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Hello. I am sorry that I haven't been on lately. I kinda forgot about the site and have been swamped with school work and other stuff. Everyday I'm getting new ideas on stories but I never get a chance to write them. Hopefully, I can get in some stories and actually finish them. _

I love video games. I like Megaman, Resident Evil, Legend of Dragoon, Devil May Cry, Kindom Hearts, all of the Final Fantasy series, .hack, Gundam, and a lot more.

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English:American,Irish, Italian

like: Almost every video game, collecting stuff, buildings models,hunting, sax

dislikes: Brother, vegtables, school and homework

smarts: My imagination, fingers/cordination, good vision, straight A student

not smarts: Spelling

why make stories:I like to let my imagination and share with other other people

sites I like:,



Current Story Status

Stories Made
1)Resident Evil: Umbrella's Destruction
2)Resident Evil: My Part of the Story
3)Megaman Battle Network: New Era!(Discontinued)
4)Final Fantasy: White and Dark Battles!(Discontinued)
5)Resident Evil:Enter the Horror (Discontinued)
6)Resident Evil:Musical!
7) Devil May Cry: Vergil's True End
8) Resident Evil Project: Nightmare (Discontinued)
9)Resident Evil(Working Name) (Discontinued)

Stories Finished
1)Resident Evil: Umbrella's Destruction
2)Resident Evil: My Part of the Story
3) Devil May Cry: Vergil's True End
4)Resident Evil:Musical!

Stories Updating NOW

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Stories that will NOT be Updated for a WHILE

Upcoming stories

- It beleive Ive given up on continuing the musical because it was a pain in the arse to listen to a song and try and retype the lyrics myself. I haven't decided if I should continue it or leave it there.

NOTE: I've discontinued (deleted) most of my stories because they weren't comming out as good as I thought. I couldn't keep up with them and I always have something new going on in my head. Therefore, you probably will see more new stories then finished ones. :P




Please, when you read my stories, review them and tell me you're thoughts about them even if they are negative (-) or positive (+) and I will do the same for you all! Ilove people reviewing, giving opinions, or tips on my stories.I always love other people's stories and I think this isa great site and EVERYONE who wants to become an author or just share their imagintion to the world or other friends!

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ACT 09: RESIDENT EVIL 4 - Umbrella Rekindled by noctorro reviews
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Resident Evil: Musical! reviews
I decided to have some fun and make a funny musical for RE! These songs are real songs just sang by the RE characters! I have tons of new songs now on my playlist and I'll try and find time to update! STAY TUNED!
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This story contains Spoilers to the end of DMC3, do not read if you haven't seen the secret ending movie from defeating 100 demons. This takes place from the end of DMC3 and DMC1. Vergil must fight Mundus, who will win? I may continue, I'm still deciding.
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