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Poll: I have a Festive Feeling! As a holiday gift would my To Live Again readers like to have a Festive One-Shot revisiting Clara as she brings a touch of Christmas cheer to Greenwood? She is after all a reincarnated elf! Vote Now!
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Author has written 14 stories for Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion, Pushing Daisies, Thor, Hobbit, and A Court of Thorns and Roses.

Hello! I'm CJ or Wunderkind4006. I'm a successful and award winning fantasy and Fanfic Author from Belfast, Northern Ireland/Ireland. I adore anything Lord of the Rings related and to narrow it down, elvish related. On top of that I was born with an imagination second to none and any stories or fanfictions I write are products of many years daydreaming.

Other places to find me are as follows;

Author Website: www.cjcampbellofficial.com

Wattpad - where I go by; CJ_Callahan90

Archive of Our Own - username: Wunderkind4006

Pinterest: username: Wunderkind4006

Instagram: username: cjofmiddleearth

and please say hi I follow back...but mostly because I am a huge technophobe and get excited when people come say hi! hehe


Story Info

The Last Queen: {completed} My first ever fanfiction that I sort of plotted out about 10 years ago, so forgive the errors. I got brave and posted it up a few years ago. It is Thranduil/OC romance, surrounding my imaginings of the ElvenQueen and her death...obviously before PJ developed his plot.

A Greater Destiny: {Hiatus} The follow on from The Last Queen, concerning the events of the story. It's an AU Legolas/OC and Elladan/Ellenya(previous OFC pairing). Again I penned this fic around 10 years ago, and only recently got the guts to start writing and posting it. It's currently on hiatus due to other current writing demands, I do intend to pick it up again at some point. Also it is a very dear little story to me, its maybe not the greatest but it was my first imaginings of Tolkien's work so it is a little like a comfort blanket.

To Live Again: {Ongoing regularly updates} My monster saga of a fiction that I never expected to do so well. A completely AU take on the age old 'Girl falls into Middle Earth' theme - but with my own little flare. I know everyone says that but it is true. It is more of story about growth, healing, change, and strength. Again my usual suspect characters; Thranduil, Legolas, Oropher, Elrond, Glorfindel, Celebrian (and a host of wacky OC's). It's about family, love won and lost, disability and loyalty that I believe everyone at some level can understand. Also it has cute Babylas...and everyone loves little baby Legolas XD

To Live Again: Ghosts: {Ongoing, infrequent updating} Due to the overwhelming demand for more Oropher, and juicy backstory details to the main fic To Live Again, I created Ghosts. The story of how Oropher and his wife came together, survived Doriath, and made Greenwood their kingdom - will have obviously adorable Baby Thranduil - because that is just to fun of an idea for me not to pass up.

Is it In You?: {Hiatus} My first ever attempt at anything outside the Tolkien Universe - AND it had to be a Loki/Sigyn fic. Not your typical redemptive fic...in fact nothing to do with redemption. She isn't going to make him change his ways, because why should he...he was ROBBED I tell you! LOL Just kidding, again quite an introspective, emotionally manipulative, mind game fic based on an incredibly unhealthy relationship that somehow just works.

The Choice: {Shelved} Elladan/OC fic in which Elladan finds himself thrown into our world...interesting I hear you say? Well it was until trolls and overly picky reviewers killed my buzz. So I have shelved it until I get my love for it back, and maybe my wonderful Beta will help out so we can avoid the grammar police getting involved.

Ned the Pie-Making ElveKing: {One shot with potential to be picked up} Since this has been wonderfully popular I may, when I get a moment, pick this up and add a few chapters for the comedy. It is basically what it says in the title - A Crossover in which Ned the Pie Maker lands in middle earth only to find he is in fact the ElvenKing Thranduil. It is weird and wacky...like myself...and stems from my joyous love and affiliation with that adorable idiot Ned from Pushing Daisies.


Review Etiquette - How I do it

We all love reviews, right? Any of us that have the guts to publish something...and let's face it is so hard to take what is so close to your heart, and throw it out there to the lions to rip to shreds! But I have a few rules that I tend to stick to when I decide to review story. These are just my personal thoughts from coming to understand the review process, just personal thoughts mind you, but something to bear in mind if you ask me to review your story;

1) I am not going to critique your work based on my opinion of your plot. If there is anything I feel I can helpfully advise you I will, but I'm not going to be unnecessarily harsh. For example I might see ways to make your dialogue more interesting and suggest something worth trying. My reasoning is, this is "fanfiction" and I am NOT a published writer (yet) and I am clearly not an editor by trade. Therefore I am completely unqualified to tell you how to write your "fanfiction."

2) I am a self obsessed elf-o-holic...I love Tolkien elves, I love faerie elves, I love elven folklore. So in this respect I can and may comment on Eldar customs or culture and compare/quote/advise/geek out about it in a review...take it as a compliment I'm just super passionate! etc...however I am not one of these canon freaks. I seriously don't care how my fellow fangirls and boys want to write their elves. Writing is self expression and if the story is good... heck, I really won't care. I do it myself. I will always commend someone for going the extra mile with their research though, that is cool and I'll probably want to geek out with you XD

3) Opinions are NOT reviews...lol...seriously sort this out guys. The world of my fandom does not rise and fall with my every opinion...thank god! If I really can't stand a story I am not going to review it just to tell someone "DUDE YOUR STORY SUCKS!" Because here is the thing...that is my opinion...and the fact of the matter is what I might hate someone may just treasure. Also same goes for comparing one writer's work to another...don't DO that publicly on a review thread...this is not a competition for who is better. You only make both the authors sad...trust me I've been there as have many other good pals I know of...it is flattering to know you prefer someones work over another BUT it's just good manners and a sign of maturity not to get caught up in a fandom war lol!

4) One last time...this is fanfiction...a place for fans to be themselves and immerse themselves in their passion in whatever way they want to. I will always try to be respectful of the creative space provided, and so I hope my reviews come across respectful to the brave soul who published their work. It is a place to have fun and not get stressed...GUYS WE ARE SURROUNDED BY FELLOW FANS...GEEKING OUT AND LOVING THEIR RESPECTIVE WORLDS...this is exciting...love these people back! Woooo...go us crazy fans that make the world a colourful place! :D


As you will probably pick up quite quickly from my stories the woodland elves are my favourite race. From I first read LOTR and obviously developed a liking for our talented marksman...er...elf (I swear I spent much of my childhood pretending I was Legolas which is baffling considering I'm a real girly girl) the obsession began "Who is Legolas?"

So on my investigative travels I've learned there are many theories...All of them fascinating. Yet I then developed a love of the Woodland or silvan elves, the Sindar, and of course their estranged relations with the Noldor. So my innocent love of the most playful and inappropriate of the fellowship (seriously Leggy stop referring to everyone as children), has led to a full blown adoration of the elves in general.

Mix this with a daydreamer mind and a love of storytelling, and you get moi and my stories!

I am inspired by mother type characters (not that I am one), but a mother's love is the most incredible and sacrificing love. Female characters who live in the background: the long suffering wife, the quiet acceptance and dignity of a female living in the shadow of her partner. I adore mother/child relationships and thar complex yet very pure very natural love.

I also love complicated young females, those who strive and fight. The flawed selfishness of youth and growing up.

i also love writing about male characters with responsibilities, warriors with lion hearts. Damaged by war and living with the consequences.



Fandom Survey

Lord of the Rings

The first character you fell in love with: Instantly Legolas, shortly after Sam

The character you never expected to love: Gollum

The character you don’t like that everyone else does: errr Haldir and Celeborn (what? I'm pro Greenwood)

The character you’re most like: Hang on I have to ask around...the verdict is Galadriel

The character you’d slap: Denethor arrrggghhh he drives me mad, I cheered when Gandalf clubbed him.

Three favourite characters: Too HARD...but Legolas, Sam, and Galadriel

Favourite pairing: Ewoyn and Faramir...awwww the feels!!!

Favourite non-canon pairing: ...unsure...

The Hobbit

The First character you fell in love with: Bilbo...but all the stars came out and fireworks could be seen when Thranduil entered the game.

The character you never expected to like: Bard...I am kinda crazy about him...total Legend!

the character you don't like that everyone else does: Easy...Thorin *grumbles* never liked you *grumbles*

The character you're most like: Oh jeez everyone in my house just yelled Thranduil...*glances at self* Well I have wrapped myself in an over sized green robe and am lounging on an armchair...indifferently eyeing the peasants aka the fam.

The character you'd slap: THORIN...REPEATEDLY...WITH A STICK!!! (I can see why my family said Thranduil now).

Three Favourite characters: Thranduil, Bard, and Bilbo - can I say Smaug to oh and Bofur...OH AND BEORN...yea that is a hard question...OH AND ORI AND NORI

Favourite pairing: Is there a paring in this movie besides the weird Tauriel/Kili/Legolas thing???

Favourite non-canon pairing: Thorin and the Arkenstone meheheheehe just kidding!

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Infatuation - Christina Aguilera - BAHAHAHAHA

3. What do you think of very often?
Absolutely Everybody - Vanessa Amorosi - if you go by the lyrics I think that makes me some kind of Saint :P

4. What is 22?
Dear John - Taylor Swift - ????

5. What do you think of your very best friend?
Get Outta My Way - Kylie Minogue - *rolls on the floor laughing*

6. What do you think about the person you like?
Smile - Avril Lavigne - heeeeyyy this is quite cool!

7. What is your life story?
Best Day of My Life - American Authors - I kid theee not OMG I am going to have such a great life XD

8. What do you wanna be when you grow up?

Telephone - Lady Gaga ft Beyonce - I want to be a telephone?

9. What do you think when you see the person you like?

Full of Grace - Sarah McLachlan - why do I get the romantic bittersweet angsty stuff *sniffs*

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Photograph - Ed Sheeran - Seriously? Like...that is so perfect! My itunes is feeling me tonight!

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Desert Song - Hillsong - Fitting I guess?

13. What is your hobbie/interest?
Poem to A Horse - Shakira - You got me I like to write poetry for my horsey friends XD

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Small Bump - Ed Sheeran - O.O

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Overprotected Darkchild Remix - Britney Spears - I think my friends are overprotected?

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Do What U Want - R Kelly & Lady Gaga - Well...obviously I have a control issue :P

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A Thousand Years Part 2 - Christina Perri ft Steve Kazee - YUS I'm NOT GONNA DIE!!!!

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Scream - Usher - I am going to regret not screaming enough...sounds legit!

19. What makes you laugh?
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20. What makes you cry?
Book of Days - Enya - I have no comment?

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23. Does anyone like you?
My Immortal (Band Version) - Evanescence - Seriously? Am I gonna love that much that I'll end up screwed up?

24. If you could go back in time, what would you change?
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Life is Good: Only the Beginning of the Adventure - Chronicles of Narnia

Mental Breakdown: Stay the Night - Hayley Williams Ft ZEDD

Driving: Here's to Never Growing Up - Avril Lavigne

Flashback: Hello - Beyonce

Getting Back Together: Cut - Plumb

Wedding: Dressin' Up - Katy Perry

Paying the Dues: Give You What You Like - Avril Lavigne

The Night Before the War: What hurts the Most - Rascal Flatts

Final Battle: Ghost - Ella Henderson

Moment of Triumph: When I Look At You - Miley Cyrus

Funeral Song: Before I leave this World - Ivan Torrent (eh? Ironic! O.o)

End Credits: A Narnia Lullaby - Chronicles of Narnia

THE TITLE OF YOUR MOVIE- Haunted - Taylor Swift

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The tale following the last days of Queen Lairiel of Greenwood, wife of King Thranduil and Mother of Legolas and Ellenya. I don't own the any of the Characters and settings, (accept Lairiel and Ellenya, whom are the product of years of doodling and daydreaming) they all belong to the magnificent mind of Tolkien. Please read and enjoy, review if you feel kind :)
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