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Wheee! You want to know about me? Er, well, I'm an Atheist, a Socialist-Libertarian (Mmmmmm, Chomsky!), and a Toronto-Region/Sometimes California Bay-Area gal.

I :heart: my beloved Firefly, reading Garak/Bashir (DS9), Snape/Hermione, Draco/Lucius, Harry/Draco (all Potterverse), Ethan/Giles (Buffy), Simon/Mal or Jayne or Inara or River (ACK PERV!!) (Firefly) and all that fun stuff.

I am an unhealiliy obsessed Anglophile, and I WILL one day realize my dream of a harem populated by Brian Molko (okay, he gets to talk in french, yay bilingualisim, hee! *winkcoughwinkimsopathetic*), Carl and Pete Libertine, and Jarvis Cocker. James Marsters can come too as long as he promises to use the British accent and not that evil "real" Northern Cali thing he's got going. Yeesh!

The Office is brilliant, but try as I might, I can't bring myself to try and find any hoootttt fixxx!!!!11!!!1 for it. You should try and watch it if you haven't. I'm a Spuffy fan, but don't read it. I have a bigtime love for Ethan Rayne, aging queen that he is, and my darlin' Capt. Mal. Ooh, and Simon. And River. And... damnit, all of your, come sit in my lap. No? Okay, how about a group hug?

I'm a smut peddler, but I guess I will have to find somewhere else for my NC17s. So far I have only completed one fic, and somehow it ended up being a sorta-romance. Strange, 'Cus I'm usually all about darkfics and noncons. Meh, whatever. Give me feedback and I will looooooooooooove you.

I like long walks on the beach, big words, and good betas. I dislike Christian Fundies and Angel (he's a total jerk).

Contact me at night_minstrel a t h0t /m/ail. If you still want to have anything to do with me! Come on spammers, just try to sell me enlargement pills. I dare you.

/I shouldn't write profiles when I'm so sleepy that I'm giddy!

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