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Hi there! :)

A little about me, I'm senior year student in University! That means I'm always busy! I have school in the mornings, work in the afternoons, homework in the evenings, and a tutoring job and a committed sport on the weekends. It takes me a while to write a fic, process it, edit it, and publish it.

For those who want to gripe about why I don't update very often, it's because I don't prioritize writing fanfiction before writing twelve-page term papers.

Unfortunately, for the time being, a massive writer's boulder (not a block) has left me frustrated and unable to finish StoryBrooke University. I'm currently doing something about that. Rest assured, I have not abandoned the fic; however, I might just rewrite the fic completely, reupload it, and then FINALLY figure out how I want the ending to play out...

edit:// 4 April 2014 I will be taking down StoryBrooke University (soon, not yet) and will reupload the chapters (Clean them up, tie loose ends, make things happen nicely) and finish the fic asap.

edit://30 May 2014 I am finally on break and will change the structure of SBU completely in the next two weeks before I start teaching summer school. Thanks for all the patience and I promise, I'm going to be really working on the fics now.

edit://22 Oct 2014... Hahaha... I am not dead! I am...dealing with a lot of stuff that rendered me useless. I broke my computer not long after the update in May, I filed for graduation (MY FILES WERE LOST), resubmit for graduation, (LOST AGAIN - REALLY??), and now I have handed my paperwork to the dean of my college. Since I have broken my laptop, I lost everything I have ever owned in the last two years (I'm real smart, don't back anything up), and I have also been working three jobs and applying for graduate programs that offer Masters' and Credentialing in CA. It's been terrible, I apologize for the long wait. I have not abandoned SBU, I just can't handle it with my personal essays due in a week. But once I'm done with that, I should be picking everything back up!

I'm not really that great at writing fics, but I'm learning! If there is any constructive criticism you can offer me, let me know. I'm a perfectionist and hate it when I'm blind to my mistakes that are obvious to others.

xo Dahlia

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