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re: John's Interludes for Three: Hello, favers, reviewers and followers, and other folks who have found your way to these pages!

The last chapter is up -- This baby is put to bed -- as of today -- the wee hours -- Wednesday, 28, August, 2013.

After this, ONE SHOTS in the realm of 'John's Interludes for Three' and I'll always put in the descriptions that the stories are 'in the realm of, J'sIfor3.'

Anyway: special love to you folks checking in at the profile. I adore the stats for the profile. You're checking up on me. I feel the love. Thanks.

Special Shout Out to the U.K.! While the states are always in the lead on my stats (let's face it, there're just MORE people here), it's the UK that comes in next in the stats for my fics -- Now, you have to ask yourselves: does that speak well or ill of your country? Ahaha. Just kidding -- I certainly appreciate it -- Anyway -- THANKS VERY MUCH for coming by! I hope I can make it worth your while -- kisses!

Special Shout Out to Germany!!! On all my other statistics, the USA is way in the lead of views and visitors, but you lovely readers from Germany are always way ahead when it comes to checking out my profile! So thanks, folks, for keeping up with my fic, and for checking out the profile! Danke! (That's all the German I know!)

BTW -- I'm newly in love with Lou B. and her way-fun tweets! Kisses to you, LB!

I forgot to 'disclaim' in one or two posts. -- I obviously don't own BBC Sherlock!!! I'm 'just trying to have some fun' -- Hope you are too!

I'm totally new to writing any kind of fanfic -- I stumbled upon BBC Sherlock and cannot get enough of your fics! It seems impossibly cruel to have to wait for a year for the next season, especially after that last episode!!! -- And I can't watch the series again for fear of getting bored with it -- Thanks so much to all you fic-er's (haha) out there! You guys totally rock.

I am utterly overwhelmed by the many folks from all over the world who are looking in and reading my Sherlock fics! And by you FABULOUS reviewers! I love you! Thanks so much, fellow earth inhabitants for checking in! I would love to hear from you in any capacity you might choose. -- Even if you just want to say 'hi,' please feel free to leave it in the review box or shoot me a private message (pm's go to both the account as well as your attached email)! And I really would love constructive criticism, if you'd like!!! Even grammar pointers are appreciated (no beta).

I often wonder myself: How does a grown woman, with an education and a family -- with small grammar and less syntax (cuz syntax is greek to me) -- how, how how does the poor gal fall down the dark, dank, narrow rabbit hole that is Johnlock? I don't know, I just don't fucking know. So, those of you who are Johnlock curious from the Gats and Moffs et alia (wtf with the Latin? pronounce that 'all a ya', you know, American style) crew , please, just forgive me, ok? It's just -- what can I say -- it's fun. It appeals to the prurient interests we all have. That's why you're here. When I first came across the phenomenon, I thought, 'fuck's sake, guys, there's NOTHING in the show that suggests such a thing.' But on second look -- well, literary criticism is it's own language, isn't it? There is probably a university course being taught on this somewhere in this country on this very topic at this very moment. Ultimately -- When in Rome, my friends, when in Rome. That's all I have to say for myself. And again, just please forgive me. And rest assured that it is a phase: when the show is ready to air in the US, I'll forget I ever wrote a line.

Oh, hey there, you -- I know you're reading me -- I understand: it's like a train wreck -- you can't take your eyes away. It's ok. Relax and enjoy the burn.

Also with regard to the whole fandom thing, I support any actor who's cast in a show I like, 'cuz that's what the creative team decided was good for the show -- And also, been meaning to put out there that my idiotic fic/s should in no way suggest how I think the show should be written, nor indeed should it reflect what I think of any particular actor's sexuality, for god's sake, or any character's sexuality for that matter -- In general my attitudes about the actors: please try to leave them alone - omg, ESPECIALLY when they're trying to eat or go to the bathroom -- they're just trying to get stuff done, and then get to work like you and I.

Thanks for checking in at the profile!

Jenn of the Glenn

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Hey, guys! Just wanted to let you know -- I'm still new at putting things out into the world, so this is a little muddled -- It's three shorts in three separate packages the first one's always free -- available at SMASHWORDS, it's called 'Impatience, a Sophisticated BDsM Short, Jo's Manhattan Diaries, Book I' by Gwenna Craig Dover. It's free, as I say -- the other two short instaments are at the big A -- M -- A -- Z -- O -- N, etc -- the other two shorts are the same title, except for the first bit -- Book II is "A little Brazen" and Book III is "Beautiful Obedience." Sorry for the cloak and dagger, but I can't put a link here, as you know. That pen name again, Gwenna Craig Dover. Let me know what you think!



Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sooooo -- the last season of Sherlock left me a bit wobbly, though I enjoyed it thoroughly, don't get me wrong at ALL -- and the characters are totally compelling -- and of course we looooooovvvvvve the actors . . .

So -- I've been writing some other stuff on the BIG "A" (you know the one, huge global platform for books and merch - 'gimme an 'A,' gimme an 'M', gimme another 'A,' gimme a 'Z,' etc!). . . is it sexy? Uh-huh. Is it totally new? Uh-huh. When I come back here I'll let you know when something is free (pen name, tho' - I'll be back with details) -- 'cuz you guys have sustained me -- I can't tell you how much your support has meant to me - I think of you often, and every time I"m on this site, I have a warm and cozy feeling of being home, because of YOU! -- even tho' it's been some time since I wrote these pages . . .

As for 'John's Interludes' with Sherlock, John & Molly -- I actually have a number of ideas bouncing around in the hopper, but not sure when I"ll get to them -- Real life, and the required amount of money one has to earn . . . well -- I'm sure I don't have to go on.

Thinking of you, and hoping that you are safe and warm and cozy with a nice book or kindle or whatever you like reading with . . .



Sunday, December 18, 2016

My darling lovelies -- I suspect some of you will check in here and I wanted to wish you all well on your exams, those of you who will be finishing up this week! Very, very best wishes to you, my sweetnesses! Treat yourselves nicely! Get plenty of rest and eat right, 'til after exams - save yourselves for Chocolate 'til when you get home, or after exams! It can make you loggie. BUT, they did find out in a Japanese study that three scoops of ice cream brought eaters of same higher results on tests . . .! Go figure! Probably just the extra calories -- but it's not my purview! Not a science person here! ANYWAY -- have fun -- ANND be kind to one another . . . . oh, please, be kind to one another -- love, love, love . . . Jenn of the Glenn

Sunday, June 12, 2016

My heart and tears and best good thoughts go out to the loved ones of the tragedy now unfolding in Orlando -- Religion is not to blame. Sexual orientation is not to blame. Only hate is to blame. Let's try to love more. Let's try to open our hearts even wider to people who are marginalized or different or different seeming. And for the love of all that is good and gracious, let's have another look at some of the gun laws that are on the books in this country. This guy was able to purchase guns AFTER he had been a subject of TWO (2) FBI investigations. These laws are broken and killing our good, loving, kind, hard-working, tax-paying citizens with families who love them and will miss them horribly.


Saturday, January 2, 2016

Well, my dears -- I guess I just wanted to say Happy New Year -- annnnnnnd -- I thought the Christmas show was spectacular -- They're airing it again next week on the local PBS station and I can't wait -- Thanks, Gats & Moffs & cast and crew -- um -- but was it worth the wait? . . . . umm . . . . . let me tell you in two years . . . haha, just kidding -- loved it!


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Hello my lovely readers -- how do I appreciate you? Let me count the ways -- I do I really do.

It's the crazy holidays, friends, at least in my part of the world -- and I think of you often -- I do, especially now when sooooo many of you are about to get into or out of exams at school. I wish you all the luck and good thoughts and prayers that I can think of!

As far as J'sIfor3 -- I have this sort of epilogue that's been hopping around in my mind -- post/post/post very post the last installment -- but I'm afraid I don't know when I can do it . . . working on some other 'legit' items . . .

As for me, I'm waiting, here in the states for the mf'ing, gd, son of a @#$% Christmas special to arrive, like all of you -- and I will be watching it and then re-watching it, and thinking of you at the same time . . .

I hope you are being good, and doing well, lovely, lovely reader! And I wish you and yours a lovely, happy, safe, and healthy December, and if you're in my part of the world at all -- a merry, merry Christmas and a wonderful new year.



Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hey --I love you people . . . I've decided: update coming up. By next week. It will be another chapter to the Secrets and Chairs story.

Kisses and hugs to you for hanging out, waiting for me . . . god -- it's like waiting for season 4, isn't it?

Love you,


Saturday, June 19, 2014

Hey, guys -- love that you check up on me -- have I mentioned? Sorry to be sooooooo silent and non-fanfiction-productive. What can I say? I got hooked on The Borgias lately -- Had to go out of town, got hooked, came home, got involved in stuff and then -- back to the Borgias. So -- that's done. It was great -- and Sean Harris was fab, wasn't he? What a compelling character he created -- I know - -icky and creepy -- but really interesting . . . And the series -- god -- GORGEOUS costumes -- Loved it -- but sooooo much killing -- I got a little sick, frankly -- anyway -- now . . . I'm back to doing some slightly more serious reading -- If you haven't read Hesse's Demian yet, you absolutely MUST!

I keep thinking of this 'in the future' idea of Sherlock and John and Molly -- after they've raised their kids -- Semi retirement -- bees -- you know! So . . . not sure how long this will have to cook in the ol' hopper. We'll see.

Talk to me a little . . . I love hearing from you!



Saturday, June 14, 2014

I simply must say 'hello,' to you, though I have nothing new to report -- I see that two people have looked in on me a total of 10 times together, just today, and all before lunch! -- so I want to say 'hi,' and thank you soooooo much for being eager to hear more from me . . . Alas, nothing new to report -- life things have got me in their clutches and I continue to avoid my typewriter and notepads.

I simply adored season 3 of S, of course, and am awaiting the final episode of Fargo with a feeling of bittersweetness. But what a little shit they've made of Lester, no? But never mind all that - Martin's acting is mindblowing. Thanks, MF, for the great good fun! Anyway -- I don't think I'll be writing a Fargo fic. My head is still in the Sherlock world exclusively, as well as some other non-TV, non-fanfic worlds. Can't believe how writing this fic has gotten me going on creating worlds -- it's mad! Things really take over when the keyboard is before one, and a cup of hot tea is at hand. And I have you to thank for it, lovely reader -- you and your wonderful encouragement!

Thanks for checking up on me -- I hope your weekend is lovely!

Jenn of the Glenn

May 30, 2014

Dear darling gentle reader -- forgive me, forgive me -- I've been away from these pages, intent on other aspects of life -- you know the deal. I think of you often, and have ideas for stories that, try as I might, I can't shake out of my head, and which must come to the fore soon in some form. Sweet, sweet reader, YOU are the reason for these pages -- I thought I was doing it for myself, but now I see that it is for YOU, and it comes as some surprise how much I neeeeeeeeed you -- and love you. Thank you, thank you for sticking with me, and for checking up on me -- it means the world to me. Love, love, love.

March 24, 2014 -- Happy Monday, guys -- hope your week is shaping up nicely!

HELLO NORWAY! Will someone tell me if Sherlock recently aired in Norway for the first time or something? 'Cuz I have lots of lovely people from Norway coming and reading my longest fic! It's delightful to see you here, Norway -- as well as allllll my other lovely readers from around the world -- Wow! I can't even tell you what it feels like to be read by people from here in the USA, across all of Europe to Japan. Hello, hello, lovely readers! Hello, hello, world!



March 17, 2014 -- Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hope yours is lovely --

Hello, my loves, how are you? So many lovely people coming in to look at the pages here, and to check out my profile. Wow! So many lovely people. Hope you enjoy what's here so far, and that you don't despair of seeing more -- but so many things conspire to keep me from getting done the ideas I have to get out to you -- you know -- earning a living -- family -- etc! I think of you, and look at my stats to see so many people checking in and reading!

You can message me privately, if you want! I would love to hear from you!


January 27, 2014

Hey, there, my little loves -- I see you are checking in on me. Thanks so much -- I love it when you do -- Are you looking for info? You can talk to me, you know? I'd love it so much if I were to hear from you!

What can I say? I'm still reeling from the season, and still need to watch it once more before I feel I can let it really sink in. There's sooooo much good stuff to absorb! I particularly love the Molly/Sherlock relationship as it continues to grow. And LOVE the Mycroft scenes -- Gatiss is sooooo much fun to watch -- I think he's my fave.

But I still have all kinds of notions for the J'sIfor3 -- just haven't committed them to paper. The wellsprings are rising, though -- they are rising. One fine day they will spill over.

I understand there is some bru-ha-ha in the fandom. I try to stay out of all that, and have all but abandoned my big blue T account. It's so hard to explain to people that just because they bought the DVD, doesn't mean they own the actors, too. So -- there we are . . .

Nothing more to report at the moment -- other than the fact that I've begun the long wait for season 4 with a long put-off foray into the whole Granada Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett -- long been a fan of that series, but haven't seen 'em all. I will now!

Many kisses, my little loves, I adore you, and your peeks into the profile.


January 12, 2014

Hi, my loves -- Can't believe the season is almost over -- But, as someone else posted recently: 'We'll always have fan fiction.' It's astounding how we human beings need our characters -- totally fictional characters -- to live on and on and on -- But I hear Gats and Moffs have already mapped out seasons four and five. Very exciting.

I won't be able to get a live stream -- two reasons -- too hard to find! AND, I have a previous engagement -- very important -- But I'll be watching a recorded stream later tonight -- But I want you to enjoy your 90 minutes soooo much, my little darlings! Hope you do/did! And we'll all live through it, no matter what happens, won't we? Of course we will!

Anyway -- All I wanted to say was: "LET THE FAN FICTION BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

January 6, 2014 -

By the way, whoever thought of 'Donde Estas, Yolanda,' to play over John's first attempt at murdering Sherlock at the Landmark, is a comic genius of proportions I cannot begin to qualify adequately. Thank you, MG, if that was you. I love Mark Gatiss, btw. Always, he's smiling, and pleasant, and friendly. And his scripts are brilliant --

Thanks again, folks for checking out the profile! I love that you're looking in on me. It makes me feel all warm inside -- you know.

Love you,


January 5, 2014 --

Yes, I managed to see S3E2 -- some new fangled computer affair, I'll never understand -- the computer fairies, to which I'm eternally and constantly grateful, were able to wing Sherlock and John to my monitor. I saw it all, and it streamed very nicely without any glitches. Loved it, of course -- Love how Molly is already sooooo finished with her poor 'Tom' dude.

Wanted to say 'hi, there! And Thanks for the review!' to the anon who just left me a quick note on 'Preferences.' It's delightful to get your message, and I really appreciate your letting me know that you liked it -- makes me wanna write more - but I reckon I'll have to at least digest this series for a bit first -- but I suspect I'm still a little stuck in the pre-season three mind-set.

Do let me hear from you if you're reading -- and I know you're reading . . . I see the stats -- Just say hi, if you have time!

'til soon!


January 3, 2014

Hello my little darlings -- I wish you a wonderful new year with all good things to come your way! But not any more of this snow! I live in the central states of the USA, and we've had just plenty of that.

I wanted to say 'hi' to those of you who have been checking in on me the last couple of days -- there have been a number of you -- You are so lovely to check up on me. I love it. I hope I don't miss too many of you!

Yeah -- I saw E1 on a streaming thing -- it was excruciating! It stopped every two seconds, and I think I saw one out of every three frames -- So seeing it again will probably be like seeing it for the first time. I do sooooo look forward, 'cuz I thought it was marvelous! I love how Gats doffed his hat to every possible ship, and the crashing through the window and kissing Molly, alone was worth the two years, I really have to say -- that was brilliant. My favorite lines: When Sherlock and Mycroft are playing Operation, and Sherlock points out Mycroft's isolation with 'How would you know?' LOVED THAT! And then, of course -- 'Oh, killing me. That is so too years ago.' LOVE, love, love, love! MF's acting: brilliantly understated -- he'll win all the awards -- And a new respect and love for RG, whom I have always adored and had a thing for!

Insane that the next ep is on Sunday -- I hope I can find a better thing to watch it on -- WHY can't they just schedule the world at the same time? What's so freakin' hard?

Love to you, my sweet cabbages -- kisses and hugs, and more hugs. Kiss, kiss, kiss.


December 31, 2013

Farewell, 2013, farewell forever, we'll never see you again! In books, in history, I guess -- Well, onwards and upwards.

Just wanted to say: Enjoy the show tomorrow! I hope to be watching it -- and I'll be thinking of each and every one of you!

Very best to you and yours for a Happy New Year, too!


December 15, 2013

So much craziness for me on my end, lovely, lovely readers who continue to check in at this profile. I won't be adding anything in the foreseeable future. But I see that you check -- I don't know who you are, but god I love ya! Every one. Yes, god bless you, every one.

I hope your December is going well, that it's not too cold in your part of the world and that it is jolly -- Yes -- even for those of you who don't celebrate that big year-end retail holiday. I hope your December is jolly, and lovely and filled with the spirit of love and brotherhood and kindness and all goodness. And I hope you get to see lots of friends and family, and have a great lot of laughs with the ones you love most around you.

I adore you!

All the best for a happy and merry Christmas, and a wonderful new year!



December 5, 2013 --

To those of you who celebrate -- Happy Sinter Claus Day! I have it spelled wrong, I'm sure -- Hope you're having a wonderful day!

Lovely readers -- Just wanna put out there -- I've gotten wind of all this crazy nonsense about death threats directed at a certain actress in a show we all love. This is madness -- Sure, we're 'fans,' but we're not violent group, are we? -- Please remember that it's a show and the very real, and wonderfully talented people doing the show are only that: PEOPLE. Please respect them and the job they're doing. And in general -- the actors have crazy, crazy lives -- It's hard for them to be nice all the time to folks who just walk up to them as if they own them. Let's try not to be those kinds of fans. Let's try to love the actors from afar, as they are loving you.

I see you are reading me, still -- That's so lovely -- how I adore you all -- I'm still thinking about more J'sIfor3 stories, actually -- just haven't gotten my sorry butt to the typewriter. But there's lot of stuff to read about and see -- lots of fab photos on tumblr from the new stuff about to come out in January, so there's plenty to do. It's crazy -- only a couple weeks away -- here before you know it!

Hope your holiday season is not too hectic, and that you all have valuable time with family and friends -- and that it is a restorative, calm and healing time.



November 25, 2013 --

Some lovely folks in Germany and Spain as well as the states have been checking out my profile, and I just wanted to give a shout out to you'all, and say -- sorry for the delay! Not sure when I'll be able to post again, 'cuz the holidays are getting very crazy, not to mention some personal issues --

I really hope your holidays are starting to shape up, nicely -- You know, we here in the USA have this BIG freakin' feast to celebrate our acquisition of this fine land, however one may want to characterize that. It's on Thursday, and I'm making pie, and some veggies and I think one other savory affair -- I'd love to hear from you what I should make! What are you making? Already Thanksgiving! How the time does fly.

I go on tumblr CONSTANTLY, trying to find out if the freakin' BBC has leaked when it's going to air Sherlock in the UK. If anyone knows anything, please tell me!!! I promise not to leak my source!

Very, very best, and thanks so much for checking in at the profile -- Love you!


November 5, 2013

It seems appropriate to update the profile on this date . . . Remember, remember!!!!

I recently read an English blog/journal/newpaper -- can't remember -- where the writer discussed the BBC Sherlock series with BC and MF, etc, as a crime drama with 'winking homoeroticism,' and I thought, nothing, could more perfectly describe what's going on in this show. The writers are telling us to get our minds out of the gutter, when it's already written into the series, and I think -- I think that's what all the porn is about -- 'cuz we're never gonna get it in the show. So -- we have to write it ourselves!!! But I'll be using that phrase at parties -- it's brilliant. I wish I had remembered the writer -- I'll google it -- probably come up somewhere.

As for my own updating -- alas -- sooooo many things going on, and the new canon is coming up -- so -- I guess I've put on hold my former constant mind-doodling of situation ideas.

Hope your autumn is shaping up nicely, and isn't as insanely hectic as mine has gotten -- and all of a sudden.

love, love, love


October 19, 2013

Hey, I haven't died or fallen off the edge of the earth. Still here. Thinking up new ideas -- But things in real life got a little kooky lately.

Thanks so much to folks for continuing to read my fics -- It's been soooo fun writing them, and a huge learning experience. I hope to update the 'Chairs and Secrets' sometime soon ... I know I'm forgetting folks, but wanted to say hi, and thanks to Lady K, LeaCM, and Cornbaby -- ooo, did I get that name wrong? And all the other anons who chime in -- I wish I could respond -- but the website is set up so that I can't respond directly to anons --

I hope you're all having a wonderful October -- and have fun and scary costumes prepared for Halloween!



October 5, 2013 - Saturday

My lovely darlings:

Just wanted to do a shout out to some wonderful guest reviewers -- some unnmaned lovely people, and LeaCM as well as Anazzzel -- You've no idea how encouraging your notes are -- I love you so much!

Regular life just got a tad crazier, I have to say, and the stories have gone onto the back burner. I hope to get back to 'Chairs & Secrets,' soon, though.

Just wanted to say 'hey,' and let you know I haven't forgotten about you --



Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dear darling gentle reader:

It's lovely to see some of you having a look in at the profile -- thanks for checking up on me! -- and then quite a little number of people are reading or re-reading J'sIfor3 -- *Heavy sigh* I wish I could have half as many 'reviews' or 'hello's' as I have numbers of visitors to the stories -- but if wishes were fishes . . . etc.

I'm working on a new little chapter for CHAIRS AND SECRETS -- coming soon -- but I don't think this weekend. Possibly, but not probably. I should make it a goal -- but it might be an unrealistic goal. You know how it is when the autumn gets going -- all kinds of things pop up!

I hope your weekend plans are shaping up nicely for you, and that your autumn has had a nice start -- I'm starting to see some color change, here in America's bread basket -- Not too much yet, but bits and bobs, here and there -- so lovely.

Very best,


September 8, 2013

I don't imagine he comes here much but why not: Happy Birthday, Martin Freeman! Hope it's relaxed with lots of fam & friends and all things lovely and normal.

Dear darling gentle reader:

Ahaha -- so did I surprise you with a first chapter of a 3 to 4 chaptered thingy? Right when I'd gotten through telling you I wouldn't be doing any more fics for a while? -- Hardy har har, I say. I guess I have a few more things to work out of my system in the realm of J'sIfor3, before I totally leave it alone. This one -- the chairs and secrets -- and then -- one or two other things . . . Then, I think I'll feel -- all cleaned out.

Thanks for checking up on me at the profile -- I adore you, I adore you -- My very favorite stat is the one where I see the numbers for the profile -- Anyway -- there it is -- Very best for your lovely Sunday -- or at least -- what's left of it -- kisses -- and just one more kiss.


September 2, 2013

Hello, Darling lovely reader --

I've just return from our American Holiday called Labor Day. It's kind of akin to May 5 in the rest of the world but our government put Labor Day at the end of the summer. The holiday heralds the beginning of the fiscal year. And the school year, pretty much nationwide. ANYWAY! I was visiting family to the north and wasn't on any computer whatsoever! Bliss. I came home to lots of views from you, my lovely darling readers, and some of you lovely darling anonymous reviewers. How I adore you. Umph. I want to hug you.

I hope you had a great weekend, whether here in the states, or abroad, and that your upcoming week is lovely and lively, but not hectic.

Something new will be a little while coming, alas, as I have some life things that have piled up, and require my attention more than fanfic. You know the deal. I think it's called evaluating one's priorities.

Kisses to you.

Jenn of the Glenn

SATURDAY -- 24, August 2013

Dear darling gentle reader --

Sad or happy news -- bittersweet, bittersweet -- I'm almost done with the last chapter and will most likely post it tomorrow. That will be the end of 'John's Interludes for Three!' I had no idea I could drag out the end this long -- horrible. naughty! My sister told me JK Rowling cried and cried when she wrote her last HP book. I get it now. But it's not really over, 'cuz I'll carry on with the one-shots like 'Preferences,' which was so fun to do. I have tons of stuff like that popping up in my silly brain lately. Then, of course I could go through J'sIfor3 and take some notes, and FIX all the mistakes! That will take me as long as it did to write the mf. Anyway. There's the news, gentle and darling reader.

Hey -- thanks for checking up on me -- I wish I could hug you a little. You know. Kiss your head. Ahaha. Leave me a note, sweetness. I'm so lonely for you.

Love you.


FRIDAY - 16, August, 2013

Dear darling gentle reader:

ONE person, one lovely dear darling person has checked in at the profile three times today. I love you, too, dear darling person! Whoever you are, whatever soil you walk -- I adore you! You seem to be waiting for me to say something -- Sorry for the delay!

I'm working on that chapter -- Hoping to post soon -- but DEFINITELY by SUNDAY!!!! Well -- that's the plan. It's turning out to be quite a chapter, with plenty of Sherlolly! I hope you like it --

All for now -- the day job is breathing down my neck. Kisses.


14 August, 2013 --

Dear, darling gentle reader:

Hi, ho, lovely followers and other fanfic fans. You're lovely, so lovely to check me out at the profile. Checking up on me, seeing how I'm doing? Thanks, I appreciate it -- I'm working on the last two chapters, now -- It will be two, not just one -- I got into a lot of trouble with the second to last one -- where Molly and Sherlock go for their walk in the woods. Some of Molly's secrets are revealed, total Sherlolly! And then John and Sherlock just have a nice little chat. The last chapter will be when they spring their surprise on Sherlock. Adorbs. It's fun taking the group out of town on holiday!

So -- I'm just having some trouble hammering out some stuff -- but it will post in the next couple days. SUNDAY at the latest. Thanks for re-reading and continuing to check in! And as ever, I would sooooo dearly love to hear from you. It would mean ever so much to me :-D

Hope your week is going great! Jenn

05 August, 2013

Dear Darling Gentle Reader:

Sooooooo many hits on my profile yesterday! Three times as many as EVERY. Sooooo many people wanting to know who is writing this stuff. I'm very flattered. Are you engaged or enraged? Please let me know in a short review. It doesn't have to be all review-y. You can just say 'hi!' I'd love it -- Thanks to those of you who have done that -- it makes my day!

As above -- I've broken a rule of mine -- never start a new project 'til you've finished what you're working on. At least a first draft. Make notes for new items, but DONT put your head down to them 'til you're done with the last thing. ALAS!!! But it was only 7 or 8 thousand words! It was burning a hole in my computer, and I wanted to get it out there -- Darn it -- I made a lot of typos, too -- grammar things among others. Yuk, I hate it when I see I've missed something. Sure -- I can update the chapter, but that sends an email to you, and I hate clogging your mailboxes with that sort of junk.

With that said -- I promise to finish "John's Interludes," I really, really promise. But when, when, when? Soon. Soon. But exactly - -I don't know. I did sort of get a load of work heaped on my desk this morning from my boss who was in the office allllll weekend catching up on her stuff. she's cool, but quite the task master.

Anyway -- with so many people checking in at the profile, I thought I'd give a quick up date. Oh, I keep forgetting. I have a tumblr account under the same name as this account. It's VERY NSFW, lots of really explicit porn. So -- you want to have a care. I'm just posting random stuff that I think is pretty and fun, and which illustrates, however vaguely -- my notion of Jollock, which is that all three are involved with one another every which way. Can't post the link here. They delete it.

There you have it. Hope your Monday is fantastic.


27, July 13

Darling Gentle Reader --

In the next couple of day's John's Interludes for Three will be completed and marked as such. Thank you so much for sticking with the story, and to those of you who have said 'hi,' and/or gave some encouraging words. The project has given me a lot of writing confidence, and I have serious notes for another fiction project (not Jollock, not Sherlock, not fanfic) -- so -- I CANT thank you readers enough -- nor can I possibly minimize the effect that the creators of the show, (including the actors who have created these incredible characters), many many thanks -- and once again -- sorry it ended up being so much Johnlock, but when in Rome -- I fell down the rabbit hole. What's a nice girl to do?

I'll be doing some one shots, one of which is almost all ready to be posted -- fave me as an author if you want alerts for those -- but I leave it to you -- You've been fab -- Thanks again --

Jenn of the Glenn

25 July 13

Hi, Darling Gentle Reader --

Almost done with the one last chapter -- almost positive it will be one chapter. Then, quickly after will be a separate story, a one-shot called Preferences. Both: filthy, I think.

How are you? thanks for checking up on me! I know you're there. Someone's there -- it's so nice to know. Jenn of the Glenn

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