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I am a British geek with no manners, great teeth and who can't stand tea. Your mind = Blown

I've been gone a year! XD Sorry it's been so long, but with studies and my first real relationship (and of course, a buggered laptop), I've found little to no time for writing. I'm glad to say that this streak will finally be broken! Don't expect anything in the next couple of months due to exams, but once the holidays come about, I'll be writing again :)

I will not be continuing the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX fanfic due to the fact that I had seven chapters ready to upload, but lost them after my laptop blew a big black dick (the first time) and lack the mindset to rewrite them :( However, Katawa Shoujo will be continuing! And a new fanfic will be starting for all you fans of everyone's favourite Romance/Drama/Horror/Puzzle/Action game - Catherine!

The best thing about being the author? Knowing all the spoilers! ;)

Good for you is that you get to see some here!

The Katawa Shoujo fanfic shall pick up half a week after it left off with Hisao waking up with Lily next to his hospital bed after a heart attack (seem familiar?), but instead of declaring love, she has to fill in Hisao on the state of Hanako - she's run away!

Not enough for you? Here's some more! Hanako, feeling responsible for hospitalising Hisao, starts taking a trip down memory lane. Specifically the cul-de-sac involving her family! With this, we get to learn a bit more about what happened, how she dealt with the trauma, whether the fire was the only thing that gave her her scars and scream "NO!" a thousand times in her head as she reverts to her old way of dealing with her problems...

Still not enough for you!? Well... I guess I could tell you a bit about that Catherine fanfic I'm planning :)

It follows two paths Vincent has taken, perceiving them to be alternate universes (Realms and Universes are not the same thing. One universe may contain many realms) as we see what problems Vincent may have to face as Lord of the Underworld and as the new husband of the newly rechristened Katherine Brookes. Not only do we peek into how different the two pathways are, but maybe though seeing what the two storylines have in common, we can see what fundamentally makes Vincent who he is.

HOW CAN YOU WANT MORE!? Dx Fine... One more piece of info about that Catherine fanfic. But that's it!

Erica and Toby... what a cute couple right? Well, there is the fact that she didn't tell Toby about where the name 'Erica' came from and what she changed her name from... It's quite the situation and one that many people have written about! However, it's not just Vincent who's outcome is different in each universe! We can also see how Toby and Erica work in the different environments, and that goes for Orlando and Johnny too!

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