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Hey, Pastrinator64 here, my real name's Jonah, and I live in WI. GO PACKERS! YAY CHEESE! YAY BRATS AND HOT DOGS! (I'm not going to hoot and holler about beer, that would just be weird...) I'm gonna be posting mostly Minecraft fanfics for any hardcore Minecraft fans out there, so stay tuned. ;D

Stuff about me...

Gender: Male

Age: Private just in case there are any of you creepers out there. 0_0

Address: Ha! Are you kidding?

Social Security Number: Okay, seriously? -_-

Appearance: Short, dirty-blonde hair, glasses, EXTREMELY HANDSOME (ahem). Basically, typical nerd look.

Intellect: OVER 9000!!!

Favorite Music: Coldplay, Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, Gary Jules, Evanescence, a bunch of others I don't feel like naming.

I can say that I definitely enjoy...

a. Minecraft (Fav game)

b. Minecraft Songs (Fav: Fallen Kingdom -- It's an epic song! :D)

c. Music in general (Anybody here a Green Day fan? I just don't like country...or death metal.)

d. Nintendo (So, Mario, Pokemon, Super Smash Bros., Kirby, Legend of Zelda, etc.)

e. Tobuscus (That dude's legit, and his songs are ultra legit)

f. PewDiePie (The king of YouTube himself!)

g. Anime (Such as Dragon Ball Z, Inazuma Eleven, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Bleach, Soul Eater, Squid Girl)

h. Programming my own Microgames (basically minigames, so to speak)

i. Writing (obviously)

j. Poptarts (Which is basically my whole username and logo, so... Plus, they taste awesome. :D)

Although, I definitely do NOT enjoy...

a. Cranky Teachers (Especially when they compare you to other students OUT LOUD)

b. Chores (Time consuming)

c. Writing by HAND (Always gives me stupid hand cramps -_-)

d. Homework (Unless it's a group project involving art)

e. Lagggggg on my old-as-dirt computer (It's impossible to move anywhere or do anything in Minecraft)

f. OBSESSIVE bronies except one that is a friend of mine. Don't even get me started on how that show and those people RUINED MY LIFE. Let's just say there was some hallucinating involved and leave it at that

g. Making lists about stuff I don't like (I don't like this makes me angry)


a. Friends are like strawberries, they at least look like they taste good with chocolate.

b. iPhones are like snowglobes, if you drop them off a building they break.

c. Xylophones are like pigs, they both have the letter P in them.

d. Mines are like turtles, they both have shells. (ASDF)

e. Middleschoolers are like Slinkies, loud and annoying but fun to watch fall down stairs.

f. Babies are like Big Macs, they both have two syllables.

g. "Wise sayings" are only for those who are not wise enough to create actual sayings.

Now, there are a few people I would like to thank...

a. LuvrO'Pokemon: My very first fan for my first fanfic, THE GLITCH. She's stuck with me since I started, and hopefully with my upcoming stories as well. Also the one who told me about the ItsJerryandHarry server.

b. Vykktor: The one who introduced Fanfiction to me and the one encouraging me as I write.

c. Striker Hutassa: Another faithful fan who's not been around as long as LuvrO'Pokemon but still a great fan to have.

d. AerionsRealm: One of my most recent fans, one of the most matured writers I've seen. Even more thankful, the one who sent me his chapter via PM so I could take a look even though I couldn't be a beta reader. Thanks for the honor!

e. hunter415: One of my newer readers, but one who I admire for his strong faith in God. I love that you are strong in your faith and for sharing that message on the devil (located at the bottom of this page) with me. Thank you.

f. Pixelized Pikale and Company: My second-most faithful reader (coming after Enderdude). He has reviewed almost all of my chapters, and he has given almost half of the reviews I own. Also has stuck with me for a while!

g. Enderdude: My #1 fan! He has given more reviews than any other, and has stuck to my stories since the very beginning! Thank you, DUDE! :D

Here's the story I am writing...

a. Hourglass: This is the dramatic triquel to finish the series that I have written, coming right after The Glitch and VOiD. In this book, Norman and Liz return to action inside of Minecraftia. After their devastating defeat they experienced, the Glitch turned into its ultimate form and began to take over every dimension for universal conquest. They must seek out the three lost Spirits In Between, Froace the Fourth, Firzon the Fifth and Sycallion the Sixth, in order to combine all six Spirits' powers and rescue the ancient artifact that will soon be entering the 64th Dimension, the Minecraft Dimension. This artifact, named Arabaloca, is the source of the Spirits' energy, and if it falls into the claws of the Glitch then all shall be lost. ...Yeah, that's pretty much it. But still! This story's gonna be the most action-packed, thrilling, death-filled story of the three! Enjoy!

And here's the stories that I plan on writing...

a. The Wrath of the Administrator: A story about the average middleschooler named Nathan who is sucked into a creepy server with a creepy administrator. The administrator has an unknown reason for wanting to kill Nathan, so he's on the run. In order to survive he has to compete in servers within the server such as Cookieslap, Zombie Horde, and others (all ones that I personally play on ;D). If he wins, he moves on to more competitions, but if he loses, the cost is his life. The admin is REALLY obnoxious as well, so that really doesn't help the matter.

b. Let them be Miserable: A story of a misfit Enderman named Eli who CAN'T PICK UP BLOCKS. Harassed at school, at home, and even just while walking down the street, Eli flees his city full of Enderman siblings. But before he can make his escape Herobrine attacks and mutilates their city, and Eli is forced to go into hiding. Herobrine wants something from Eli, and he doesn't know what until later when pieces of the puzzle come together. Thankfully, he finds that he is not alone among many other oddball mobs that he meets along the way. This story is meant to make you laugh in one paragraph and burst out crying the next. BECAUSE I'M EVIL! MWAHAHAHAHAAA!!! MWAHAHECKKKKKKK! HACCCCCCCCGGGGKKKKK! *cough* *cough* Sorry...

c. Doing it Over Again: One of the more interesting plots I've come up with. This story is about Noah, an average boy in an average town full of average people who live, you guessed it, average lives. His life is peaceful and simple for a while, and he enjoys his new town. But when he receives a strange package in the mail labeled "DON'T OPEN THIS NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO" his life begins to twist and turn with strange occurrences. Soon he is stuck in a hopeless time-space-continuum that seems impossible to get out of. If you're interested in time travel then this is the story for you.

d. Nick, Son of Notch: This is an experiment story. No really, in the book we look at Nick, who is the fourteen year-old son of Notch. To protect him from Herobrine Notch sealed him away in a secret and hidden valley. With only 100x100x100 block space to roam for his whole life Nick gets really bored. But, being the son of Notch he begins to experiment, creating new mobs and weapons and all kinds of things. But after he meets a feisty girl named Emma--an unsuspecting girl who just happened to get into his valley--he keeps trying to create new and better creatures and things. But soon all his creations get so out of hand that he can't control them all, and he is turned against by them. A very chaotic story later on. Lots of humor.

e. You're Mine Now: This'll be the funniest story of them all. In the story we watch from the point of view of Evan, who is a cheery, outgoing Frienderman. He organizes all of the meetings with all the Endermen of the Minecraft world. He organizes celebrations, parties, picnics, and just about anything fun. He is the group organizer, team leader and "motivational speaker" if you will. But suddenly, Slenderman and Jeff The Killer unite and come from their dimensions into Minecraft, unsatisfied with the puny victims of their own homicidal attacks. Instead, they try to take over Evan's job and rule the Endermen. But the happy Frienderman doesn't go down without a fight--even though he couldn't fight a kitten if his life depended on it. This'll be a very unique story indeed, and especially loaded with humor.

f. Food Fight: This is the only Hunger Games fanfic I will be writing. THIS Hunger Games takes place within a grocery store. The manager surprises all its participators with a fight-to-the-death challenge rather than the simple fun-filled food fight they had been expecting. This story will hold a combination of humor and drama, so keep your eyes peeled!

Finally, here are the stories that I have finished...

a. The Glitch: The main characters Norman and his best friend Lizzy are sucked into Minecraft! There's an evil virus after them that's planning to swallow up the universe and THEY'RE THE ONES who have to stop it! Gee, that's a lot of pressure! Along the way he meets A LOT of people, and some become friends, others become enemies. Lots of lovable characters in this one!

b. VOiD: I have been asked to create a sequel for THE GLITCH, so here we go! Twenty years after the defeat of the Glitch, Norman and Lizzy are married, and they have their two kids, Mark (age 14) and Vanessa (age 13). But these two teens had no idea that in the soon future they would be sucked into Minecraft by a mysterious force. The two find that The Void’s black hole is the only way home, but one question looms over their heads: What IS inside The Void? Of course, along the way they'll meet some new people both good, bad and ugly. The Glitch, of course, has learned to meditate and regain its energy and even more in those mere twenty years, so now its back and even more powerful than ever. Mark has accidently gotten hold of a very important and powerful item that he must return to the Aether in safety, but will he be able to return it before the Glitch can find him? Brace yourself for this epic sequel!

c. How My Little Pony Ruined My Life: Basically the story of how I was threatened into watching My Little Pony and how everything escalated from there, going all the way to actual hallucinations. This story's purpose is to give you an excuse to ridicule someone without actually getting in trouble.

When you carry a Bible, the devil gets a headache.
When you open it, he collapses.
When he sees you reading it, he faints.
When he sees you living it, he flees.
Just when you're about to re-post this, he will try to discourage you.
I just defeated him. Copy and paste this to your profile if you're in God's army and strong enough to pick up a sword. :)

I give credit to hunter415 for the message above. Thanks, man. :D

(='.'=) This is Bunny.
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My Little Pony - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Friendship - Chapters: 3 - Words: 2,668 - Reviews: 66 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 4/19/2014 - Published: 5/10/2013 - Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack - Complete
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