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Author has written 12 stories for Metal Fight Beyblade/メタルファイト ベイブレード.


Birthday:January 13


Favorite colors:Red,Black and White

Languages:Greek,English,Russian,French,Spanish,Turkish and a little bit of Italian,German and Japanese

Characters I like:

Naruto:Ino Yamanaka,Itachi Uchina,Naruto and Deidara as for Sasuke I used to like him but now nah..maybe a little.

Sonic:Shadow the hedgehog,Sonic the hedgehog and Rouge the bat

Metal Fight Beyblade:Ryuga,Kyoya Tategami,Gingka Hagane,Yu Tendo,Ryuto, Nile Crane,Reiji Mizuchi,Hikaru Hasama,Kakeru Tategami(he's in the manga..too bad they didn't bring him in the anime..) and a lot others..

Fairy Tail:Natsu Dragneel,Gray Fullbuster,Erza Scarlet,Juvia,Lyon,Jellal Fernandes,Edo Natsu,Wendy..a lot others.

Characters I hate:

Sakura(Naruto):she's a bitch who ended her relationship with Ino just for a guy,who doesn't even like her!Seriously,what kind of friend does that?Plus,she cries way too much..!

Amy(Sonic):An annoying freak,who keeps stalking Sonic anywhere.!I mean,come on!If the guy is not interested in you u keep annoying him?Also with her shit(the hammer)she thinks she can beat anyone..Nonsense!!



SonicxShadow(Sonadow is cutee!)

Sonally(I don't get why some people hate Sally ://)

Knuxouge(they're perfect for each other! Rouge has a secret crush on him anyway!)

ScourgexFiona(they're already boyfriend and girlfriend duh!)





Metal Fight Beyblade:

RyuKaru!! (I adore that couple!)


KyoyaxRyuga(RyuKyo rocks the world! :D)






ReijixRyuga(O_o heh! Drama!)

ChrisxReiji(so adorable!)







Avatar:Legend of Korra


Fairy Tail:










List your top ten (10) favorite characters from a single anime, and answer the following questions.












Q1 - Have you ever written a five/ten fanfiction before?

HikaruxTsubasa..umm No..

Q2 - Do you think three is hot? How hot?

Nile is soooo hot!

Q3 - What would happen if six got one pregnant?

Kenta get Ryuga pregnant..Omg!

Q4 - Do you recall any good fics about nine?

ehh no.. I haven't written one..

Q5 - Would seven and two make a good couple?

YuuxKyoya ?maybe..

Q6 - Four/eight or four/nine?

RyutoxGingka is better!

Q7 - What would happen if seven discovered that three and eight had a secret relationship?

God..Yuu discovered that Ryuto and Nile are in a relationship! He would tell anyone.!

Q8 - Can you write a summary of at least twenty words for a two/six fanfiction?

Kyoya and Kenta?..I don't think so..

Q9 - Is their such thing as a four/ten romantic fluff story?

GingkaxTsubasa.?.I dunno.

Q10 - Suggest a title for a one/five Hurt/Comfort fic.


Q11 - What kind of plot would you use for a three/seven fic?

NilexYuu..I don't have idea..

Q12 - Does anyone on your friends list read seven het? What about nine slash?

they don't even watch Beyblade! yeah I Know..what fools..

Q13 - If you wrote a songfic about nine, what song would you choose?

A songific for Reiji huh?..Bring me to life!

Q14 - if you wrote a two/three/six fanfiction, what would the warning be?

Kyoya/Nile/Kenta..Umm K..

Q15 - What pick-up line might eight use on five?


Q16 - Challenge: Write a drabble for ten/eight.

too lazy!

Q17 - What would happen if seven walked in on two and one having sex?

Crap!Yuu walked in when Kyoya and Ryuga were having sex? Yuu would be shouting..RAPE! and Kyoya and Ryuga would probably beat the shit outta him after that..xD! poor Yu..

Q18 - What kind of plot would you use if you wanted four and one to end up together?

Gingka and Ryuga? umm just because they are rivals doesn't mean they can't be together :D

Q19 - Does anyone on your friends list read seven slash?

They don't even watch Beyblade for God's sake!

Q20 - Does anyone on your friends list read three het?

I think I answered that already..

Q21 - Does anyone on your friends list write or draw one?


Q22 - Would you write two/four/five?


Q23 - What might nine scream at a moment of great passion?

Reiji? I don't think he would scream XD!

Q24 - When was the last time you read a fic about five?

I read fanfics about her almost everyday..!

Q25 - What is six's secret kink?

How the hell should I know?

Q26 - Would one shag nine?

Ryuga shag Reiji?perhaps..

Q27 - If three and seven got together, who would be on top?

Nile ofc!

What would you do if Number 1 woke you in the middle of the night?
RYUGA?..I'm probably dreaming..:D

Number 3 walked into the bathroom while you're showering?


Nile:damn.!.got it(leaves)

Number 4 announced he/she's going to marry 9 tomorrow?

Gingka and Reiji?what the?

Number 5 cooked you dinner?

Hikaru? really? awww thnx!

Number 6 was lying next to you on the beach, sleeping?

Kenta..so kawai!

Number 7 suddenly confessed to be part of your family?

Oh Yuu! that's so sweet of u!

Number 8 got into the hospital somehow?


Number 9 made fun of your friends?

Reiji..I'm not surprised..

Number 10 ignored you all the time?

How dare u Tsubasa?


You're on a vacation with 2 and manage to break your leg. What does 2 do?

Kyoyo? probably nothing..

It's your birthday. What does 3 get you?

Nile..what did u get me?

You're stuck in a house that's on fire. What does 4 do?


ME:oh Gingky! u saved me!


You're about to do something that'll make you feel extremely embarrassed. What will 5 do?

Hikaru? comfort me or something..

You're about to marry number 10. What's 1's reaction:

Tsuabasa?yay! he doesn't give a damn or does he? Ryuga:Tch

Would 2 trust 5?

Kyoya/Hikaru..um ye..

Number 4 is bored and pokes 10. What happens after that?

Tsuabasa:Gingka!will u stop it?


Will number 5 and 6 ever kiss?

Hikaru kiss Kenta? no no!we're fine!

You spot 10 kissing 1. How do you react?

Tsubasa kissing my Ryuga? Me*grabs a gun*

Ryuga and Tsuabasa:Uh-oh!

You had a haircut and 7 can't stop looking at you. What goes on in your mind?

He needs an ice-cream for sure..

Number 8 thinks he/she’ll never get a girl/boyfriend. What will you tell him/her?

Ryuto..everybody loves u! Ryuto:s*sniff*really? ..really really..:D

Number 9 is too shy to face you and confesses their love by sending an email. Now what?

Reiji shy?Don't make me laugh!

Could 1 and 6 be soul mates?

Ryuga/Kenta..¿Por Que No?(why not? XD!)

2 sent a message to his/her Bf/Gf but 9 got it. What would happen?

Reiji:sssssssss! Interesting!

Kyoya:Holy Crap!

6 noticed he/she wasn't invited to your birthday?

aww!I'm so sorry Kenta!It's all Ryuga's fault! Ryuga:What the heck did I do?

7 won the lottery?


mE:oH God..poor..wonderful money!

If 6 and 3 cooked dinner, what would they make?

Nile/Kenta..umm cake?

Number 2 tells you about his/her deeply hidden love for number 9.

Me:so u like Reiji huh?

Kyoya:Shut it!

1 accidentally kicked 10?

Tsubasa:AHH! My butt!

Ryuga*stares at his butt*

Tsubasa:what are u looking at?


What would 1 think of 2?


Number 4 loves number 9 as well. What does that mean?

Does anyone on your friends list write or draw number 1?
Ryuga.? ofc!

Do you think number 4 is hot? How hot?

Gingka is super hot Dammit!

What about number 3? Is he/she is hot?

The hell he is!

Do you recall any fics about 9?

not yet..

Would 2 and 6 make a good couple?


5/9 or 5/10?

Hikaru/Reiji Hikaru/Tsubasa..Neither..

Make up a summary of a 3/10 fanfic.

Kyoya brakes up with Nile and Nile is heartbroken..What happens when the Eagle owner finds him?

How emo is 7?

Yuu emo? get away from me bitch!

What might 10 scream at a moment of great passion?


Have you ever written a 5/10 fanfiction before?


Would 7 and 2 make a good couple?

Let's see Kyoya and Yuu..hell no!

What kind of summary would you use for a 3/7 fic?

I'd better not..

If 3 and 7 got together, who would be on top?


4/8 or 4/9?

umm GingkaxRyuto

What would happen if 7 discovered that 3 and 8 had a secret relationship?

Yuu again..Nile and Reiji wtf?

Can you write a summary of at least twenty words for a 2/6 fanfiction?

Kyoya wants to have a little ''fun'' with Kenta.But will Kenta allow him so?

Suggest a title for a 1/5 Hurt/Comfort fic.

RyuKaru..Ryuga sees Hikaru injured at they bey-park..What happened with her,and why is Ryuga even willing to help her?

If you wrote a 3/2/6 fanfiction, what would the warning be?

Kyoya/Nile/Kenta..WARNING! may contain love scenes xD!

If you wrote a song-fic about 8, what song would you choose?


How do you feel right now?

What kind of question is that?NORMAL DUH!

Dear Bullies, That boy you punched in the hall today; committed suicide a few minutes ago. That girl you called a slut in class today; she's a virgin. That boy you called lame; has to work every night to support his family. That girl you pushed down the other day; is already being abused at home. You think you know them. Guess what, you don't. Copy and Paste this to your profile if you are against the mean bullying. I bet 99% of you wont.

I am not that girl,

The one that is super popular.
The one that is rich.
The one obsessed with Twilight.
The one that will lie to get her way.
The one that doesn't care about your feelings.
The one that wears her Team Edward or Team Jacob shirt proudly.
The one that has a new boyfriend every week.
The one that hates her life because she wears size-two jeans.
The one that would cry over a boy.
The one that loves Justin Bieber.
The one that will give up because she broke a nail.
The one that started wearing makeup at nine years old.


I am that girl,
The one who likes books more than boys.
The one who pretends not to be sad, just to make others happy.
The one who reads and writes to escape.
The one who just wants to help.
The one that really wants to make a difference.
The one that sticks to her values.
The one that doesn't look at race or homosexuality.
The one that cries when she feels alone and helpless; it only shows she's strong.
The one that knows she's beautiful, no matter what others say.
The one that refuses to believe that this is it.
The one that doesn't care if she eats too many cinnamon buns...they taste good.
The one that people like, because she's crazy.
The one that doesn't care if she looks like a retard, because if looking like a retard is what it takes, go for it.
The one that will do anything to make a better tomorrow.
The one who won't give in.
The one who won't give up.

Boy: I’ve been waiting for this day.

Girl: Do you want me to leave?

Boy: NOO!!!

Girl: Do you love me?

Boy: Of course!

Girl: Will you ever cheat on me?

Boy: Never in my life.

Girl: Will you ever kiss me?

Boy: Every chance I get.

Girl: Will you hit me?

Boy: Are you crazy…!

Girl: Can I trust you?

Boy: Yes.

Girl: Sweetheart..!

After marriage, now, read it from the bottom to the top!

Got a problem with me? Solve it!

Think I'm trippin’? Tie my shoe!

Can't stand me? Sit down!

Can't face me? Turn around!

Love me? Great!

Hate me? Even better!

Think I'm ugly? Don't look at me!

Don't like my style? Don't like yours!

Don't know me? Don't judge me!

Think you know me? You have NO idea!

I'm me. Hate it? Get over it!

Calling me FAKE won't make you REAL,

Calling me DUMB won't make you SMART,

Calling me WEAK won't make you STRONG,

Calling me UGLY won't make you BEAUTIFUL,

Calling me MEAN won't make you NICE,

So why bother? Every insult you make is only hurting yourself.

If you think Shadow could take over the world if he wanted to, put this on your profile.

Shadow the Hedgehog has more fangirls than any other SEGA character. If you are one of them, copy and paste this into your profile.

The white man said, "Colored people are not allowed here." The black man turned around and stood up. He then said: "Listen sir...when I was born I was BLACK, When I grew up I was BLACK, When I'm sick I'm BLACK, When I go in the sun I'm BLACK, When I'm cold I'm BLACK, When I die I'll be BLACK. But you sir, When you're born you're PINK, When you grow up you're WHITE, When you're sick, you're GREEN, When you go in the sun you turn RED, When you're cold you turn BLUE, And when you die you turn PURPLE. And you have the nerve to call me colored?" The black man then sat back down and the white man walked away...
Post this on your profile if you hate racism

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Fairy Tail - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 31 - Words: 104,319 - Reviews: 2028 - Favs: 2,529 - Follows: 2,034 - Updated: 1/18/2016 - Published: 3/3/2013 - [Lucy H., Natsu D.] - Complete
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Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 13,420 - Reviews: 31 - Favs: 37 - Follows: 16 - Updated: 8/20/2012 - Published: 5/1/2012 - Shadow, Sonic - Complete
Obsession by Storm337 reviews
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