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Hello there! My name is Le Kung Fu Dude, welcome to my profile! :D First of all, I'm still very new around, but soon my first story will up - a Kung Fu Panda, which I'm pretty excited about! :3 And as my name suggests, I really like Kung Fu and Kung Fu movies. :)

So, to tell a bit about myself, I'm sixteen years old and I really like Kung Fu Panda, which is mainly what I'll be writing. As for other movies, I also like James Cameron's Avatar, Over the Hedge and X-men First Class as well as the original X-Men Saga. Speaking of, I also like the X-Men comics, as well as Housepets! by Rick Griffin, though they're two very, very different things. ;) Overall I actually just like Marvel comics. But also some DC, mostly Green Arrow. :)

As for music, there is a lot, and just to say it: I listen to most genres, even ones that aren't mainstream.


Yup! I made my own soundtrack. :) All by myself! :D Just me and a computer. :) I made it for my own sake and for fun and I... Well, I like where it's going. :)


Zhanshi Furious Five (Part 1): The first track I made. :) Made for a temporary theme until Part 2 is ready. ;) This version is mainly a filler theme, maybe as an opening or for a battle theme, if it were a TV Series. ;)

Settling Differences: A track made for Chapter 7 - the part where Shifu and Lumang finally start making up and start to get along. :)

Authorized to Fight, Furious Five: This is more of the main battle theme. ;) I was a little afraid that I put in too much modern music, but I think it turned out alright. :)

Heroes - Hope of the Valley: This is again, kind of meant to be a battle theme, but also meant to be a motivational theme. I made it sound more 'modern'-ish than the previous tracks, although I don't quite know whether it worked or not. -'

Also, my stay here at fanfiction.net will be split into periods; so people (If they care) and I, myself, can keep track of how I change and progress (If I do, lol).

First Period 2013-2014:

This period mainly will focus on Flight of the Phoenix, my first ever fanfiction. It will focus on both Shifu and his students as well as Junjie and his OC students. It will be a rather long story, as far as I can see right now. I have big plans for it and also a twist half way in.
Future projects of this period are also called The Nightingale and When Legends were Young.

The Nightingale will take place during the events of Kung Fu Panda II. It will focus on Shen, but it will put him in quite a different role and when you read it, I'm sure you will know the original tale, which this story is based off of - at least I hope so.

When Legends were Young takes place decades before the events of the first Kung Fu Panda movie. It will focus on Shifu and his development he goes through in order to become one of the greatest legends of Kung Fu.

Recently added! I just recently added Leave All Behind to the first period, although it was planned for the second. I rewatched Kung Fu Panda and I imagined the alternate outcome if a certain character died. In spite of this, most of the story will be original and not have much to do with the rest of the canon storyline.

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