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Author has written 6 stories for Sons of Anarchy, and Doctor Who.

Hey guys Dancer here! So basic info is young enough to still be studying and old enough to know a thing or two. I mostly am working on Sons of Anarchy ffics but I read others.

SOA Pairings

Jax/Tara- I like Tara a lot actually. I think she's a very strong woman who gets shit done and protects her family even if it means sacrificing her love for Jax.

Thats really the only pairing I'm big for in SOA. I can read well written Jax/OC fics but I don't like Tara bashing.

Current Works

Stronger- My response to the Say It Like You Mean It challenge. "Nothing says love like capital murder." A one shot about family love between Happy and his Ma. Ties into Smile Hap. Complete

Smile Hap- My response to the Happy Hitman Challenge. One shot about how Happy got his first Smily tattoo and what it means to him. complete

Trapped in the Past- One shot about the club lawyer Ally Lowen. How did the club gain her loyalty? Complete

I'm Breathing- John's dead, Mayans are at war with Sons. Quinn loves his club but is unsure of the direction Clay wants to take him. With his world balanced on the knife point of insanity he finds a place to rest. But nothing stays that way forever. If something's to good to be true, it probably cant stay. A look at the events that turned Rane Quinn from a SOA solider into Nomad President. In progress

Maybe this time- Multi-chaptered fic about Happy and my OC Leah. Leah wanted nothing more than to finish law school, pay her bills, take care of her son and keep her life on track. When life throws her into the world of the Sons she has to roll with the punches and make shit work. How a woman teetering on the edge of societies underworld gets thrown in the deep end. In progress

To Let Her Go- A Doctor Who one shot of Jackie Tylers thoughts as she watched Rose leave with the Doctor. Complete


one of my readers Girl.With.The.Crow.Tattoo made two banners for my story Maybe This Time. They are amazing and can be found Here and Here. The second link listed has seriously helped me with inspiration so check it out!

Original Characters!

Leah w/ makeup

Leah w/o makeup

So the hair color isn't exactly right in these photos but this is what popped into my head when writing Leah. So just adjust the hair color in your head. Just so you know the actress is Kat Dennings. And this is for her face alone again just so you know.

Megan- actress Demi Moore, age thirty three, 1995.

Better than Sex Cake

As promised here is the recipe. When I bake it I do step two a bit differently, instead of slits I use a wooden spoon to poke holes in the cake and I use chocolate and caramel syrup in the holes. Trust me its amazing.

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Maybe this time reviews
The only thing Leah wanted was to pay her tuition, pay her bills and take care of her life. The last thing she needed was biker drama but when life throws her a few punches she has no choice but to roll with them. Its true what they say no good deed goes unpunished. Rated M because this is a SOA fic with mature content. AU after season 4.
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John dead, war with the Mayans, things were bordering on insanity and Quinn was balanced at the knife point. What tipped him from just another Men of Mayhem into the President of the Nomad charter. Sometimes in order to become who you must be you must first loose everything you have. Set in 1993 and rated M because this is SOA world.
Sons of Anarchy - Rated: M - English - Family/Drama - Chapters: 6 - Words: 20,327 - Reviews: 38 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 22 - Updated: 7/15/2013 - Published: 3/28/2013
Stronger reviews
"Nothing says love like capital murder." The Son's aren't always best at using their words, but sometimes actions speak louder than words. My take on the Say it Like You Mean It challenge. Rated T
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Jackie Tyler watched her daughter leave with a funny man in a funny blue box. Why didn't she try to convince her daughter to stay? Jackie's thoughts when Rose leaves with the Doctor after Downing St.
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Smile Hap reviews
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Trapped in the Past reviews
Ally Lowen knew the club long before she defended her first case. What had they done to earn her loyalty? What had she done to gain their trust? Quick one-shot giving Ally a back story. R and R please.
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