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Moshi! I am a female otaku (anime freak) at the age of 14. My favorite genres are romance and angst and action/adventure which is what i mostly write.

InuYasha, Rurouni Kenshin, Case Closed, Sailor Moon, Cowboy Bebop, Magic Knights of Rayearth, CCS


Inuyasha: Inuyasha/Kagome- all my fictions are these, i don't write or aprove of anything else and i dont read anything else. Sorry! I'm just like that is all.

Miroku/Sango- I usually write this pairing into the story, from what of i've seen from the anime, they're perfect for each other sooooo... yea

Naraku/Kikyou- sometimes, usually i dont pair them up with anyone at all

Sesshomaru/Rin- depends on if i write it so she's old or not...

Sesshomaru/Kagura- It's interseting sooo... i dont mind it.

Kouga/Ayame- i approve, at least he's not with kag... plus she's wolf too sooo... and a pretty character sooo... ^_^

Rurouni Kenshin: Kenshin/Koaru- yup, those definately. That's about what i would always write, if i have written a story about them yet... i mean i have an idea for one but i want to FINISH a few before i start that one...

Megumi/Sanosuke- ^_^ They fight alot, which is cute, they remind me of inu and kag sometimes. I think these two are made for each other. If only Megumi would stop flirting with Kenshin... but I think she does that solely to make Kaoru mad...

Misao/Aoshi- dunno... i mean i don't think she suits him... but maybe he needs an overly happy chick in his life. *shrugs* i do like the stories i've read ith this pairing sooo i'm all for it...

Misao/Soujiro- I love this pairing. It's wonderful and with Soujiro so ... well Soujiro-ish, there's so many possiblities to play with in a romance between them. If I pair her with anyone, it'd be him.

Shishio/Yumi- i think yumi deserves someone better than shishio but hey, it works. Hey, oogly bad guys have love lives too i guess...

That's all i can think of for now... i know there are more...

Hamtaro: Bijou/Hamtaro - CUUUUUTTTTTTEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Maxwell/Sandy- CCUUUUUUUUUTTE!!!!!!!!!!!

Dexter/Pashmina/Howdy- dunno *shrugs* it's just funny to me.

That's all those for now...

Apart of Me- inu fic Very angst, Kagome wants to be with inuyasha and she doesn't know how much he loves her the way she is and that he would rather have kikyou. So she gives her soul to kikyou so her and inuyasha would live a happy life together but inuyasha wants kagome back and will do anything to get her. Traditional pairings. *chapter 6 up! 7 coming very soon!!!*

Bonded: Inu fic- somewhat a/u, not really. Kagome is abused by her father so when she falls through the well and has to go on adventure with Inuyasha, it's the best thing that happened to her but when Inuyasha sent her back himself... the beatings got worse. Now, when she finds a way to the sengoku jidai again, she begs Inuyasha to let her stay... and to never return to her time again. Traditional pairings... maybe a bit of fluffy/rin *shrugs* u guys let me know

Forbidden Love- Inuyasha is a peasant and Kagome is a princess. They fall in love but will their status to the other put their relationship in danger? And what's this? NARAKU IS GOING TO MARRY KAGOME?!?!?!?! What the heck!? -plz read and review if you want to know what happens!!!

Soon to come:

00-Miko- Kagome is a FBI agent but still has the shards to look for. What happens when Naraku is in the future too? He's messing up the world and no one can help it but her. What are the inu-tachi to do???

Now, go ahead and read them!!! Then go and review them! go ahead! You can do it! Please make me happy and do it would you?????

If you want to talk to me sometime, feel free, but e-mail me first.

much love, pocky, chocolate, and bunnie hops!!! *~_Kiyoushi_~*

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