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Poll: In 'Who I Really Am' how should I bring closure to the issue of Maddie and Danny's relationship? (Note: all of these are happy endings for Danny and the story in general, just maybe not for Maddie) Vote Now!
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Author has written 10 stories for Danny Phantom, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

So... I really like mangos (and Danny Phantom and ice if you haven't figured it out yet). If you're an artist you must know what I see in mangos, especially if you like pastels, it's like the fruits were made for painting. Well, that's enough about food. What else... Oh, I collect skulls, have traveled a lot, even though I dislike leaving home, and also like to write (duh). Now what...

I know! Lets talk about the whole reason I'm here to begin with! Fan fiction!

Okay, don't laugh, but I actually didn't even know fanfic a thing until about a year before I joined. I would always watch t.v or read books and be like, what if this happened or that happened, and then I would spend the night acting out alternate situations in my head... So basically, there goes a bunch of perfectly good creativity out the window... Anyway, I don't know how it happened, but I eventually (and unavoidably) discovered fan fiction, and was all like 'Where have all these people been!'. So here I am. Now, since you're here, I suppose I should tell you my personal policies and the shows and books I will be concentrating on, but first...

I hate disclaimers, if I'm on a fan fiction site, then I obviously don't own anything, duh. Disclaimers don't actually mean anything from any sort of legal standpoint and carry no weight. Therefore, do not expect any from me.

Cartoons and Anime: This is probably the category that will see the most action. I love taking kids shows beyond where they've gone (so many are canceled much too early), or just elaborating on the little details.

I am currently working on a few stories about everyone's fav halfa, with many more to come for the future. Isn't Danny great? So there's one:

Danny Phantom

A lot of my Danny stories will probably be AU, but only very slightly, nothing for hardcore cannon fans to get all worked up about. My stories, if they have a pairing, will be predominantly DannyxSam as default because I usually don't want to have to focus on the romance, although I did recently come up with a DannyxValerie one, and romances for other characters will vary from story to story, but I assure you, no major OCs. Ever. I can't stand reading stories with OC pairings. Some of these stories will probably also be the tiniest bit (a lot) angsty, just because Danny is a character that it is so rewarding to see suffer, and you will have to blame Butch Hartman for that, not me.


Next up you can probably expect a few one shots about what can only be described as one of the best anime in the universe (Before mid

Buu saga, anyway *akward chuckle*) ...

DragonBall (Z)

Duh. Most of my stories for this one will probably take place during Dragon Ball Z, but it all depends. I love Goku, from watching him grow up in Dragonball, to the 'end' of his documented adventures in GT, you can't help but become attached. I would like to warn any ChiChi or Bulma haters out there, that I tend to write strictly cannon pairings, and that after Dragonball, I can't help but be attached to both ChiChi and Bulma as well, no matter how bitc... annoying, yah annoying *innocent whistle* they can be. They still are characters with redeeming qualities. I love both Bulma and Vegeta's... tumultuous relationship, as well as Goku and ChiChi's sweeter one, but there will probably not be a lot of focus on relationships in my one shots, although I am thinking about doing one on Goku and ChiChi's wedding night, just because, come on, of you watch Dragon Ball, you have to be at least a little curious... That one will likely have very minor Lime, simply because it is unavoidable given the subject.

Recently I've also thought up an idea for a Danny Phantom crossover with the spiky haired dragon...

American Dragon: Jake Long

Like I said, this will be a crossover with DP, just because they go together so well if you think about it. Speaking of this category of DP American Dragon crossovers, if you're interested I highly suggest you check out 'Mirrored' by Lynse. Definitely the best completed crossover of the two. If you want to read it, it's in my favorites, or thou can just click this...

Now lately I've been really getting into another anime, this one much less serious than DragonBall but with a just super interesting premise (regardless of how rediculous they decided to go with it)...


The idea of countries as people just captured my attention before I had so much as watched a minute of Hetalia, and what can I say, I'm hooked. ;-) I love USUK and, as we all well know, Prussia is awesome. The characters are just fun to play with, cannon and AU. Not to mention this fandom introduced me to omegaverse and, well, I'm kind of hooked. #sorrynotsorry.

For this next one, we have another anime, and I'm honestly not sure that I'll ever write for it. I really just want to draw any attention I can to it, because it is my favorite anime despite its generally calm tone.

Natsume Yuujinchou or Natsume's Book of Friends

Like I said, it's just a great sweet anime that I adore. Natsume is just my innocent baby who needs protection at all costs and Natori is great everytime he's on screen. If you haven't watched this one, I recommend checking it out. It might be a little slow for some peoples tastes, but it is a great slice-of-life monster fantasy that deals artfully with themes of loneliness. I promise you you'll feel a little better about the world after every episode.

Okay, that's it for the cartoon section, for now. Onto the rest...

Books: I love to read, and if you want to recommend absolutely any book (on this site, published, or otherwise) that you have read recently and liked, please feel free to! The library is running out of things I haven't already read (thank goodness for the Internet). I will read absolutely any genre except for Historical War ones, those I can't stand. The ones I enjoy the most would probably be magical realism. I like stories that couldn't or probably wouldn't happen. Now on to the stories I might be writing about.

First I might try a few with

Alex Rider

Have to admit, even though he is adorable in the movie, the book was much better, and made a lot more sense. (Who brings their own cell phone with their own contact information and real name while working deep undercover?! It's idiocy I tell you!) Anyway, I have some idea's about it where maybe he finds out his father isn't dead, but we'll see where it goes...

mmm, so ya, can't really think of a lot of books, but new stories are always popping into my head, so that is a subject to change.

Well, now that I've gotten that out of my head and on to paper, err, monitor, you'll be the first to know if anything else comes up.

... and here's something else that came up:


Okay, this is really weird, and I don't know where it came from, but I was watching the movie lately, and I thought, eh, why not, right? So if my muse's ever get over Danny Phantom long enough to write anything else, you can expect one story on the fluffy blue alien and the girl from Hawaii,

Lilo and Stitch

I know, right? But I just thought up one where Stitch gets turned human when Lilo's older and, well, muses are fickle.

Well, on to the next one:

Wow! I just watched this movie, and I absolutely loved it! One of my favorite animated movies ever! So naturally, the first thing I did was think up a bunch of fanfictions for it. Unfortunately, there aren't that many... yet. So please, a cold welcome to...

Rise of the Guardians

Jack is so adorable (him and Danny? Maybe I have fixation with white hair...)!... and angsty! Anyway, I really hope to get around to this one at some point. In the mean time, here's a link to a 'Watching the Movie' fic for it by 'LaurenJr':

While on the subject, I'm also thinking of doing a crossover of RotG with another one. My favorite animated movie which, admittedly, I only got into because of RotG, a story about a small Viking and his unusual pet...

How to Train your Dragon

There's just so much angst! I can't get over it! Yet, for some reason, the fandom is sadly lacking in the angst department O.o go figure. I plan to change that, at least a little. Like I said, I plan to do a crossover with RotG, but also maybe something original. However, if you are into the crossover idea, I highly suggest you check out 'It's the Great Spirit Sleigh, Hiccup Haddock' (love the reference)by 'atippleofyourtears'. Anyway, it's an absolutely amazing combo of angst, fluff, and anything else a fandom might need. You can find it in my favorites, or, if you're really lazy, right here:

And just for fun here's LaurenJr'swatching the movie fic for this one. (Its the only one, as far as I know. Edit: No longer the only, but it was the first):

Also, a forewarning. If their's one thing I can't stand about fanfiction, it's main character OC's. Mary Sue or otherwise, I don't really care, they just annoy me. So naturally, No main character OC's in my stories. Any OCs in my story will be so minor they most likely will not even be named, any that are, I apologize greatly for, but either

a: they are necessary to get the story moving (by setting a deadline, getting the hero out of a helpless situation or something as such) or

b: I wrote myself into such a major corner I couldn't think of any other way out. Sorry.

I'm also thinking I owe you guys an introduction. If you're going to be around often, you should meet my Muses. They might jump in occasionally with something to say, So, here they are:

Muse 1: is the muse of Adventure. Nothing I write ever has enough fight scenes for her, and she insists that in every story there be one exotic place. Lately, she's been very interested in the Ghost Zone, and she's been begging me to take her for a spin in it. She's still pretty upset about 'Just a Game' she started that one out, but it wasn't very long until Muse 7 took it from her on a whim.

Muse 2: is a true Romantic. It's nauseating. She thrives on all those little 'almost' moments and makes sure I write every female as descriptively as I can. She's been having a field day with Danny Phantom, and can never decide who she wants to pair him up with today. She thinks he's absolutely adorable! She, sweet, caring, giving, everything she thinks everyone deserves. Ugh, remind me to throw up later. She's been looking a lot into DannyxSam lately, but don't let that fool you, I caught her going googly-eyed over Pitch Pearl the other day, and she recently pitched a DannyxValerie story. Anyway, it's true she's often sweet and cuddly, but she can be downright possessive and dangerous at times. Never take, or even touch, her stuff. Pretty greedy little Muse.

Muse 3: lives in a Fantasy world of her own creation. She especially loves space and looking at the stars. When you see theories on mythical creatures or Sci-fi robots, you know where they came from. Lately, Muse 3 has been busy thinking up different headcannons for ectoplasmic ghosts. She loves their odd complexities and often tries to sneak explanations and science babble into my chapters. Don't let that discourage you, though. Her favorite things are the ones that don't make much sense.

Muse 4: is a ball of Angst, Tragedy, and Horror, as well as a big supporter of the term 'misery loves company'. You do not want to have to much interaction with her if you value your sanity. Her favorite color is black and she likes to watch things suffer. None of the other muses want to stand up to her, so lately she's had a bit of free reign of my writing. She's especially proud of a chapters 3 and 11 of 'Who I Really Am' and the last one in 'Truth'. She had been proud of the first chapter in 'Truth', until Muse 9 managed to temporarily knock her out if the way and write the mushy ending. Muse 4 is having a ball with Danny, he is one of the most enjoyable characters she ever had the pleasure of torturing. In fact, she's been working on her own own project known for now only as 'DP 20b', she's really exited about it. However, I'm pretty sure, and you didn't hear this from me, that Muses 8 and 9 have been plotting together and are planning on hijacking it from 4 at the last minute.

Muse 5: is a bit of a History buff. She's the one who's always getting me to do all this extra research and stuff to make my stories as accurate as possible. She's usually very reclusive and only makes herself known a little here and there, but if she does get an idea, there's no persuading her otherwise. A year ago she had me watching documentaries and reading stories about Ancient Egypt for weeks for a piece she wrote. She got over that, however, lately she's been bothering me again quite a bit, something about Ancient Rome and ghosts... Muse 5 is also in charge of checking grammar, usage, and sentence structure, but, like I said, she's quite a bit reclusive and often misses pieces here and there.

Muse 6: is a friend of Humor. You can hardly catch her not laughing, however, she isn't the most hard working of them all, truthfully, she can be downright lazy. Muse 6 hardly ever writes anything of her own, preferring to piggyback off the rest. She adds little bits of jokes and humor in random little crevices of the works of the other Muses. This really gets on 4's nerves, as Muse 6 has a habit of sticking something chuckle worthy right in the middle of Muse 4's most angsty scenes. However, in a once every decade occurrence, Muse 6 did recently sober up long enough to hold a pen, and wrote 'Fruit Loops'. Her favorite types of humor are sarcasm, irony, and of course, just plain awkwardness, she can't get enough if them.

Muse 7: is Reflective. She's more into literary fiction and is the driving force behind most of my one shots and drabbles, such as 'Colors' and 'Just a Game', as well as her most current story, which she just might contenue past a one-shot, 'True Origins of a Hero'.

Muse 8: is a real Fluff ball. Friendship, Romance, parental bonds, you name it he has some way to make you say, 'aww'. As the only male muse, he has a thing about maintaining as much macho dignity as possible, and as a result doesn't often have much to say besides sneaking in random tidbits that I don't even realize are there until I reread. All the Muses are close, however 8 and 9 are siblings, twins in fact, and share a special connection. Muse 8 will often go along with whatever 9 has planned, such as hijacking Muse 4's previously mentioned 'secret' project.

Muse 9: is the epitome of Happiness. Sometimes she starts out stories, but middles aren't really her thing. What she really likes to do is write out the endings to the other muses' stories. Especially those of Muse 4, since 4 gets so annoyed when her angsty stories become happy. Muse 9 is also the only muse besides 6 that really has the guts to oppose 4, however, unlike six, she often does it near the end instead of throughout the story.

And those are the nine voices running around in my head!... Geez, I need a psychiatrist. Whatever, just don't get freaked if they suddenly comment in an AN, they don't usually, but sometimes...

Well, that's enough about me, time to get the Muses off my back...

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My friends think they know all my secrets. They would never guess, couldn't imagine, that I have one they don't. One that dictates my every action, one that would, in my mind, justify anything I did no matter how awful. I don't really care about being a hero or saving lives. I only care about her, and I would sooner watch the world burn than let a single scratch mar her milky skin.
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It's a good thing people were so bound by their beliefs: it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, etc., otherwise his eyes, as bright as Fenton as they were as Phantom, would have given him away a long time ago.
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Sometimes I wish it could be for me what it is to my enemies. Not a fight, not a problem, not a necessity, not even survival. Nothing but a game, a simple entertaining game.
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Danny was petrified on the spot, he couldn't move a muscle as the heat rushed to his face. There was a moment of utter and complete silence before... "Daniel, are those... Fruit Loops?" How is he ever going to face the man again after this?
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Original/alternate ending to 'Who I Really Am', takes place during chapter 5: Maddie Fenton will find out what's wrong with her baby boy, even if it means a small invasion of his personal space, but what happens when she is faced with a situation no mother ever wants to experience? Danny has a darker secret than she ever wanted to imagine.
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