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Author has written 4 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Phantom of the Opera.

Hello, my name is Adelina. People call me Lina, Adel, Adeli, Elina, or plain ol' Adelina is fine. I'm a 12 year old girl living in London. I travel a lot, because of my parents. I am currently in a boarding school (parents are traveling), and I simply love and enjoy reading and writing. If you guys can just check out some of my fan fiction, that would be AWESOME! And, I would be absolutely thrilled if you left reviews (please, comments, compliments, criticism). Lastly, I hope you enjoy and thank you SO MUCH! :) :D

Author has written two books for Percy Jackson and the Olympians and one book for the Phantom of the Opera.

Here's something to know me better. (YES! U can copy it to yours. Permission granted.)

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Diamonds in the rough by Mia-Purdy reviews
What if Erik had been more honest with Christine? What if he had acted quicker? What if Christines father didnt simply die of illness but was murdered? What if Christine didnt remember Raoul as much as he would like? A different retelling of the story with more twists along the way. Kay/Kopit/ALW/Leruox influences. E/C eventually.
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Artemis has a hidden son. She's kept him hidden and all to herself, to protect him, and to keep her painful memories concealed. She keeps him in a place where he stays twelve, where time is frozen. But, one day, he ventures out to the world... and then what will happen?
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