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I love the Hunger Games, as you can tell, as well as Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Divergent and the Mortal Instruments. I'm an aspiring writer and I'm in the process of writing my first Hunger Games SYOT. Feel free to drop a message anytime, I'll be happy to make friends!

- The 71st Hunger Games: Rules of Submission -

  • You may submit up to 4 tributes, but for every female you submit, you must submit a male (because they're so hard to come by, honestly) and if you submit more than 1 tribute, one of them has to die in the bloodbath. You can submit as many males as you want, though.
  • I accept reservations for up to 5 days. If you need an extension, just tell me, otherwise I'll give the spot up to someone else who wants it.
  • I say this about 50 times in the form itself, but try to be original! Nobody wants to read about 5 female tributes who are practically exact replicas of each other. Unless you specifically WANT the tribute to appear common and unoriginal, in which case I will paint them as such.
  • If you've already submitted your tribute to another on-going SYOT, or have them in a story of your own (albeit maybe with a different name), I'll be hesitant to accept them. Old tributes from abandoned or completed SYOTs are alright. New tributes are most appreciated, but if you REALLY want to submit an old character of yours, I'll consider it.
  • For my SYOT, in Career districts (mostly in 1 and 2, not really in 4), the Career Training Academy chooses the 'volunteer tributes' each year, and they're usually 18, unless in the rare case that someone younger is more capable and well-trained. Just keep this in mind if you choose to submit a tribute from 1 or 2.
  • Put the password 'pecan pie' somewhere in your form so that I know you read the rules ;-)
  • I will try to do everything you ask of me for your tributes, but some details I may not be able to include, e.g. a romance with a tribute whose submitter specified no romance for, a detail that doesn't align with what I've already established within my own little story. In short, if you don't get what you want, please be understanding & not rude!
  • If there's anything I didn't mention here, feel free to just ask :-)

    - The 71st Hunger Games: Sponsor Points -

    You can win points by either submitting a tribute (100 points each) or reviewing (10 points each). Readers who haven't submitted a tribute, you can still sponsor! Just PM me and you'll start off with 70 points, with an additional 10 for each review. Points so far:

    FoxfaceFan1: 110 points

    CelticGames4: 110 points

    resoundingyes: 200 points

    Apollostjames: 300 points

    SlytherinPrincessAtWork77: 200 points

    hollowman96: 200 points

    SapphireMoon4: 100 points

    Little Knight Mik: 200 points

    mukkou: 210 points

    Redwut: 100 points

    Namelessghoul: 100 points

    Queen Fantasy: 110 points

    goatman25: 100 points

    Singlewave: 110 points

    SociallyUndead: 100 points

    If you think I've made a mistake, just PM me.

    - The 71st Hunger Games: Tribute Form -

    - The Basics -

    Full Name: (Not all tribute names will be district-oriented, but you can make yours so if you want. Try to make the names a little original, unless you purposely want their names to sound common.)



    District: (Give one or two backups as well, just in case.)

    Personality: (Make this as detailed as possible! Flawed tributes are the best tributes. Make them different, original. The more I enjoy writing your tribute, the longer your tributes’ passages will probably be.)

    Appearance: (Make this unique and detailed too. Not all tributes will be white and conventionally attractive.)

    Background: (Same as above. Cliché tributes may have less chance of surviving just because I’ll get bored of them :P)

    Family: (Give names, ages, personalities, relationship with your tribute, and if you want, appearances. Doesn’t have to be SUPER detailed but some detail is appreciated.)

    Friends: (Same as above.)

    Strengths: (For every strength you give, you should give one more weakness. For example, if you give four strengths, you should give five weaknesses.)


    Fears: (At least two.)

    - The Reaping -

    Reaping Outfit:

    Reaped/Volunteered: (Just a reminder that volunteers from non-Career districts are rare, especially in the outermost districts. I’ll probably accept no more than one or two non-Career volunteers. Also, in my story, Careers are chosen to volunteer beforehand, and they have to be eighteen when they do. Your tribute’s reaction to that can vary.)


    Token: (Also mention who give it to them, or if they get it themselves.)

    What happens at the farewells: (Who visits them, what they say, how your tribute reacts, etc. etc.)

    - At the Capitol -

    Opinion towards Games & the Capitol: (Just to get a better idea of your tribute.)

    Chariot Outfit: (Be as creative or uncreative as you like; the Capitol knows no limits when it comes to fashion.)

    Chariot Angle: (Basically how to they act towards the crowd.)

    Training Strategy: (Not all tributes will be good at weapons. Also, not all female tributes are going to be good at knives, lol. As always, make it a little different from SYOT norm.)

    Performance for the Gamemakers: (Same as above, unless you want your tribute to suck.)

    Performance Score: (Not guaranteed. It will change depending on what I feel is realistic.)

    Preferred Weapon(s): (Maximum 4. See ‘Training Strategy’ for guidelines.)

    Interview Outfit: (See ‘Chariot Outfit’ for guidelines. This will be less extravagant than the Chariot outfit, though.)

    Interview Angle: (See ‘Chariot Angle’.)

    Anything else about their time in the Capitol?:

    - In the Arena -

    Do they survive the bloodbath?: (Unfortunately, even if you say yes, I may have to kill them off. It is the Hunger Games after all, folks.)

    Cornucopia Strategy:

    Arena Strategy:


    Romance?: (May not actually happen, since romances are supposed to be rare.)

    Preferred Death:

    - District Team -

    Mentor: (Name, age, gender, personality, how they act towards tributes, as well as any other details. Can be a canon character if you want.)

    Stylist: (Same as above.)

    Escort: (Same as above.)

    Feel free to add any extra details that you think is necessary.

    - The 71st Hunger Games: Tribute List -

    District One: Luxury

    Female: Vinette "Vine" Barnes, 18 (FoxfaceFan1)

    Male: Applause "Plause" Walden, 18 (CelticGames4)

    District Two: Masonry

    Female: Blythe Yang, 18 (resoundingyes)

    Male: Ramses Bomani, 18 (Apollostjames)

    District Three: Technology

    Female: Braille Java, 16 (SlytherinPrincessAtWork77)

    Male: Techo Sungsam, 14 (hollowman96)

    District Four: Fishing

    Female: Raina Nagaran, 18 (SapphireMoon4)

    Male: Lincoln "Link" Bashara, 17 (Little Knight Mik)

    District Five: Power

    Female: Andalusia Electra, 13 (SlytherinPrincessAtWork77)

    Male: Benjamin Amaura, 14 (mukkou)

    District Six: Transport

    Female: Amber Sarto, 16 (Redwut)

    Male: RESERVED (Wetstar)

    District Seven: Lumber

    Female: Francine Ruduose, 17 (mukkou)

    Male: RESERVED (LincsStef)

    District Eight: Textiles

    Female: Georgette Gingham, 17 (Apollostjames)

    Male: Beck Gingham, 13 (Apollostjames)

    District Nine: Grain

    Female: Lulu Kennedy, 12 (Little Knight Mik)

    Male: Garza Grimsly, 18 (Namelessghoul)

    District Ten: Livestock

    Female: Lyanna Blair, 15 (Queen Fantasy)

    Male: Barnaby Honeydew, 17 (goatman25)

    District Eleven: Agriculture

    Female: Fiora Wellows, 15 (hollowman96)

    Male: Jethro Walker, 12 (resoundingyes)

    District Twelve: Mining

    Female: Sable Gernstall, 14 (Singlewave)

    Male: Reese Caldwell, 17 (SociallyUndead)

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