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Author has written 16 stories for Harry Potter, Cherub, Star Wars, Karate Kid, Bridge to Terabithia, Grand Theft Auto, Jurassic Park, and Fable.

My profile the place where my stories can call home.

I live in England and have been writing since i was about nine

My fave series are Harry Potter and CHERUB

i like watching/playing football and xbox

SPURS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I write mostly Harry potter. I also like Cherub and several other series.

I write about pretty much anything that takes my fancy.

Fave Characters:













I also am a fan of the Karate Kid, the real Karate kid films from 1980 not that crappy kung Fu kid remake with Jacky Chan who is not fit to lick the dirt off of Pat Morita's shoes. I put Daniel and Ali together as I think they had great chemistry and a great relationship in the first film, but sadly the relationship didn't go into the next film which I thought was wrong. I also write it to increase its popularity on this site

I also like The Big Bang Theory but I will never write a story about it as I would get Sheldon and Amy's characters completely wrong and I would mess it up. But I do read the stories on here and respect to those who do brave it. as for relationships in the show I hate Amy. Nothing against the actress but I don't like the character, I support Sheldon and Penny, Howard Bernadette, Leonard can go with anyone so long as it isn't Penny and Raj with Lucy.

Two other things I read are Peter Pan and Chronicles of Narnia/Harry Potter. I like Peter Pan because it was one of my favourite stories as a child and I love the themes of growing up and the way you can make the story your own in so many ways, No disrespect to the great J.M Barrie meant. I also feel so sorry for Peter and Wendy at the end the feelings between them where blatant I hated the Hook film.

I like Narnia/Harry Potter because they complement each other so well. I like the ones with Harry/Lucy pairing because I think that they go well together and as far as I can remember Lucy never had a romantic pairing in the books but please tell me if I am wrong.

So as of 2016 I have a new favourite TV show, Gotham! I know I was late to the party but I'm here now and loving it! I have checked out the archive on this site and I think its awesome just like the show. I will probably be writing something about it in the near future, probably a couple of one shots because my history with stories with chapters is awful. So if there is anyone reading this tell me what you would like to see if anything concerning Gotham. Anyway stay cool and I'll hopefully be back soon.

As you have probably worked out I am a sucker for romance. Most of my stories will have romance in them even if it isn't the main par.t Anyways please read and review my stories and check out the very talented authors in my favourite authors list.

Update 06/03/15- So after a hiatus of over a year i finally wrote something!! Bit different to anything I have written before but finally beat my writers block! i hope it gets me back to regular writing but with my track record I am not holding out any hopes.

Update 28/3/16- So in march 2016 I wrote two stories in one month. First time that has happened since 2013! Honestly guys I wish I could write more but it's a mental thing I try and i try but it's rare I finish something and think you'll like it so I have a few oneshots that I've finished but never published. Also for any readers of my two chaptered stories A new chosen one and War for Los Santos they are more or less abandoned i would love to continue but again its a mental thing, if my brain decides I cant or wont write I am not writing and sadly it has thought the same with new chapters for those stories since I last updated them.Sorry cause I hate disappointing you guys especially readers of A New chosen One because that one was rather popular but I just cant do it

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Trust First by AStandardName reviews
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as heavy as can be by Hestiaa reviews
He disappears for two weeks. No, that's not true. He's everywhere. He disappears from Lois' life. He was there between her arms and, for a brief second, she felt like he belonged to he belonged to her, was hers to claim. But then he was gone, and the truth sunk in. He wasn't hers anymore. He never was. He belongs to this planet, to its people. (a Lois & Clark fic, MoS Universe)
Superman - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 26,199 - Reviews: 76 - Favs: 100 - Follows: 113 - Updated: 7/29/2013 - Published: 6/23/2013 - Lois L., Clark K./Superman/Kal-El
The Bonds of Blood by Darth Marrs reviews
YASBF Yet Another Soul Bond Fic starting with the Chamber of Secrets. Harry and Ginny have to learn to live with a bond that steals away their privacy and leaves them dependent on each other and frightened for their future.
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Aspirations by megamatt09 reviews
AU. Harry is shunned not only Ron, but Hermione as well after the Goblet of Fire incident. Ginny befriends Harry and history changes. Future Dark!Harry Dark!Ginny pairing, extended summary inside. Note from 2012: I'm not a huge fan of this story now, but leaving it up for historical purposes for those who do enjoy it.
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 55 - Words: 371,805 - Reviews: 3426 - Favs: 5,735 - Follows: 2,435 - Updated: 1/24/2009 - Published: 9/18/2008 - Harry P., Ginny W. - Complete
Harry Potter and the Twists of Fate by benperez31 reviews
Harry's parents didn't die that Halloween night, they even had a daughter just after going into hiding, and the Weasleys took care of Harry and his sister after the attack by Voldemort. Now what?
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Moments in the Matrix by Trinity-Neo1818 reviews
A retelling of the Matrix, through a romantic POV, from the moment Neo awakes in the real world to the moment before Reloaded begins. Witness the sacred moments shared between NeoTrin that made them everyone's favorite couple, including parts camera misse
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Go to sleep reviews
When Leslie cant sleep, Jess doesn't sleep
Bridge to Terabithia - Rated: K - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 984 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 7 - Published: 3/27/2016 - Jess A., Leslie B. - Complete
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