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About me.

My name is Eoin, I was born in Ireland and have Irish citizenship yet am currently living in England and have been doing so for the majority of my Life, I plan to return to Ireland someday soon.

I have some loves and some hates like most people but lets stick to the loves.

Family and Friends

Dogs (especially mine)

Games (computer or console)

Football (playing only) and Rugby (to watch or play)


Money (I'm greedy, that's just part of me)



The Last Day: As Scar dies at the claws of the Hyenas, he thinks over his last day and some of the events that lead up to it. Some violence and character death.

A one shot aimed at exploring Scars mind during the last day of his rule, it includes the battle but also different parts of his rise to power and his reign.

Ripples: A collaboration between Chu10 and Emerald Dreamer96. If Simba never experienced the stampede in his life and lost his father, how would his life be? A re-imagined version of The Lion King, in which Simba grows up in the Pridelands without his guilt or ever learning the motto of Hakuna Matata. However, is everything as sugary and as peaceful as it seems?

This is one of my favourite projects, working with Chu10 is amazing and I hope you have half as much fun reading as it is writing.

Consequences: I've taken this one down, while I am proud of parts of it and am grateful for every single review frankly I let it go wild and in other to save it I'm going to have to completely change large parts of it.

The Lion King Meme

Favorite character?


Least favorite character?

Per movie? Zazu, then Zira.

Characters who never met but you wish had?

Scar and Kiara.

Most likable character?


Character you wish got more development?


Character you used to hate but now love?


Characters you used to love but now hate?

Pumba he just doesn't fit in with the seriousness.

Which TLK character do you relate to?

Scar although only loosely.

Favourite outside-the-movies character?


Favorite deleted character?


Favorite deleted scene?

"Be Prepared" reprisal.

Favourite area in the movie?

The jungle.

Favorite score?

The Hyenas'; it resembles them perfectly--funny but dangerous

Favorite songs?

I can't wait to be King.

Favorite quote?

"I hate guessing games."

Favorite species?


Favorite group (Pridelanders, outlanders, etc)?


Funniest moment?

Zazu getting crushed.

Saddest moment?

Mufasa's death

Scariest moment?

The part where Scar murders Mufasa.

Happiest moment?

The ending.

Which of the trilogy is your fav?


Do you consider the sequels and/or TLK6NA canon?

Depends on the mood I'm in.

What do you think of the Kimba controversy?

I don't think they are too similar.

Pet peeves you have (one for each movie)?

TLK 1--Scar was given too little depth.

TLK 2-- They should have learned to let the past go instead of killing each other over it until everyone was too traumatised to care anymore.

TLK 1 1/2--Did not really add much depth to the main charecters.

Crack pairings you've heard of?


Do you want another sequel (if so, involving what)?

Possibly Scars redemption somehow but otherwise no.

Could Scar really be Kovu's father?

It's possible but I don't really think so for some reason.

Could Vitani or Nuka be Scar's?

Possible but neither really resemble him apart from skin tone.

Is Kovu emo?

Yes but I like him.

Do you think Zazu is obnoxious?


Do you believe the Timon/Pumbaa thing?

No, I think their just pals their relationship doesnt seem to be that deep.

Was Simba too overprotective in the sequel?

Not really, considering there was a deluded and insane lioness backed by a savage pride that lived only to get revenge on him through any means.

Is Kiara truly a ditz?

A bit, but I like her.

What do you think happened to the hyenas after LK 1?

They got out of there before the lions started setteling scores.

What did you think of the Timon and Pumbaa series?

It was good but seemed too light hearted compared to what went before.

Do you believe in the Shenzi/Banzai theory?


Do you think it could ever tie into other Disney movies (if so, which ones)?

I don't particularly like crossovers.

What's up with Nala's eye colour?

A glitch.

Thing the makers changed that you wish they hadn't?

Sarafina should have played a bigger role and Nala should have her scene with Scar.

Have you seen TLKoB (if so, did you like it)?


Do you like anthro/human/AU's?

If well written.

Voice actors you loved?

I think they all did very well but I don't really know much about the making of the movie.

Did you know Jim Cummings (voice of Ed) covered for Jeremy Irons (voice of Scar) at the end of "Be Prepared"?

Not until I joined.

Do you consider Scar/Zira to be an official pairing?

Depends, Scar never mentioned her and did not have any children with her so it appears that it was a pretty onesided relationship.

What do you think happened to Sarabi in the second movie?

I think she died beforehand.

Do you think Scar is Nala's father?

Nope, it would mean incest but even if not Scar did not seem worried that his plots would hurt her.

Do you think Ed is mentally challenged?

No, just different, I also suspect that he is actually pretty smart just hiding it.

Own any TLK merchandise?


Were the hyenas' actions justified?

Kind of.

Were Scar's actions justified?

No. He is my favourite charecter and my favourite stories involve his redemption or him making better choices/living a better life, but his brother and nephew loved him and his actions were evil and based arounf jealousy.

Were Zira's actions justified?

No, she wasted her life and the lives of her children to avenge a dead tyrant.

Why do you think the Outlanders were still loyal to Scar?

He did get brutally deposed and must of had some followers to take over so easily. I don't really know why they remained loyal after his death but I guess by then they felt that their choice was made.

Crossovers you like?

None really.

Do you find Timon and Pumbaa enjoyable or annoying?

Enjoyable at first but after a while they start to grate. Timon is much better than Pumba as at least he can be serious without looking ridiculous.

The best king or king-to-be?


The best queen or queen-to-be?


Timon or Pumbaa?


Kiara or Kopa?


Scar or Mufasa?

Mufasa,(He did not destroy the kingdom and murder his brother).

Simba or Kovu?


Scar or Zira?


Simba or Zira?


Simba or Scar?


Kiara or Nala?


Mufasa or Simba?


Zazu or Gopher?


Shenzi or Banzai or Ed?


Ma or Uncle Max?


Sarabi or Sarafina?


Rafiki or Zazu?


Simba/Nala or Mufasa/Sarabi?


Shenzi/Banzai or Shenzi/Ed?


Scar/Zira or Scar/Nala?


Sarafina/Scar or Shenzi/Scar?

Sarafina/Scar. (Would have probably made him a better person).

Kovu/Kiara or Vitani/Kopa?


Describe the movie in three words

Fantastic, Nostalgic, Beautiful.

The girl you just called fat? She is overdosing on diet pills. The girl you just called ugly? She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her. The boy you just tripped? He is abused enough at home. See that man with the ugly scars? He fought for his country. That guy you just made fun of for crying? His mother is dying. Put this on your profile if you're against bullying. I bet 95% of you won't put this on your profile, but I'm sure the people with a heart and backbone will. Which percentage are you? 5% or 95%?

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