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Hello and welcome!

I have decided to finally restart this account!

I looked back on here and I do miss here very much and I do want to write here again so yes, I shall be posting here again soon enough!

I am a writer, actress and cosplayer and am in many fandoms, hahaha.

I shall try my best to write and post as often and I apologize for my shitty writing in advance.

So that's it so far!

I shall post stories about Homestuck, The Hunger Games, etc. Fandoms I like.

That's it for now!

Babies who are still alive (pre and in arena!):

(I only include the tributes I like the most, it really depends on my mood! I'm so picky with my own babies ;-;)

Boats, Boats, Boats!:Finn Buccin, District Four, Nyctophilia - The 124th Hunger Games

Quiet but loveable: Texal Nimari, District Ten, Magnets: the 44th Hunger Games

Sweet, positive stutter-muffin: Holden Gallium, District One, A Monument to All Your Sins: The 105th Hunger Games(SYOT)

Antisocial but happy child: Caeso Lumen, District Three, Bloodline: The 80th Hunger Games

Literally me but male and a lil cooler: Nerio Thames, District Four, Danzón: The 125th Hunger Games

Tribute Graveyard:

Huxley Cathode, District Three: Placed 20th, killed by Clarence; My poor little baby, you were intended to be a Bloodbath but as RedRoses wrote you, you really grew on me and I was sad to see you go :c (Kills: 0) From A Spell Broken: The 76th Hunger Games

Quince Lazarre, District Eleven: Placed 11th, killed by Jayda; I really loved him as he was just a gentle soul, who eventually got twisted and changed in the arena. He made it farther than I expected and will truly miss him. (Kills: 1, Casey) From A Spell Broken: The 76th Hunger Games

Breton Angora, District Ten: Placed 12th, killed by vine mutts; I liked how Breton was wrote and his alliance with Wren was something I found cute and sweet. I can't say much about him since sadly the story was summarized. From 66th Hunger Games- Till Death Do Us Part

Claro Alabaster, District One: Placed 11th, killed by Docker; I loved how Zack portrayed Claro, he wrote him perfectly and I honestly couldn't have loved it any more! I always knew Claro would never win but it was cool to see him get this far! I found his small crush on Deverin adorable and now he'll never be able to avenge her like he thought about. I will really miss him but I was glad he got to be part of a great story! (Kills: 1, Ruby) From Show No Mercy: The 104th Hunger Games(SYOT)

Laelia Omir, District Nine: Placed 3rd, killed by Ambrose; I had a whole paragraph about how much I didn't expect this to happen but FF is being weird and deletes it so I'll just rewrite it and make it shorter! Thank you Jenna for placing her so high up, I was completely persuaded she'd be killed off in the bloodbath, before Valour! I never imagined her to get so close to winning! I started to like her as the reapings continued and I will always love her! Thank you for even taking the time ti write her! (Kills: 0): From Self Portrait: The 54th annual Hunger Games

Valour Clos, District One: Placed 19th, killed by elevator doors rupturing his intestines; Sadly, I never got to see too much of Valour as the story was summarized and he really was one of my favorite tributes. But, the bit I did see him, he was written perfectly and I understand the author's reasons for not continuing any more. I still love how they wrote him nonetheless and I was super sad to see him die so early, but I never expected him to win. Thank you for even summarizing the end Jenna and taking the time to even write him! (Kills: 1, Lyric) From Self Portrait: The 54th annual Hunger Games

My babies who somehow survived:

None so far :c

Guts and Glory: The 148th Hunger Games


1. No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stu's, obviously. Make the tribute realistic like you would anyone else but not a copy of like Katniss or Cato.

2. No recycled tributes. If I accept the tribute and find out it's a recycled one, I will instantly kill them off. No exceptions.

3. Send the tribute in with the title District , Gender, Tribute Name.

4. Two tributes per submitter, but this doesn't mean both tributes will get in! But don't let it stop you from submitting two in!

5. Send your tribute through PM, I won't accept it any other way.

6. Be descriptive, give me a good feel for what the tribute is like!

7. Have fun!

Tribute Form





Backup Districts: (List 2)

Appearance: (Be descriptive!)

Personality: (Same as above)

Family/Friends/Enemies: (Give a brief description of them and their relationship with the tribute, (they don't need enemies btw))

History: (Be detailed!)

Strengths: (No more than 5.)

Weaknesses: (No less than 3.)

Romance?: (In the district/or in the arena?)

Reaped or Volunteered?:



Reaping Outfit:

Parade Outfit:

Training Strategy:

Private Session: (What do they do?)

Training Score: (This can and will be changed, based on my judgment but I want to take into consideration what you think.)

Interview Strategy:

Interview Outfit:


Games Strategy:

Weapon of Choice?:

Theme Song:

Anything else about them?

There we go! Excuse how long it is, but have fun with it!

Tribute List:

District 1

M1: 1 submissions

F1: 2 submissions

District 2

M2: 1 submissions

F2: 2 submissions

District 3

M3: 0 submissions

F3: 0 submissions

District 4

M4: 2 submissions

F4: 1 submissions

District 5

M5: 1 submissions

F5: 2 submissions

District 6

M6: 1 submissions

F6: 1 submissions

District 7

M7: 2 submissions

F7: 1 submissions

District 8

M8: 0 submissions

F8: 1 submissions

District 9

M9: 0 submissions

F9: 0 submissions

District 10

M10: 1 submissions

F10: 2 submissions

District 11

M11: 0 submissions

F11: 0 submissions

District 12

M12: 0 submissions

F12: 0 submissions

Shattered Souls: The 82nd Hunger Games

The Tributes

District 1

M1: Bravo Luxe

F1: Magmia Firestone-Ruby

District 2

M2: Augustus Arum

F2: Zoe Winter

District 3

M3: Arcturus 'Arc' Prate

F3: Luciana 'Luci' Fern

District 4

M4: Vick Steel

F4: Emilie Fromm

District 5

M5: Zan Kabuki

F5: River Kasaki

District 6

M6: Timothy Ross

F6: Rii Sah

District 7

M7: Ajax Kiefer

F7: Allay Rae

District 8

M8: Marcos Cortez

F8: Georgette 'Georgie' Tafini

District 9

M9: Ryan Willows

F9: Celosia Lale

District 10

M10: Brendon Stump

F10: Angelique "Angel" Gibson

District 11

M11: Trey Cormick

F11: Helena Patil

District 12

M12: Jim Robin

F12: Jade Coal


D1: Velvet Cross, Victor of 72th Hunger Games

D2: Brad Stalone, Victor of 76th Hunger Games/Artemis Eve, Victor of 71st Hunger Games

D3: Hannah Screener, Victor of 79th Hunger Games

D4: Chelsea Lewginton, Victor of 81st Hunger Games/Vex Arinai, Victor of 64th Hunger Games

D5: Flare Ganney, Victor of 80th Hunger Games

D6: Remus Kyva, Victor of 62nd Hunger Games

D7:Juniper Wilson, Victor of 77th Hunger Games

D8: Tuelle Hemp, Victor of 78th Hunger Games

D9:Farro Sorghum, Victor of 58th Hunger Games

D10: Elsie Knight, Victor of 73rd Hunger Games

D11: Cyrus Black, Victor of 61st Hunger Games

D12: Ash Ford, Victor of 57th Hunger Games

Stories of Mine

Shattered Souls: The 82nd Hunger Games

Arena: TBA

Victor: TBA

Status: On Hiatus, but Train Rides Part 1 have been started.

Guts and Glory: The 148th Hunger Games

Arena: TBA

Victor: TBA

Status:Prologue I

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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"The greatest thrill is not to kill but to let live." (Open SYOT)
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