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Hiya everybody!!!

I'm a Cancer female who is very much like the description of the typical Cancer in the book THE ONLY ASTROLOGY BOOK YOU'LL EVER NEED. If you never read that book and actually care about what I'm like I'll briefly sum the book's description up... (not that many of you are still reading this)...:

According to the book I appear to be gentle and kind on the outside... but I can be extremely grumpy and sarcastic when I'm in a foul mood. Like the crab I have a hard shell that is hard to get through, and I only open up to people who I learn to trust... and if you betray that trust its almost impossible to earn it back. People open up easily when they talk to me because they I always listen carefully to their problems and give out the best advice I can. Even though I seem caring... on a bad day, I snap at everyone and everything and have an infectious way of ruining everyone else's day as well. My good traits are: protective, loyal, imaginative, sympathetic, imaginative ( I hope ), and kind. My bad traits are: crabby (oh hahaha), sarcastic, and a wet blanket. I am also prone to accidents...oh now you tell me...that explains alot.

If your not asleep already I love astrology ( no DA!!!) , nature, outer space, star-gazing, reading, writing, experimenting, and setting up Halloween decorations.

My sisters are also writers for this site. My little sis is Ligerkid40 and my older sis has yet to create her account...the lazy bum.

My favorite anime and manga are:
This is the bomb!!! Inu and Kag 4EVER!!! San and Mir 4EVER!!!
- Ranma 1/2
P-chan is the cutest!!!
-Fruits Basket
KYO IS THE BEST CHARACTER EVER!!! And Shigure and Hatsaru and everyone are sooo FUNNY!!! :P
- Fushigi Yugi
Man some of those bad guys are people I luv to hate!!!
- Ceres: Celestial Legend
Aya has the worst family in the history of families... at least Inu-yasha only has one brother after his blood...not his whole freakin' family!!!
- Cowboy Bebop
Ed and Ein are the perfect partners in crime... whoa did that rhyme!!!
- Trigun
Vash is just too funny sometimes and Rem's song is the best!!!
- Kodocha ( Kodomo No Omocha )
Sana and Akito 4EVER!!! Naozumi needs to cut it out and die!!! X_X
- Ruroni Kenshin
My fav character is Misao the bandit girl, hers was the first episode I ever saw!!!
- Yu Yu Hakusho
I wish I could shoot rays outta my hand like that... y do anime characters get all the good things in life!!! ( cause their not real...DUH!!!)
- Maramalade Boy
All the couple brain hurts!!!
- Tokyo Mew Mew
Pretty girly I know... but... those girls can sure kick butt!!!
- Real Bout High School
Those characters make me break out in hysterical laughter!!!
- Kare Kano
Yukino and Soichiro are hecka smart!!! ( I envy them sooo much)
- Tenchi Muyo
Poor, Poor Tenchi... Ryo-oki ( spelling * ) is sooo CUTE!!!
-Zodiac P.I.
I am sooo jealous, I want that ring!!!

I luv sooo much of them I might hav forgotten sum for which I am ashamed of myself...

In case u didn't notice...
My fav # is 3... I use it for about everything...
and this :P is my symbol...
I put it on all of my reveiws... except one... I hadn't started to do it when I wrote it... but now it bugs me that I can't go back and fix it... OH well!!!

Funny Quotes:

"Go screw a monkey!" - Sindhu (my friend)
-"Monkeys have no braaaains!!!"-Meghan (scroll down)
-"Look who evolved from them..." - Sindhu
"Save a cow, eat a vegetarian!!!"- Tina (my friend)
"Holy Moses!" - Sindhu
"God made men first because you always make a roughdraft before a masterpiece." - Unknown (from e-mail from my friend Jaye)
"Before you critisize someone you should walk a mile in their shoes, that way your a mile away and you have their shoes!!!"- (I will write it later because my memory is in Hawaii)
"I want a quote!!!"- Meghan (my friend)
All of Maiden of the Moon's Quotes ^_^

HOPE YOU ENJOY MY STORY!!! ALSO... check out my fav stories and author lists... I want to recommend all of those things!!!

Adios :P

Oh, I'll try to finish all my stories ASAP... if I ever get around to typing up my other story ideas... ( I HATE SKOOL...AND HMW!!! )

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