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Okay, listen, this is basically a huge disclaimer.


The last time I updated was in February, I know.

But that's I became depressed while writing.

I didn't have the motivation to write anymore. Anything.

So I took a break from my story for like a month.

I couldn't write such a depressing story without cringing at it and hating myself for writing and I just - ugh.

In May, I got into a huge fight with my mother, I ended up getting my ipod taken away and my laptop.

For 3 months. ( I just got my laptop back yesterday )

I went into severe depression in those 3 months, I wanted to kill myself and cut and all the crazy shit.

I lost tons of friends and I cannot stop crying. You know how it feels to want to cry at any situation? It's horrible. I want to tell my parents, but I believe they don't like me as much as did before I got everything taken away from me.

I get no privacy, and I hate it.

My dad keeps demanding me to write a book but I just can't because I don't want to focus on that right now. I just don't.

This has gotten so horrible that I have resulted to talking to myself.

Not like your casual talking to your self, like literally, it's like I'm mental or something.

A fictional character I talk to everyday and he makes me so happy and I love him so much.

But then I realize I'm just talking to myself and the fictional character is not real even though I believe so much that he is.

It's horrible.

So that's basically an update on my life. I'm going from homeschooled to private school on Aug 26, when school starts. Perfect.

I'll begin publishing stories again soon. Not now, but soon.

That's all I have for now.


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