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Author has written 26 stories for Littlest Pet Shop, Pokémon, X-overs, One Piece, My Little Pony, Power Rangers, Phineas and Ferb, Gurren Lagann, Uncle Grandpa, and Monster High.

Hi,i'm HouseCity101!Welcome to my profile.I'm starting to be a fan of Littlest Pet Shop,Pokemon,My Little Pony and most likely Phineas and Ferb. :)!

My Favorite Shippings


Vinnie X Zoe OTP

Sunil X Pepper

Russell X Minka

Russell X Penny-Ling


Ash's Snivy X Ash's Scraggy

Iris' Emolga X Ash's Oshawott

Upcoming Stories:

Will You Go With Me?

The Pets Pampering Charity Ball is tonight and Vinnie hears Blythe saying that she has a date with her dad.And when he hears this,Vinnie decides that is time to ask one of his female friends on a date to the charity ball,who is his secret crush and who he really cares about,and that friend is... (Complete)!!

Pokemon:Snivy Xtremes

This story focuses on Ash's Snivy,known as Synthia Snivy,who she and many Pokemon can talk! Snivy dreams of having her own Steel-type Pokemon and helping Ash win the Unova League.One night Snivy discovers something falling from the sky and went to check out.Snivy discovered that it was the Meadow Plate of Arceus and the power of it went to Snivy as she was clueless.The next day,one of Ash's old friends,Dawn,came to visit and greets Snivy.As she touched Snivy's hand,Dawn feeled all powered up by the Meadow Plate and later she discovered that Snivy can talk!Dawn was scared at first,but then she and Snivy became fast friends and talked about their Pokemon Battles and other things.That night,Team Rocket came in and steal the Trainer's Pokemon,thats when Snivy came in and mysteriously transformed into a swordswoman and Dawn transfomed into the same cyberpunk fashion outfit she wore in her Sinnoh adventures,but this time it was real steel and has electric powers.Together,the two stopped Team Rocket and saved the Pokemon!Snivy and Dawn went back to normal and decides to keep it a secret and use their powers for good.Now its up to Snivy and her new friend Dawn as they work together to save Unova and the Pokemon World from villianous evil in Pokemon:Snivy Xtremes! (Wow,took me long to make this summary until now! In Progress/On Hiatus)!

Pokemon:Marah and Kapri Advanced

This is an upcoming story based on the Pokemon:Advanced series.The story shows Kapri and her sister Marah,from Power Rangers,traveling at the Hoenn Region with one of Ash's old friends,Brock,and Kapri's two Treecko,Treecko and Rosie,as they journey to become a Hoenn Champion of the Hoenn League!However,Team Rocket won't be appearing,because Kapri's two Treecko are the main antagonists,working with Sneasel and her Xatu as Treecko and Rosie:The Pokemon Hunters under Darkrai.Treecko and Rosie plan to steal the rarest Pokemon of all in Hoenn and beat Team Aqua and Team Magma forever!Now its up to Kapri,Marah and Brock to stop them and save the Hoenn Region and solve the mystery of Kyogre and Groundon in Pokemon:Marah and Kapri Advanced!

Hey,check out the story's theme song,and imagine you hear it in your head its fun!

Pokemon:Marah and Kapri Advanced theme song:

Singer:Kapri's from Littleroot Town,with a brand new world to see.

Kapri:Don't know what's ahead,but it won't get the best of me.

Singer:There's so much to learn and battles to be won.

Kapri:I've advanced so far,but still there's always more to come.

Both:Take a step and I'm on my way,gonna start all over again! I wanna be a HERO! (Kapri:Hero!)

Singer:Marah and Kapri Advanced! (Kapri:I'm on my way!)

Singer:I wanna be a hero! (Kapri:Hero!) Singer:Give it just one chance!

Singer:And the future will decide...

Singer and Kapri:...If there's a hero buried deep inside! I wanna be a hero...Pokemon!

Littlest Pet Shop:The Mask of Xoro

Okay,before I begin I decided to cancel the Phineas and Ferb version.But now here it is!

Also Marah and Kapri will be there!

Long ago in a Mexican village,there was a villainous villain named Treecko who raided the village with his thieves.He plans to marry Princess Zoe Trent and become ruler forever! Now,its up to a brave gecko named Vinnie Terrio to stop Treecko and save the village as the legendary Xoro,aided by his love interest Princess Zoe,who she also loves him,his friend Sunil Nevla,Blythe Baxter,Marah and Kapri,and Vinnie's owner Marxlene White. (Preview will be coming this fall!).

The Remote

In this LPS story,Vinnie plans to hide the remote in his secret spot so he can watch his favorite show ''Shake A Leg''.But when Blythe,Russell and Sunil mess with his secret spot,they lose the remote and it fell into the toilet,taking it to the sewer!The three find out if Vinnie knows that they lost his remote,he will be mad and he'll go on his ''Lizard Rage'' on them!Blythe,Sunil and Russell must go into the sewers and find the remote before Vinnie finds out.Meanwhile,the girls plan to distract Vinnie while Blythe and the others find the remote.But things started to go crazy when Zoe plans to distract Vinnie by seducing him,but they started to fall in love with eachother and they kissed and flirted for an hour,which makes Pepper and the other girls peacefully give them ''alone time''.Back at the sewers,Blythe and the boys found the remote,but it slips out of Blythe's hand and went off causing the three to go on a goose chase for it! (Might be cancelled).

So that's the summary,I don't wan't to show more spoilers! And about the seducing part,this will also be a VxZ story after the ''Will You Go With Me?'' story! And hey,I might be making a K horror story based on the show,and I will show it to you soon!

Okay,so I don't know about my LPS horror story because I think it should be rated T,but I won't put any bad language and adult themes,only the slaying parts.I don't know any other stories to write but I will be making a LPS/Pokemon/Kingdom Hearts crossover series which will be about Vinnie and his female owner going on adventures and fighting evil vilians and a few vilians who are known to be their friends and enemies in disquise.

So I will also be doing the Pokemon:Snivy Xtremes series anytime soon so I will come back tonight if I can with lyrics of a special song LPS style :D!

I'm back!!! Okay,I promised a special song LPS style,but I don't know what to do so I finally chosen the one I was looking for! :D

Everyone knows that Phineas and Ferb song,Squirrels in my Pant right?Well I decided to make it LPS style with Vinnie (LPS) as Candace and Marah and Kapri will be the singers! I hope you like this so Enjoy!

Vinnie:Penny-Ling! Penny where are are you?

Penny-ling comes up has a nut on her paw and some squirrels want it so she uses a crochet racket and aims it at Vinnie,landing inside his pants.

What the huh-!

Two squirrels come up and land into Vinnie's pants,making him scream!

KapriNow somebody, anybody, everybody scream!
Vinnie: AHHHHHHH! There are squirrels in my pants!
Marah: Vinnie's got some serious squirrels in his pants.
Vinnie: Really!There are squirrels in my pants!

Kapri: Tell me what's making you jump like that!
Background singers: S-I-M-P, squirrels in my
Marah: Ain't got no chickens, ain't got no rats
Background singers: S-I-M-P,
Vinnie and Marah and Kapri: Squirrels in my pants!
Kapri: S to the I to the M to the
Marah:Then maybe you can be moving like me

Marah and Kapri: Step right over and watch me put it down...
Vinnie: Squirrels! Squirrels!
Background singers: (S to the I to the M to the
Marah and Kapri: Step right over and watch me put it...
Background singers and Marah and Kapri: S to the I to the M to the P!

Kapri: Who you got back home, watering your plants?
Background singers: S-I-M-P, squirrels in my
Marah: How can I qualify for government grants?

Vinnie is then seen moving like a dog with Kapri not doing the same thing.

Background singers: S-I-M-P, squirrels in my
Kapri: Yeah, hypnotize me, put me in a trance
Background singers: S-I-M-P, squirrels in my pants!
Marah: Got an Aunt Florence living in France
Background singers: He can't see the-
Vinnie: Squirrels in my pants!

Marah and Kapri: Step right over and watch me put it down...
Vinnie: Squirrels! Squirrels!
Background singers: (S to the I to the M to the
Marah and Kapri: Step right over and watch me put it...
Background singers: S to the I to the M to the P!

Marah:Wow! Vinnie had actual squirrels in his pants.
Kapri: We just got served.

And thats it! You see,I loved Vinnie's outfit from episode 9 of LPS so I decided to put it in the song with Marah and Kapri singing.

And about the Penny-Ling part,Penny did that on purpose for some reason and the other thing is that the reason Penny-Ling was with Vinnie because Vinnie wants to impress his crush Zoe that he can be responsible.

Okay,I could add one more song from Phineas and Ferb! I hope you know it! Here it is!

Unnamed Singers: He's Vinnie
Like the Venus de Milo
Except he's not armless and handless
He's got a big haunkin' truckload of ship-launching qualities
And this is the reason he doesn't always like to be... embarrassed

His name is six letters
Always likes designer sweaters

He's got an reaction to dairy
And he's anything but ordinary!

Vinnie: Marah?!?!

Ta-da! So the song was from the Phineas and Ferb episode ''Candace Loses Her Head''. The sone was about Vinnie dreaming about his birthday with his own singers singing abut him untim Marah wakes him up and Vinnie was like ''What the huh?!''! And yes,that was Blythe's notable catchphrase and the pets haven't used it...until now!

I got a new story for you,Read the Summary :D!!

Littlest Pet Shop:Scotland Warriors

Long ago in Medieval Scotland,there was a young pink monkey named Minka,who wants to be a warrior so she can join the Scotland Warriors.But their leader,Vinnie Terrio,won't allow Minka to join the Scotland Warriors,because she hasn't trained yet! So,after hours and minutes of long nos and crazy screaming from Minka,Vinnie had enough of this and decides to train Minka,with some help of the Warriors.When Minka tries to train,she always fails and loses her score.Then later,Minka has a crazy idea! She told Vinnie and his Scotland Clan that she will go to the Forrest of Terror to fight off a monster and bring it to Vinnie so she can be a Scotland Warrior.Vinnie warned her not to go,until she left and Vinnie went to stop her.As Minka searched for a monster,Vinnie finds Minka and tells her that its too dangerous until a monster came by.As Vinnie and Minka kept running,Vinnie tripped,making the monster capture him.Vinnie was about to be eaten,until Minka killed the beast and saved Vinnie! Minka was finally a Scotland Warrior,but Vinnie tells her that she's not a warrior yet,but suprises her that she will be a former member until she keeps training.Minka was enjoyed by this and planned to keep training.Now join Minka and Vinnie as they follow there dreams into becoming Scotland Warriors! (Still there! Going to work on it soon!)

I'm done! I hope you enjoyed the summary,now see the clip from the series I made :D!!

After Minka shot herself out of the catapult,she was flying high in the sky until she was about to land on her biggest idols...

Here we Vinnie laying on his beach chair with his sunglasses on and drinking an icy beverage.

Vinnie:Ahhhh...Nothing never ruins this beautiful day! Warm sun,cool beverage,pink monkey about to land on me...*popping his eyes out and screamed*PINK MONKEY ABOUT TO LAND ON ME?! AAAAAHHH!!!


Vinnie*taking off his sunglasses*AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!


Screen moves to an opera singer...

Opera Singer:Laaaaaaaaaaaa-! *gets hit with a mace and dies*

Screen moves back to Vinnie and Minka.


The two both scream until Minka crash lands on Vinnie.As Vinnie woke up from a terrible fall he had,he saw Minka lying dead!

Vinnie*gasps,then sobs* Oh-no! What have I done! I'd killed a young pink monkey girl! I'm sorry Lord,I'm sorry! *cries*

Minka suddenly woke up and saw Vinnie crying,as she happily screams!

Minka*happily screams* AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! I know you!!!

Vinnie:AAAAH! You do,who?!

Minka*points finger at Vinnie's face* Its you,silly! Your Vinnie Terrio,leader of the Scotland Warriors! I'm your biggest fan! And wow! You were crying!

Vinnie:What?! Listen ,I did not cry! I never cry!

Minka:Aw come on! Do you do that when you have a crush on someone!?

Vinnie*blushes angrily* What?! I do not cry and do not have a crush on someone!

Minka:But I see you blushing! That means you have a crush on someone! *holds on to Vinnie and holds him up to her face* Do you know who I have a crush on?!

Vinnie:I don't know! Who?!

Minka*puts Vinnie down and goes lovesick* Russell Ferguson!

Vinnie:Wait! You mean Russel?! Russell of the Scotland Warriors?! Yeah I do have him! He is one of the smartest member of all!

Minka*points finger at Vinnie* Who do you have a crush on?!

Vinnie*blushes* I told you already,I don't have a crush on anybody!

Minka:Come on,just tell me! I won't tell anyone! I'm good at keeping secrets!

Vinnie:Okay!*comes down on Minka* I have a crush on...ZOE TRENT!!!



Minka*sings loud* Vinnie and Zoe,sitting in a tree,K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Vinnie:Hey stop that! Everyone might hear you!

Minka*conitnues singing loudly* First there's love,then there's marriage,then there a baby in a baby carriage! Hahahahaha!

Vinnie:Okay,okay! I have a crush on her,but she's the most awesone Scotland Warrior ever!


Vinnie*goes lovesick and sighs* Yeah! Zoe is one of the coolest warriors ever! I had a crush on her ever since and I never stop crushing on her!

Minka*smiles and writes this on her diary* Go on!

Vinnie:Well,I do happen to know that she's smoken hot when she fights monsters and the way when she has her hair down! Ahhhh!

Minka*finishes writing and puts away her diary* Well that was very nice Vinnie! I hope she'll get to know you more soon!

Vinnie:Yeah! Hey,what's your name anyway?

Minka:Oops! Sorry,I didn't introduce myself! I am Minka Mark of Medieval Scotland! And I wanna be a Scotland Warrior!!

Vinnie*screams*WHAAAAAAAAT!? You can't possibly be a Scotland Warrior!

Minka:Dude,come on! I can be a Scotland Warrior!

Vinnie:Well...okay! Maybe tomorrow,I can see what I can do! Okay,Short-Stuff?

Minka*cheerfully* Okay!!! *happily runs away* Bye Vinnie! I enjoyed meeting you!

Vinnie:Okay! Haha! Oh boy!

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed this clip of Scotland Warriors! You can give me a Private Message for some ideas and what you like about the show! Scotland Warriors premiere tonight at 8/7c on Fanfiction.Net! Good Bye :D!!!!!!

AAAAAARGH!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO :(!!! I have to complete Scotland Warriors and Snivy Xtremes at the same time!! I'm sorry everyone to keep you waiting,but to keep your spirits up,I got a sneak peak of a brand new LPS spin-off I'm making! Check it out :D!!

A video camera turns on at the screen and we see someone picking it up.

???: Is this thing on,guys?

???: I don't know Vinnie, I am quite sure it is off.

???: It is on Sunil! Arrgh! Let's just finish this already,Vinnie!

Vinnie: Whatever,Russell.

We see Vinnie pointing to himself on the camera,wearing a red jacket which almost reveals a white shirt on it and wearing some blue jeans.

Vinnie: Hi! You guys know me, Vinnie Terrio! And I'm telling you my brand new show coming to Fanfiction.Net this summer! Although, its actually a show, its just a fanfic series. Its called Littlest Pet Shop: Life With Vinnie! It will premiere Friday,June 7 at 8/7ct!

Blythe appears as Vinnie screams!

Blythe: Vinnie, what are you doing with my camera!?

Vinnie: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Blythe! Russell,Sunil, did you bring her here!?

Sunil: We didn't bring her here!

Russell: She must have followed us here!

Blythe: Okay guys, what's going on here?

Vinnie: I was just telling everyone here about my new fanfic show!

Blythe: Well, okay but I still want that camera!

Vinnie: RUN!!!

Blythe: Come back here, Vinnie!

Blythe follows Vinnie out of her room.

Suddenly, Russell and Sunil pointed the camera to themselves.

Sunil: What do we do now?

Russell: I don't know! We could just give it back to Vinnie.

Vinnie runs back and grabs the camera from Russell.

Vinnie: Thanks, Russell!

Vinnie then points back to the camera himself.

Vinnie: Okay! Like I was saying, My new show will focus about me and my friends as I venture through out my hometown,fighting new rivals of mine and *goes in a lovedaze* impress the girl of my dreams!

Sunil: Aww! Somebody's in love with Zoe!

Vinnie: Dude, I am not in love with Zoe!

Russell and Sunil: Yes you do!

Vinnie: No I don't! *discover that the viewers are seeing him* Ladies and Gentlemen of this site, my show is cancelled, good bye! *put his hand on the camera*

Blythe comes in.

Blythe: Ah come on Vinnie, your just embarrassed!

Vinnie: No I am not! You know what... My show won't be cancelled!

Blythe: So you'll give me back the camera?

Vinnie: Yes.

Blythe: Well in that case...

Blythe then grabs the camera from Vinnie and runs away laughing!

Vinnie: *runs after Blythe* Blythe,you come back here! Come on guys!

Russell and Sunil: Okay!

The boys then go after Blythe!

Vinnie: You come back with that camera, Blythe!

And that's it! Life With Vinnie premieres n Friday,June 7 at 8/7 ct,which is the day before my birthday! And I promise to finish Scotland Warriors and Snivy Xtremes if i can! Good-bye everyone :D!!

Hey guys,I'm back! I was back from a long day and I have a new story for you! Its a depressing LPS story called ''Always Him''.The summary is down below so enjoy.

Always Him

Vinnie always liked Zoe since she first came in to LPS.But after she met Digby and had a crush on him,Vinnie starts to get enraged and jealous.Now Vinnie must try to tell Zoe the truth or his jealous side might hurt the pets or Blythe. (Continuing)

Hi! I have returned after the season finale of LPS and I started to have an awesome idea! My new fanfic series,Life With Vinnie, will take place in the summer while Blythe is at fashion camp! Also Vinnie's owner,Marxlene, will take Blythe's replacement's place and help out the pets in there adventures and Xion will appear as an antagonist for Marxlene and Vinnie. Here's a sneak peak :D!

Someone opens the day camp doors as the pets tremble in fear as they think its going to be Blythe's replacement, but it wasn't! It was...Marxlene!

Marxlene: Hey, guys!

Vinnie jumps up to Marxlene as he hugs her tightly.

Vinnie: Marxlene! You're here! Wait, why are you here so early?

Marxlene: Wha? Oh, yeah! I came here for some exciting news for you guys!

Vinnie: What is it!?

Marxlene: Well, since Blythe's replacement calls it quits and went into another job, Mrs Twombly asked me if I would sign in for Blythe so I accepted!

The pets cheered for this exciting moment and went to Marxlene and go for a group hug!

Xion, on the other hand, was with her pet Sunil as the watch the pets in there celebration.

Xion: Oh great! Now were having a tale of two Vinnies! ARRGH!

Sunil: Well, its not so bad.

Xion: Trust me Sunil! It will be bad as I have to spend time in the pet shop every day with Gothy Girl and Lizard Lips!

Marxlene: This is going to be the best summer ever!

Vinnie: I know right!

And thats it! I think voice actor, Grey DeLisle will make a great voice for cheery Marxlene and vilianous Xion with her Indian accent! I will come back with more info on Life With Vinnie which premires Friday,June 7 at 8/7 ct! Good bye eyeryone :D!!

Hey, I'm back from all that homework and have a new episode idea for my new fanfic series ''Life With Vinnie"! The episode is called "Buttercream-Itis!"! The episode shows Vinnie getting stuck at the day camp with Buttercream,who has a huge insane crush on him and thinks that Vinnie is her boyfriend! So Vinnie tricks Buttercream that she has her own illness called "Buttercream-Itis" that way he can get away from her and making sure Buttercream doesn't know that he has a crush on Zoe, but when Buttercream thinks that he has caught her illness and plans to be his love nurse and Vinnie must find a way to fix this before Marxlene and the pets come back! Heres a clip :D!

Buttercream: Oh Vinnie! I'm gonna sweesy-weesy go to the sweety-sweets shop to get a biggy-wiggy piece of cakey-wakey! *laughs* Be right back!

As Buttercream leaves, Vinnie tries to find a way to get rid of Buttercream.

Vinnie: *groans* What the bell am I gonna do now!? I have to stay but nooo! Now I had to stay with Buttercream! This is so freakin crazy, I think I'm gonna be sick!

Vinnie eyes widened as he had a idea how to get rid of Buttercream!

Vinnie: Thats it!


Buttercream: Vinnie bo Vinnie! I got your piece of cakey-wakey for you!

Vinnie runs up to Buttercream.

Vinnie: *sarcastically* Buttercream! Something's not right!

Buttercream: *gasps* What is it!?

Vinnie: *sarcastically* I think your coming down with an illness!

Buttercream: What illness!?

Vinnie: Well its called um...uh...Buttercream-Itis? Yeah, Buttercream-Itis!

Buttercream: *gasps* Buttercream-Itis! This is badly-wadly terrible! What does it have!?

Vinnie: Uhh...It has uhhh...Intense barfing!

Buttercream: Intense barfing!? Wait, I think I'm feeling a doosy-woosy!

Buttercream then throws up yellow vomit and Vinnie covers his mouth in disgust!

Vinnie: Oh my god! That is freakin gross!!

Buttercream then comes up to the vomit and smells it.

Buttercream: *sniffs* Mmmm! This is sweety-weety tastic! My throw up smells like buttercream frosting! *hands her vomit to Vinnie* Here! Its goody-woody good!

Vinnie then covers his mouth in disgust again.

Vinnie: I think you ate too much frosting!

This is too funny XD!!! Anyway, I have another new episode for the show! The episode is called "Sunset Breeze". The episode is about Vinnie and the gang take a time at Downtown Beach where there is a special event called Sunset Breeze, where boys and girls get to kiss as a couple at sunset and Vinnie plans to kiss Zoe in the event.However, Zoe's long-time crush and Vinnie's love-stealing rival,Digby,wants to take Zoe away from Vinnie so he can kiss her at Sunset Breeze! Now Vinnie seeks help from Russell,Sunil and Marxlene to help him stop Digby and kiss Zoe at Sunset Breeze before its too late! Here's a clip :D!!

Marxlene: Guys, guess what!?

Vinnie: What is it Marx?

Marxlene: Well, there's this event in Downtown Beach called Sunset Breeze! Its where a boy and a girl kiss as a couple at sunset!

Zoe: Oh, this is so romantic! I bet Digby and I can kiss in that event!

Vinnie: *angrily* Digby!

Zoe: Something wrong, Vinnie?

Record Scratch

Vinnie: What!? Uhh no! Nothing's wrong! I'm fine! I'm totally fine!

Zoe: Well, okay.

Zoe walks away as Vinnie happily sighs at her.

Marxlene: Dude, you were almost caught!

Vinnie: Yeah, that was close! Anyway, I gotta kiss Zoe at Sunset Breeze so she can be my girlfriend!

Sunil: But Vinnie, I'm quite sure she wants to kiss Digby at Sunset Breeze.

Vinnie: *teasing* Ohhh! So you want to Pepper there, Dude? Cuz' I'm just saying man!

Sunil: *blushes angrily* Well,I...tis just uhhh...I just like her, okay! I don't really "like-like" her! Were just friends!

Russell: Yeah! And I'm not gonna kiss Minka there!

Vinnie: And why is that?

Russell: Cause Minka likes me too much! She's just know...crazy!

Marxlene: Well Minka just wants to play with you.

Russell: Play? Are you kidding me!? She likes me a lot and she keeps following me whenever I go!

Vinnie and Sunil snickered along with Marxlene.

Russell: Oh no!

Vinnie: Yep!

Russell: Guys, please!

Vinnie: Too late, Dude!

Russell: *does a facepalm* Oh no, not again!

Vinnie,Sunil and Marxlene: *teasing and singing* Russell and Minka sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! *laughs*


I got a new story! This is a horror/comedy crossover story! The stiry is called ''Marah and Vinnie Vs Zombieland! Its about Marah from Power Rangers and Vinnie, uh you know what show he is from, have entered Downtown City and the whole world being taken over by zombies! And the one who caused it is an evil talking Treecko named Dr Treecko who created a device to turn the whole world into zombies and its up to Marah and Vinnie to team up,stop Treecko and save the world!

I have a special clip for this story and it will be uploaded on the LPS crossover fanfiction page since its taking too long! See ya later :D!!

I finally got my LPS horror story! Check it out :D!

Littlest Pet Shop: Demon Monkey

One day, while Blythe,Russell,Minka and Zoe went to some pet pageant, Vinnie went to the garbage bin outside to catch a few flies.But when he dig underneath the garbage, he fell into a dark hole and landed on the floor.When Vinnie got up, he saw a shadowy person with its red eyes showing him a mysterious book.Vinnie read the book that said "The Book Of Demons" and received two mysterious swords which he decided to study on using the ladder.Later when Sunil came to find Vinnie, a demon appeared out of nowhere and attacked Sunil, leading him to the pet shop.Vinnie doesn't know how to defeat it until he looked at the swords he found and used it to fight the beast and destroying a few things at the pet shop.When Vinnie finally killed the demon, Blythe and the gang returned, only to be shocked at the mess at the pet shop. A scared Sunil told then what happened but they didn't believe, much to Vinnie's belief.That night, Vinnie discovered a green gem inside The Book Of Demons called the Demon Gem and he decide to keep it just in case.The next day, Vinnie was being followed by a suspicious Minka, who followed him to the dark hole from yesterday. As she went in the hole and fell into the floor, she discovers the Demon Gem and happily touches it, making Vinnie see her! Vinnie angrily yells at her for touching the gem when he discovers that if anyone touches the gem, it will turn anyone into a demon.But Minka didn't turn into a demon, instead, she had developed stretchy powers and Vinnie decide to help her fight off demons. Now join Minka and Vinnie as the use there new powers to stop evil demons and save Downtown City and figure out the mysterious person who is behind all of this in Littlest Pet Shop: Demon Monkey! (Coming in October)

I hope you like this summary! This series will premiere soon! See ya everyone :D!!

I have returned with a special Life With Vinnie episode! In episode two, there's this new enemy of Vinnie. Her name is well...Princess Precious! And no, its not Vinnie! And two, she's not really a princess, her owner just named her that because she's beautiful...only a beautiful spoiled rich pet who is out to ruin Vinnie's life :(! Anyway, Princess is just like the Biskit Twins, only acts and speaks like them! Princess would be voiced by Grey DeLisle because her voice suits Princess' character :)! So now here's a clip! :D!!

When Mrs Twombly dropped off the pet at the day-camp and went back to the cashier, Vinnie, Marxlene and the rest of the pets curiously stared at her until she revealed to be a green gecko. She's just like Vinnie but she only more feminine.She has two apes that wears security outfits around the female lizard.She has eyelashes, has Vinnie's hair color, but its down and ihas short zig-zags on it and she wears red lipstick.She wears a pink dress and has a dark velvet bow on the back.She wears pink slippers and has nail polish on her nails.

???: *smiles* Like, hello.

The pets and Marxlene stared in confusion.

???: Don't you like, know who I am?

Everyone: No!

???: *nervously smiles* Like, sorry! I didn't introduce myself! *chuckles* My name is like, Princess Precious!

The gang burst out of laughter at what Princess said.

Princess Precious: What are you like, laughing about?!

Sorry I have to stop for now! I will finish it later or tomorrow! Good-bye everyone :D!!

I have a new One Piece story for you all! Its called "Episode of Sanji: Escape From Impel Down"! Check it out :D!

Episode of Sanji: Escape From Impel Down

When Robin is seen and taken to Impel Down thanks to her bounty, Sanji decides to find her alone with help from Shanks with Jewelry Bonney and Law The Supernovas.But when a new general from Impel Down takes Robin too seriously, will Sanji get Robin out of here in time!? (Maybe in December or November)

Now you see, this is a Sanji X Robin fic and it won't be in script form! Good luck reading it :D!

Hello again! It has been a long time since I have not continued my profile! Now I have a new story that all of you might like! Check it out :)!

One Piece: The Amazing Nico Robin

What Luffy and the Straw Hats know about Robin is that she is a smart archaeologist who likes reading and most likely flowers! But what they really don't know about her is that a super spy! Robin is a good super spy who secretly works for the S.P.A.F.F agency. Spy People Against Fearsome Foes. Her mission is to stop the evil M.O.S.S agency. Ministry Of Sinister Spies. The World Government has idiotically fallen into the hands of the M.O.S.S agency. They had fooled the Government into thinking that there on there side, but there not! There ruler is known to be Admin S. Admin S and his alliances have made a alliance trap with the World Government that way they can secretly rule he world forever! Now, its up to Robin to save the Grand Line from M.O.S.S.'s grasp with help from a mysterious man known as "Mr Prince". (Still on! New chapters will be on Fridays during summer and the fall time!)

This story will premiere soon! Good-bye everyone :D!

I got a new story for you Silverwing fans! Check it out :)!

Silverwing Frost

When Vivi "Vypra" Ferguson discovers Shade and Marina, she and her friends has the ability to transform into human-sized bats! Now, she, her friends and the bats must work together to stop a familiar woman of Vypra's friends, who is planning to create an army of bird species to rid of the bats and owls and awake the legendary "Icebats" to rule the world, with help from Goth and Throbb! But will Vypra stop her before its too late? (Will be coming soon! Maybe during September!)

I know! I was thinking about the idea, but its too risky! I watched all of the episodes of Silverwing before I watch that Under the Dome show from CBS. I will upload it on the last days of July if I can! I will see you guys soon with more about the story :)!

Hello tonight! Its August 1 and I was supposed to do some uploads on my stories, but I have a very big cold all day today! So the updates will be cancelled tonight due to me being very sick! But I hope I'll be better by tomorrow and then I'll give you the updates on my stories! Happy August 1 everyone :D!

I have this LPS story for you guys! It has a Vinnie and Pepper rivalry and friendship! Check it out ;)!

Not Dumb As You Think

What the pets and Blythe know about Vinnie is that he's not that smart not to mention being whacked by Pepper and her rubber chicken which she names it Eddie. But when Blythe brings out an secret artifact, Vinnie started to act strange lately, including his owner, Marxlene. Then...the secret came out. Then an monstrous enemy came from underground and when the pets and Blythe knows Vinnie's secret, they will know that Vinnie is not dumb as they think. (Still on! This story will be more epic soon!)

Hey, you know the story about Carmen Winstead and the part where she was fallen into a sewer hole by some mean girls and she killed them off! Respect Carmen Winstead or suffer the consequences :(!

Hey guys! I got a new story for you all today! Check it out ;)!

Marah and Kapri Meet The Straw Hat Pirates!

When a troublesome fanfiction hater named Miss Vexi creates a devious plan to make the Straw Hat Pirates come to the real world, discover fanfiction and help Vexi to destroy it, the plan backfires when the famous pirate crew meet none other that Marah and Kapri! Now, since they both love fanfiction and knowing that the Straw Hat crew are from another world, Marah and Kapri must make sure that the pirate crew don't discover fanfiction, but its gonna be hard as it takes when they become Miss Vexi's minions! Marah and Kapri, with help from there friends must team up with the Straw Hats, stop Miss Vexi and save fanfiction and the world! (Great story! Two chapters are on now!)

Now that's the summary! Now I have to go now so good-bye everyone :D!

Hello again! I have a new Phineas and Ferb story for you guys and it will be scary but okay! Check it out!

Hotel Of Killers

When an grown up Phineas Flynn and his friends spend there first vacation in an hotel for the summer, they started to like it here! But a dark secret has come to Phineas as he and his friends are in danger by the mysterious employees. Now, with the help of a front desk man, he will find a way to save his friends and try to reveal the horror hotel to the world! But will he do it? (Preview is out now!).

And that's it! So I couldn't decide about which category this story will be in, so I decided it would be Phineas and Ferb! So I have to go now so good bye everyone :D!

Aw dang it!!! Its already gone! Summer's already gone :(! But don't worry! I will still continue my fanfictions, but however, I could only do it on after school days or the weekends. So there gonna be slow or not. But about Snivy Xtremes, its on hiatus until later! Sorry that the story took too long :)! The Scotland Warriors story, I'm still continuing it in the Fall time, but I'm getting rid of the theme song first, then I will start over the story and fix it! Perona Shanghaied is also on hiatus, but I will also continue it in the fall time! Summer may be over, but Life With Vinnie is still alive! New chapters will appear every Friday in September! Spike and the Fairies will be on Sundays, Always Him will be on Saturdays or Sundays, that Mask of Xoro story will be on Friday, September 27, The Amazing Nico Robin will be on Saturdays, and finally, other new stories will be there soon! Monet of the Dead will be in October! And that is all I'm glad you enjoyed reading my big note about my fanfictions! Until then! Stay at school, everyone :D!

Happy Labor Day! I'm back to give you a special Labor Day greeting with updates about my fanfiction! Life With Vinnie will be back on next Friday and The Amazing Nico Robin will be on next Saturday! Right now, I'm watching some Collage Football with my brother where the Florida St. face off against the Pitts! I will start by tomorrow, because I will go to school by Wednesday! Until then everyone and happy Labor Day :D!

Hello! HouseCity101 is back again with a preview of my newest story! It's called "Private Eyes Scraggy and Axew"! I will see if I will post the preview on my profile! Until then :D!

Hello! I am back! And I am giving you a preview of my newest fic, "Private Eyes Scraggy and Axew"! Enjoy :D!

In Pokémon City, there was a tall building, with a sign that said Scraggy and Axew Detective Agency. Inside the building, we see a person sitting on a chair on a desk with his arms folded and his fedora was covering his eyes.

Hi. My name is Scraggy...

The person hold his head up as he was revealed to be a Scraggy.

...and I am a Pokémon detective.


We then see an Axew, holding up loads of papers.

This is Axew. My partner in crime and my best friend.

"Private Eye Axew, reporting for duty sir!"

We see a Snivy along with a Bronzor, falling in love with Scraggy.

This is Synthia Snivy. She's me and Axew's friend and she likes me a lot.

Snivy is seen in a dark alley with Scraggy, using her vines to go into Scraggy's eyes.

"Have you ever noticed that I loved you?"

Her sexiness may be good, but she has a tough spot when trying to save me.

Snivy is then seen using her vines to save Scraggy and Axew and fighting off a Cacturne.

"Nobody kidnaps my Scraggy and gets away with it!"

"Thanks, Syn."

"Your welcome, Scraggy!"

Together, we will solve mysteries and fight off bad guys, including Dr Treecko.

"Are you sure this will work, Treecko?"

"I know it will!"


It may be hard...


An Emolga, chewing on an apple, was looking at Scraggy and Axew.

"Do you think you two are up for the job?"

"Will do it!"


...but will do whatever it takes...

Scraggy is seen fighting some thugs, along with Axew and Snivy with her Bronzor.


Scraggy, Axew and Snivy are then face to face against Dr Treecko and his assistant, Cacturne.

"Do you actually think you and your friends can stop me!?"

"We will stop you!" get the job done.

Then, there are various scenes where Scraggy and Axew are driving on there car, Snivy firing a Solarbeam at Dr Treecko's airship, Snivy kissing Scraggy, Axew fighting Cactune with a bo-staff, Bronzor using Psychic, Scraggy trying to save Snivy and Scraggy finishing Treecko with a hard punch.

Private Eyes Scraggy and Axew

Snivy is then seen hugging Scraggy affectionately with a confused Emolga and a nervous Axew, looking at them.

"Is she your girlfriend?" Emolga asked.

"Kind of!" Scraggy said.


And it's done! I hope you liked this preview! I will post it soon! Good-bye everyone :D!

I'm back! And I have a new crossover story for you all! It's called "A Popular Slice Of Life". It's about Marah, Kapri and Vinnie, helping Pizza Steve (Uncle Grandpa) to increase his popularity on the internet by using drawings and fanfics! But it may be hard as it is! I will try to have the length of the story over 10,000 or 9,000 words! This will also be a crackfic and well I'm kind of a fan of Pizza Steve since I first watched Uncle Grandpa! PM me for some ideas for the story! See you then :D!

I'm back :D with a terrible headcold :(! That's right, everyone! I have a cold! But to keep you're spirits up, I'm going to send up updates on Columbus Day Weekend and have a new LPS story for you all :)!

It's a Tragedy/Angst LPS story called "Everything's Lost" and this story will focus on Vinnie, traveling back in time to prevent a terrorist attack that killed his dearest friends :'(. This will be a Vinnie/Zoe story with a special One Piece opening, Fight Together and it will be sung by Marah and Kapri along with Marxlene and Vinnie :)! Now I also have some Halloween themed chapters that will soon before October everyone so get ready! Now without further ado, I present you the sneak peak of "Everything's Lost".

He thought he know that they will be together forever, but after the incident, he lost everything. His friends, his loved one, everything. Now, he has to go back and stop it before everything is lost...forever.

And that was it! So I will not mean to kill any characters of LPS who all of you fans are fans of and I don't want you're hearts to be broken! So don't worry! Until then, everyone :D!

Hello everyone! I am back with updates on The Amazing Nico Robin! There will be a Halloween-themed chapter titled Operation: H.O.R.R.O.R.! This chapter will be about Robin teaming up with Perona to stop an evil agent from M.O.S.S. named Master Horror, who plans to awaken monsters to destroy Thriller Bark and the world! He had also kidnapped the Straw Hat Pirates! Now, Robin and Perona must stop him and save the Straw Hats and Halloween before Master Horror's plan rises!

Now about this chapter, the main antagonists where originally CP9, but I decided to do another character! Perona will also appear and she will try to find a way to bring the zombies back to life in Thriller Bark! I also have a scary chapter for Life With Vinnie and Monet of the Dead along with LPS: Demon Monkey will appear during the following October! Also, Hotel of Horrors is still running and my Marah, Kapri and Vinnie fic will come out soon! And Marah and Vinnie vs Zombieland will start either tomorrow or tonight! and that's all so good-bye everyone :D!

Hello Nico Robin fans! I am back with news of The Amazing Nico Robin, Now, I am currently doing two chapters of the story. One is Operation: O.B.E.Y. and the other one is the Halloween chapter, Operation: H.O.R.R.O.R! Aslo, I'm going to do Marah and Vinnie Vs Zombieland either tomorrow or Saturday! I could do it on Friday, but I'll have to finish it before October ends, but will see what will happen! Unitl then, everyone :D!

Happy Halloween, everyone :D! Well, not everybody. Anyway, I'm here today to give you a special welcome and a new story for you all! Check it out ;)! Deadman Wonderland. A horrible prison filled with terror...horror...blood...and bunnies? Kittens? Balloons? Toys? Stuffed annimals!? Wait a minute! This is a horror show! What kind of show is this!?

"Why hello, Mr Narrator!"

Suddenly, a young woman appeared. She is an albino with white hair, red eyes and a white jumpsuit with red circles. She also wore light coffee colored mittens. She was looking at the invisible narrator.

Oh no! Not you!

"Hey, Mr Narrator! My name's Shiro and are you excited?" The girl said smiling.

Excited for what?

"For my new fanfic series, Shiro Wonderland!" Shiro said. "It focuses on me, Shiro and my happy friends as we explore our new home, Deadman Wonderland! There's my friend, Larry! He wants to be cool! My other friend, Clara! She wants to be the greatest mad scientist ever! And finally, my most aewsome friend and huge crush, Ganta! He's a nice guy! Together, we're gonna have lots of adventures and fight bad guys, like me evil self, The Wretched Egg, wh has escaped my personality and has went to life!"

Oh yeah her. No wait. Shiro, you "are" the Wretched Egg!

"What!? Nah! I'm not the Wretched Egg for now! She usually comes and tries to kill innocent people while she's in my body and she's a real meanie!." Shiro explained.

Yeah right! Like that's gonna happen!

"Oh really."

Shiro was starting to become the Wretched Egg. She was smiling evily at the narrator.

You are the Wretched Egg!

"Oh yes I am." The Wretched Egg said in a female adult voice.

What are you gonna do to me!? Kill the heck out of me!?


The Wretched Egg pulled out a kitchen knife and started to come to the narrator.

Wait! What are you doing!? No! No! NOOOOOO-

The Wretched Egg killed the narrator as blood was all over the floor and the Wretched Egg kicked the narrator's head away as she turned back to Shiro. Shiro looked at the bloody knife and turned to figure out where the narrator was.

"Mr Narrator? Mr Narrator! Oh well!" Shiro them smiled at the viewers. "Happy Halloween, readers and don't miss my new story! See ya!"



And that's it! That was the preview of my newest story, Shiro Wonderland! I'll give you more information about the story tomorrow! Happy Halloween, everyone and believe in Shiro :D!

HI!!!! I AM BACK FROM SEASON 2 OF LITTLEST PET SHOP TODAY XD!!!! Sorry everyone! I was so excited to see it and I finally had a chance to watch two of the episodes! And the Biskit Twins from the second episode. It's official, they're stupid and very dumb. Anyway, I am here to give you updates on my Shiro Wonderland story so let me give you the characters until I give you more stuff about the story! Here it is :D!

Shiro: Shiro is the main protagonist of the story. She is a happy-go-lucky teenage girl that is unaware of the dangers that are about to attack her. Shiro may be a little bright, but she is still aware of her friend's lives and her evil personality, the Wretched Egg. Shiro has a huge crush on Ganta, who she tries to kiss him, but always fails at the end. However, Shiro wont stop until she tries to kiss Ganta!

Ganta: Ganta is a shy and whinny kid who is actually a okay guy once you get to know him. Shiro has a huge crush on him and Ganta is completely aware by this and avoids getting kissed by Shiro. Ganta still has his powers and decided to use it for emergencies only. Ganta is the one Shiro brought to Deadman Wonderland after blaming him for a massacre at his school, which killed all of his friends. After having a talk with Shiro, Ganta did not kill her after discovering that she created the massacre and the whole time she wants to see him again and be happy. Shiro then gave up and she and Ganta decides to stay at the G Ward as there new home.

Okay so I will finish the characters later or tomorrow but right now, I have a story idea :D! So there's this new LPS story I'm working at and what if Zoe had a crush on Vinnie, only to discover that he and Sunil are gay boyfriends and Zoe tries to stop liking him but starts liking Vinnie a lot. Now Zoe must decide either love Vinnie or make him love Sunil. I know. It's a Vinnie X Zoe story with Sunil X Vinnie and Sunil X Pepper. I decided to call this story, Truths and Crushes. You see, to tell you the truth, I HATE Sunil X Vinnie! I know, I sorry Vinnil shippers! I am so sorry I broken you're hearts :(! But anyway, I will start this story soon! Until then everyone and Happy After Halloween :D!

Hello everyone! It has been a long month, hasn't it? Anyway, my newest fanfic, Shiro Wonderland is still in progress with a new Marah and Kapri Thanksgiving Special fanfic I'm making! It features Vinnie, Marxlene, Pizza Steve and Marah and Kapri! In this special, Pizza Steve creates a time machine for him and the gang to go back in time to the first Thanksgiving! But however, he accidentally created a dimension machine, sending him and the others to an alternate universe where they meet the LPS gang as sugary indians! Now, Marah and Kapri must help Chief Vinnie and the indians to find the perfect foods for Thanksgiving before time runs out with help of the gang!

Yeah, so this special is going to be really funny and I just thinked about the idea since yesterday and today's my brother's birthday! He's already 15 :)! So I'm going to start the special now and then watch a new LPS! Until then and Happy Thanksgiving :D!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone :D! I didn't get the chance to finish the Fanon Week Thanksgiving Special, but I will finish it! I hope you'll spend time with all of your families and eating your dinner with them tonight! See you all soon :D!

Hello everyone! I'm back from a great Thanksgiving break and with a new story for you all! Okay, so I've come up with this Bratz and Monster High crossover story called Horrorworld! It's about Cloe and her best friend Yasmin being attacked by a mysterious man in black and had killed Yasmin by chopping her head off and knocking out Cloe. Cloe then woke up in a strange and mysterious world where she encountered a mysterious girl, who looks like a ghost girl.

The girl's name was Spectra Vondergeist and she explained to Cloe that she's in Horrorworld, a creepy world where people known as Killers kill against other Killers in order to retrieve the so called "wish" in order to win. The only problem: Cloe does not like to kill! Now, she and Spectra go and kill various Killers in order to get the wish bring Yasmin back to life!

Now I hope you all enjoy Horrorworld soon! See you all later :D!

Hi everyone! I am back from enjoying my winter break and giving you a new story for you all! Here's the preview :D!

Long ago, dragons have been in Equestria ever since and there species and legacies have continued from many generations. However, ponies and stallions had a hatred against dragons and declared many wars against them. Many years later, a evil prince by the name Prince Blueblood plans to find the ancient stones in all of Equestria...the Dragon Stones. The Dragon Stones are ancient stones that represent each element. But, these stones are very dangerous. Prince Blueblood's true secret plan is to find all of the Dragon Stones in order to form into a powerful being to make all of the dragons ceased to exist and rule all of Equestria.

Luckily, he has his own empire known as the Blueblood Empire. The empire has a brutal hatred to dragons and they will do everything to help Prince Blueblood in his master plan as there will be nothing to stand in his way...

Now, at the same years later, a great humanoid dragon named Sir Spike the Dragon and his elemental assistant Twilight Sparkle are on a quest to find other dragons that are like them to fight there way to freedom in order to speak to all of the ponies and stallions that they are good like them. However, the evil Prince Blueblood is on Spike and his friends' tail and he won't stop at nothing to defeat them as he and his army will find the Dragon Stones to rule the world forever.

Now, the fight for the stones is on! Will Spike, Twilight, and their new friends stop Prince Blueblood and his evil empire before time runs out? Find out as you will read Dragons Unleashed!

And that's it! I'm going to start on the first chapter right now! See you then and Merry Christmas :D!

Happy New Year, Everyone! And It's also the day of my one-year anniversary for being on the site! And to kick it all of, I decided to make a New Year crossover mini-fic! Check it out and Happy New Year :D!

Happy Valentines Day, everyone! I'm planning a Kill la Kill fanfic for you all! About Kill la Kill, it looks sooo wild and funny. The reason why is that the creator was also the one who made Gurren Lagann.

Speaking of that, the fanfic will be about a new transfer student named Kenji at Honnouji Academy, who Ryuko finds smitten with, but doesn't want to admit it. So when Satsuki gives Kenji a One-Star Goku Uniform, he becomes obsessed with it and immediately challenges Ryuko to a fight! Will Ryuko help Kenji fight it out or maybe something else will be in mind?

Well that's it! Also, a special V Day LPS fic might come in today or a bit late so stay tuned! See ya for now :D!

Alright, I'm back! With a new story! It's called "The Bug Killers: Gear Up!"! Here's the summary!

When Sunset Shimmer and her friends take a trip to House City for the summer, they get eaten by giant mutant roaches as Sunset fled with fear and tears, all the way to House City. She then meets a talking slice of pizza named Pizza Steve and both of them are found by Synthia Snivy. Sunset and Steve are taken to a military-like base of a special team known as The Bug Killers.

Their job is to stop the mutant bugs that are invading House City, thanks to a mutant accident years ago. After remembering her friends' deaths, Sunset decides to avenge all of the roaches by joining The Bug Killers. Now, Sunset and Steve, with help from Snivy, Madame Bo-Quai, a living human-sized pencil named Dan, a beautiful drama queen woman named Mimi Orlope, and a creepy girl named Connie as they work together to fight the Roaches and save House City!

Now that the summary's over, the main song for the theme will be Guren no Yumina! Check it out!

Seid ihr das Essen?
Nein, wir sind der Jäger

HouseCity101 presents...

The Bug Killers: Gear Up!

Fumareta hana no namae mo shirazu ni

Chi ni ochita tori wa kaze wo machiwabiru

Inotta tokoro de nani mo kawaranai
Ima wo kaeru no wa tatakau kakugo da...

Shikabane fumikoete susumu ishi wo warau buta yo
Kachiku no annei kyogi no han'ei shiseru garou "Jiyuu" wo!

Torawareta kutsujoku wa

hangeki no Koushi da

jouheki no sono kanata

emono wo hofuru (Jäger!)

Hotobashiru shoudou ni

sono mi wo yakinagara

tasogare ni hi wo ugatsu--

Guren yo yumina!

And that's it! That story will premiere soon! I don't know if I should add the theme song, but I'll see what I can do! See you then and gear up :D!

The Uncle Grandpa category is OPEN :D!! I don't know if I'll post stories or not, but I'll see what I can do! Until then and Happy Presidents Day :D!

Alright! I have an idea for an Uncle Grandpa fanfic! I don't know if I'll do it or not, but it's worth a shot!

So I have this idea about Pizza Steve being transported into a world where characters from different anime that he befriends and has to stop a villain named the Manga Queen, who turns anime into sheets of manga and puts them in a cursed manga book forever!

It sounds weird, but I'll call it "Animetopia"! Comming soon!

Alright! I have a Snivy and the Unova Heroes Origins story today so it's gonna rock! See ya later :D!

Alright, I'm going to review Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Just watched it. Hope this site will allow it...


So CA: The Winter Soldier was just a regular superhero movie with fights and stuff. But that's not really this movie is about. The movie is about Steve Rogers or Captain America who has to stop this evil dude named "The Winter Solider" and H.Y.D.R.A. from creating a big massacre. Yeah, you heard me. You have to know that H.Y.D.R.A. is in this movie cause there very evil. Now this movie was great and all. It was nice to see Scarlett J. return as the Black Widow, my favorite Avenger. I'm not kidding, she did a good job as her and it was just nice :)! Now, there's a few problems with this move and I'm gonna start with the opening credits.

In case you didn't know, the opening credits is like a scene where it shows who made the movie, who created the movie, and who was in the movie. And The Winter Soldier didn't add that. I'm not joking around, I guess they were cheap or something so instead they give us this huge scene where Captain A and the S.H.I.E.L.D agents in a rescue mission and that's it. That's not how you do the opening credits and I know some movies did the same thing. Well, at lease the movies showed the credits at the END! You see, when you're starting a movie, you have to show the opening credits in order not to confuse the viewers. And if you don't, the viewers will be all like "wait, WHAT!?!?" and "who's even in this movie!?". A similar thing happened in "Madagascar 3" where they just show you the title and that's it. It looked lazy and low-budgeted! That's not how you do it!!

Anyway, the second thing of what's wrong about the movie is the plot. Now, the plot was interesting but in the beginning and the middle, it started some confusing stuff in it, until the BIG twist happened. It was revealed that the leader of H.Y.D.R.A. was taking control over S.H.I.E.L.D. along with some members and they planned the evil thing the WHOLE time! Well...DUCK!

And the final thing is the villain. And when I say the villain, I mean the Winter Solider! Now the Winter Solider looked like a badbass villain until the end. We then see a battle between CA and the WS and it looked lazy. They need to think better on putting a bigger and epic boss fight! And the Winter Soldier was not the true villain, wait WHAT!?!? You do know that the movie's called THE WINTER SOLDIER right!? AND the WINTER SOLDIER is supposed to be the main title antagonist, am I RIGHT!? If you want H.Y.D.R.A. to be the TRUE villains, then why didn't you call it CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE RISE OF H.Y.D.R.A not to confuse other people who the real villain is!? And as for the was okay.

So what did I think about the movie? It was a really good movie and yes, I watched it in 3D. But, the problems were that it had a terrible opening scene, a confusing til the end plot, and a badbass but now lazy villain. I give this movie a 8/10.

Anyway, there are three more movie Marvel movies coming up! Spider Man 2 looks AWESOME! The next X-Men movie looks interesting! And Guardians of the Galaxy...looks like bullhit. I mean look at the trailer and think about it. Weird out of nowhere comedy, interesting action with guns, a strange plot, and a epic heroic remix of Hooked on a Feeling!? I get it! It's going to be one of those anticipating movies, and it's gonna SUCK! I know it! Dang, I wonder how Marvel's gonna do this. Four movies in a year. Well let's see.

And I watched the upcoming TNMT movie and the Turtles looked so ugly, that it's going to be a failed movie, but the action was AMAZING! But still, hope to avoid that movie one day.

So that's it! I'm going to continue with my stories this month or in June! See ya later :D!

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Littlest Pet Shop - Rated: T - English - Tragedy/Suspense - Chapters: 4 - Words: 13,315 - Reviews: 25 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 11 - Updated: 11/13/2013 - Published: 5/19/2013
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Russell begins to suspect something very horrifying about his energetic spider monkey friend Minka. Could it be possible she is a sadistic psychopath who enjoys painting pictures with her own blood and killing others just for fun? And the worst part is, nobody else believes him! He'd better find a way to avoid falling victim to Minka's endless torment... because he's next...
Littlest Pet Shop - Rated: T - English - Horror/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 5 - Words: 6,295 - Reviews: 38 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 10/24/2013 - Published: 5/31/2013 - Russell F., Minka M.
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A beautiful kind princess named Pepper is being forced to marry prince Shahruk, though all she wants to do is be free and to make people laugh. One day she meets a cowardly servant who befriends her, and they go on the most craziest journey ever! This story had humor, romance, adventure, and a lot of butt whooopin.
Littlest Pet Shop - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 14 - Words: 14,040 - Reviews: 71 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 10/5/2013 - Published: 9/15/2013 - Sunil N., Pepper C. - Complete
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Investigating the P2 Plasma Laboratory was supposed to be simple and now Ash, Iris and Cilan's Pokémon, having experienced quite an unusual event, must keep it secret from their Trainers. It doesn't matter to Oshawott either way though. The only thing he wants is to be with a certain Pokémon... A brave kid collaboration
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Sunil has a recurring nightmare where he is visited by the ghost of a pet. By helping her, he uncovers a dark, decades-old secret the Littlest Pet Shop has been hiding.
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Littlest Pet Shop - Rated: K+ - English - Friendship/Drama - Chapters: 5 - Words: 9,892 - Reviews: 42 - Favs: 20 - Follows: 23 - Updated: 9/22/2013 - Published: 3/31/2013 - Sunil N.
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Littlest Pet Shop - Rated: T - English - Humor/Drama - Chapters: 8 - Words: 5,853 - Reviews: 26 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 11 - Updated: 8/4/2013 - Published: 7/23/2013 - Vinnie T., Sunil N., Zoe T., Russell F.
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Hehehe... The shippings are (Sepper, ShivverxPepper,Russinka,and more (Plus she some Vinnil and Pennussell for the fans ;)) UPDATE: Also for for now tellling for the next chapter SuperStar is Shuruke how ever you spell it and Sandaes is ButterCream :)
Littlest Pet Shop - Rated: K+ - English - Drama - Chapters: 5 - Words: 2,395 - Reviews: 42 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 8/1/2013 - Published: 5/6/2013 - Zoe T., Madame Pom, Scout K., Digby
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Today, Penny Ling was going to tell Russell her feelings for him. But Minka already asked him and he said yes to it, making penny ling very sad. Contains: Russinka and Pennussell (Littlest Pet Shop gang gave me the idea.) UPDATE: Chapters 2 & 3 will no longer be sad.
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Well, there were some of us who didn't like the entirety of the 'Lights, Camera, Mongoose' episode, especially in regards to the "lesson" and Sunil getting the cold shoulder from the completely OOC pets. Here's my interpretation of the episode, hope you LPS fans like it and root for our favorite mongoose! Not Shahrukh, what he needs is a REAL lesson! READ AND REVIEW!
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