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Updated: January 24,2004

This is going to be a short bio, because long bios are soo boring to read(just to me though)!
I love the Edmonton Oilers (who are going to win the Stanley cup this season!) and Johnny Depp! Yah!

You actually took the time to read my bio, well thank you!
You're probably wondering what Choiler means right? Well it means Chinese Oiler (Oilers being my favourite team). I'm not Chinese though, I'm Asian but I was born in America, but I live in Canada right now. I love Canada! *waves Canadian flag* Damn right!

Interested in:
Johnny Depp (Voted the sexiest man according to the People Magazine!)
Jack Sparrow
Tommy Salo
Sergei Fedorov
Marik/Malik/Mariku (whatever)
Pirates of the Caribbean
Edmonton Oilers
Biology (heridity, genes, DNA, Viruses, Bacteria. I'm a nerd, I know!)
Edmonton Eskimoes (They won the Grey Cup, yah!)
Linkin Park
Micheal Moore (All his documentaries are awesome!)
Captain Barbossa (absolutely a underrated character, but I love him!)

Not interested in:
Drugs (the serious ones, like cocaine, methane x, etc.)

Don't like in fanfiction, but have nothing against:
Yaoi/Slash/Yuri (not people who actually are, but the ones made up by fans)
Using abbreviations (this is a story not a chat room, sorry is I offended anyone)

Meet and talk with Johnny Depp (Depp...*drools*)
Publish the Mangas I haven't done or started with yet
Meet and talk with Tommy Salo (I got his autograph though^^)
Be an anime and fly around with Marik/Malik/Mariku *sighs*


Elizabeth bashing annoys me. She is one of my favourite female character, infact maybe my only one.
I love Jack/Elizabeth pairings, they look great together!
I'm not all into Marik ot Malik/Anzu or Tea pairings, sorry mate.

What I appreciate>
Well, I love e-mails and reviews, when it comes to fanfiction. Stories are also good when they come around. I personally believe that no story should have zero reviews, because they tried in some degree and should be rewarded by a reader's comment.
If though you review my story, no matter how many different reviewers I get, I will return the favour by reading one of your stories! I promise this.

More Info?
Well, I was formerly known as Mistress of Marik, but then Johnny Depp came along. I am in High School right now...sigh life is passing quickly...;_; I'm about 5'4" and I weigh between 90 to 95 pounds. I love sports like basketball, hockey, football, badminton, tennis and rugby. Well that's all for now, I guess.

Fan Fic Bud
Here's some people I consider Fanfic buds, I have seven so far. Wanna be my fanfic bud, just e-mail me or leave it in a review and read my story and I'll read yours.
All it is really is we talk about nothing (really fun though!), just something I decided to start. You don't have to know me to be my fanfic bud. I haven't even met face to face my buds so far...so please, don't be afraid to e-mail me!
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Updated: January 24,2004
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