, red streaks in it. Not the happiest person in the world, Scar used to keep to herself most of the time, but Scarlett's personality is slowly rubbing off on her (despite Scar's denial to it). But then again, if anyone else was imprisoned in a sharpened stick for three centuries, I bet he'd be a little cranky too, wouldn't he?

Anime we like:

Rurouni Kenshin
YuYu Hakusho
Dragonball Z
Dragonball GT
Sailor Moon
Shaman King
Tenchi Muyo
Witch Hunter Robin
Love Hina
Wolf's Rain
One Piece
Fullmetal Alchemist

Scarlett: As you can see, we love anime. Heck, we were watching anime before we even knew it was anime!

Scar: Speed Racer? Mega Man anyone?

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