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Hobbies: Video games, drawing, and writing(although I'm not perfect at it).

Favorite movies: Lots to list, but I mostly like comedy ones.

Favorite characters: Buck(Ice Age 3), Timon(The Lion King), Spyro, Cynder, and much more...

Favorite gaming platforms: PS3, Wii, Wii U, 3DS, PS Vita

I'm also a pretty good artist. Here are the links to my other accounts if you wanna follow. ;)

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Other stuff:

I like drawing and writing, and making fanart and other kinds of fandom for movies, TV shows, and other stuff. I'm not all THAT good at writing though, but hope you still like my fanfics when I post them. Plus, I'm also not that good with coming up with OCs, but here's what I have so far for Ice Age:

Ice Age OCs:

1. Duke

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Species: Weasel

Fur Color: red brown(exact same fur color as Buck's)

Eye Color: Green

Family: Hunter(father), Rita(mother), Buck(adoptive father)

Bio: A young, teenage weasel who lived in the Ice Age world with his parents, Hunter and Rita. He was also taught how to make their family recipe, which is a soup made with vegetables. He doesn't like vegetables just like Buck, but the soup they make does make it taste good. The other day, Duke went out to hang out with and help the herd for a while. That day he later hurried back and noticed that his home was destroyed and his parents were killed by an evil pack of wolves and their evil leader, a black-furred wolf named Ripper. Duke took his father's knife and left, heartbroken and was thinking about joining the herd. But he suddenly fell through ice and ended up in the Dinosaur World. He met Momma Dino and was attacked by Rudy, but then was saved by Buck. Duke didn't fully trust the one-eyed weasel and thought he was kinda weird when he noticed that Buck is crazy, but he respected him anyways and went on an adventure with him. Later on in the story, Duke told Buck about his life story and what happened to his parents. Duke also said that he was afraid to go back up into the Ice Age world becuase the Ripper and his wolves are after him too, although he willed to get revenge for the death of his real father. Buck chose to keep Duke with him in the Dino World and they continued on their adventure, chasing after Rudy first before Ripper.

Personality: A lazy, farmboy teenager who helps his parents alot and always feel so much like a housecat. He barely ever goes out and he gets bored alot. Duke's life is no where close to perfect, though. Growing up he had been picked on and disrespected by other weasels and mammals for 10-11 years, and his parents barely ever help him or stand up for him. So that's why he most of the time feels sad, neglected, mistreated, and misfortunate. When he met Buck he didn't know whether or not he should trust or understand him, but he respected him anyways while being cautionous. Later after being cheered up Buck, Duke realized that he could be the only family he has after losing his real one. So he started looking up to him and loving him like family, and he most of the time defends Buck when it comes to hate or harm against him.


2. Hunter

Gender: Male

Age: 1 year older than Buck

Species: Weasel

Fur Color: Red-brown

Eye Color: Green

Family: Duke(son), Rita(wife),

Bio: A strong, brave adult weasel who is like a barbarian or a viking. He is Duke's father and Rita's wife, and he is very protective. He and Rita knew how to make the the family recipe, and they taught Duke how to make it too. A long time ago when he was younger, he used to live in a village where mustileds lived. That was also how he met and fell in love with Rita, who also lived in the village. Later unfortunatley, the village was then attacked by wolves and their leader, Ripper. There were other mustileds who can fight like Hunter too, and they did against the wolves. Hunter was defenseless that time and he had no weapon, but still wanted to fight and protect Rita. Ripper attempted to attack Rita and slash her with his claws, but Hunter jumped in and took the hit on his back. While wounded he jumped and kicked Ripper in the muzzle furiously, knocking out one of his teeth. Hunter took the tooth and quickly made it into a weapon while running and dodging the enraged wolf leader, then he stopped and they fought. While the fight Hunter slashed through Ripper's eye twice, giving him a really big scar. After that they were going to continue fighting, but one of Ripper's henchwolves came and told him that one of the wolves had actually been taken down. Ripper and his wolves then retreated, and Hunter wanted to cover the wound the wolf gave him. He went to the dead wolf, ripped off it's fur, and putted it on him sorta like a cape. Rita thanked Hunter big time for saving her, and he proposed to her and married her. Later on in life since the village was destroyed, Hunter and Rita trusted in some beaver friends, Bernie and Emma, to build them a new home. They did, and that's when and here they had and raised Duke. When Duke grew up at the age of 15, he left to help and hang out with the herd. Hunter and Rita were still at home but then Ripper, after a long time and with the help of three main henchmen, came back for revenge. The two weasels were outnumbered and they tried to fight them off once again, but failed. Hunter and Rita died, killed and eaten by Ripper and his wolves. The house that was built with the help of the beavers was destroyed and in flames too. The wolves then vanished on the search for Duke and what was left of Hunter was the blade he made out of Ripper's tooth. Duke hurried back and witnessed what happened. He was sad and heartbroken, but then wanted revenge. Although he wasn't ready, he took Hunter's blade anyways and chose to go with the herd.


3. Rita

Gender: Female

Age: 2 Years younger than Hunter

Species: Weasel

Fur color: Light-brown

Eye color: Hazel

Family: Duke(son), Hunter(husband)

Bio: A nice, but super-busy adult weasel who likes to take care of the household most of the time. She is Hunter's wife and Duke's mother. A long time ago back in the village she and Hunter lived in, she was always a hard worker. She was a gardener, she took care of chores, and she did harvesting. That time she was carrying a basket of tomatoes. One fell out of the basket and rolled away. Rita was frustrated and she chased after it. The rolling tomato was than caught by Hunter and he gave it to Rita, and that was how they met. While falling in love Rita was shy but still busy, and Hunter chose to help her. Rita didn't fully love Hunter, but she still respected him anyways. Later on ever since the wolf attack, Rita was alarmed about it while she was still busy. She stopped what she's doing and attempted to run for a safe place, but she then ran into Ripper. He was about to harm her, but then Hunter jumped in and took the hit. Rita wanted to help Hunter, but he told her to run while he fights off Ripper. She did so while worried about Hunter, but instead hid somehwere and watched the two from far away. Later when the wolves were gone Rita ran back towards Hunter and hugged him, thanking him big time for saving her. That's when the two fell deep in love and they were married. Of coarse the village was destroyed becuase of the wolves, but Rita had some beaver friends who could help build them a new home of their own. The house was built and they happily loved in it as Rita became pregnat with Duke. As the years came by and when Duke grew up, he went out with the herd for a while. Rita was still busy with the household, but then Ripper came back. After Hunter was killed, Ripper interrogated Rita demanding her to tell them where Duke is. She angrily refused to tell them and instead told them that Duke will one day seek revenge on Ripper. He took it as a joke, and then killed and ate Rita too.


4. Bernie

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Species: Beaver

Fur Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Family: Emma(wife), Ned(son)

Friends: Hunter, Rita, Duke, Buck(later), the herd(later)

5. Emma

Gender: Female

Age: 37

Species: Beaver

Fur Color: Light-ish Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Family: Bernie(husband), Ned(son)

Friends: Hunter, Rita, Duke, Buck(later), the herd(later)

6. Ned

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Species: Beaver

Fur Color: Brown

Eye Color: Light Blue

Family: Bernie(father), Emma(mother)

Friends: Hunter, Rita, Duke, Buck(later), the herd(later)

Ice Age OC Villians:

1. Ripper

Gender: Male

Age: Around Buck and Hunter's age

Species: Wolf

Fur Color: Black

Eye Color(s): Yellow and Dark Blue

Bio: A dangerous, evil wolf who is the leader of his whole wolf pack. A long time ago, Ripper and his wolf pack went out on a hunt. He then spots a village and chose to attack it, since it was plenty of food to him. He and his wolf pack then went over and rampaged the village, but weasel warriors there fought back. Ripper walked through the burning village, enjoying the chaos that he and his pack is causing. For his first kill attempt, he walked into a female weasel who is Rita. Ripper became confident and was going to strike her, byt mysteriously one of the weasel warriors who is Hunter jumped in Ripper's way and took the hit. Wounded but angered, Hunter then jumped at him and kicked his muzzle, knocking out one of his teeth. While his mouth was bleeding, Ripper was angered and he fought Hunter. While the fight, Hunter gave Ripper two cuts on the eye so it could be even. They continued, but then one of Ripper's wolves informed him that one of the wolves had been taken down. He growled with frustration and chose to retreat. As he and the wolves left the destroyed village, Ripper remembered Hunter so he could have his revenge later on in life. Time has passed, and Ripper decided it was time. He planned his second attack on Hunter, bringing three main wolves: Edna, Brute, and Rax. The four went out and headed straight for Hunter's house. They broke in and attacked destroying everything, but then found out that Duke wasn't there. Hunter fought once again. This time he didn't win, but was actually humiliated. Ripper then killed and ate him, and he went over to Rita and they interrogated her. They forced her to tell them where Duke was, but she refused angrily and told them that Duke will get back at Ripper. Ripper didn't believe it and he took down Rita too. He wasn't satisfied nor was his revenge complete though. Not until he kills Duke too. Ripper and his trio then left and went out on the hunt for Duke.


2. Rax

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Species: Wolf

Fur Color: Grey

Eye Color: Brown

Personality: He is often crazy and insane, just like Zeke from the first sequel of Ice Age. He works for Ripper as one of the main trio, and he enjoys hunting and eating in a greedy, hasty way. He often gets abused by Edna since she finds him annoying and irritating, though.

3. Edna

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Species: Wolf

Fur Color: Purple-ish

Eye Color: Dark Blue

Personality: She is a purple wolf with messy, dark-purple hair who is stubborn, mean, and smart just like Karin from Naruto Shippuden. She is one of Ripper's main trio and she proves that she's the smartest, although Brute doubts it and he and Edna always fight over it. Edna also gets annoyed by Rax, so she always gets him to behave and focus in a threatening way. She also has a crush on their leader Ripper, although she is sometimes shy and scared to admit it.

4. Brute

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Species: Wolf

Fur Color: Dark Grey

Eye Color: Dark Green

Personality: He has a cool, calm personality and he proves to be the smartest. He is part of the main trio, but Edna doesn't approve of him leading the pack nor his cool personality. He often breaks up the fight between Edna and Rax and he has full respect for Ripper.


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