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Author has written 6 stories for Spirited Away, Naruto, and Rurouni Kenshin.

Welcome, restless wanderer, to my corner of the internet filled with my works of writing.

I play video games about 90% of my time, and when I'm not doing that, I'm watching anime. I really love Naruto; it was my very first anime. I also enjoy Shingeki no Kyojin (AKA: Attack on Titan). I also started re-watching Rurouni Kenshin (otherwise known as Samurai X) and Death Note, and there's a bunch of other shows that I really like such as Kill la Kill, Gintama, Haikyū!! and Gekkan Shōjo Nozaki-kun.

And of course, no one hates the Miyazaki movies.

I'm also starting to enjoy the fascinating world of cartoons, like Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Over the Garden Wall, and Steven Universe.

Other than that, I'm starting to take a liking towards comic books, and I'm currently watching a first season of Daredevil and reading Young Avengers.

If I'm not immersing myself in any of those things, find me researching relentlessly in a room full of dusty books about 19th century Filipinx revolution.

I have a good friend on this site, and her name's SilverShadow123. We plan to co-write a bunch of stories (ridiculous ones, just so you know), and our account name is Sand and Sword (don't ask why). I also plan to make a bunch of one-shots and put them in that account. We haven't written anything yet though.

I have a wattpad but don't expect anything special. And to make my anonymous-ness worse, I just got a deviantart account and I don't even know what I'm supposed to do.

I have a tumblr, and if you want to see my over-obsessive ranting and character complications, go there. I run numerous RP blogs, and it's where I spend most of my time, if not here. It's a way to improve my on-spot writing ability and helps me think faster when it comes to writing, and it's actually doing me a good amount of justice.


The following are the pairings that I ship for each and every fandom that I might and will write for. But these are just OTPs that I will love and ship to hell. I also might've said before that I don't ship a lot of gay parings, but I was able to adjust to that fact, so I ship a few here and there; rarely do some become my OTPs.


  1. Naruto/Hinata: Confirmed as canon. They have children. Don't deny me.
  2. Sasuke/Sakura: They have a child named after Salad.
  3. Kakashi/Hanare: Remember the green-haired woman in Shippuden episode 191? Yeah, her.
  4. Kakashi/Mei: This I stumbled upon, and it's already working its way to becoming one of my OTPs.
  5. Obito/Rin: I love this ship like I love Naruto itself. I don't care if Rin is dead, I don't care if Obito went bat-shit crazy, he went bat-shit crazy for her. He became a villain for her. He risked life and limb, his entire existence, for them to be together. He LOVED HER and don't you dare contradict me because of it. And now that they're dead together, well, it just solidifies that fact now, doesn't it?
  6. Hashirama/Mito: There was love between the two:The Valley of the End battle. Mito came there in hopes to save Hashirama, and she sealed Kurama inside of her just so that she could help him. She became a jinchūriki just for him. Now tell me that isn't love.
  7. Minato/Kushina: Who could possibly hate this ship?
  8. Sai/Ino: What was the name of that kid again? Inojin?
  9. Neji/Tenten: One of them might be dead, but I know for sure Neji loved Tenten and vice versa.
  10. Shikamaru/Temari: Their son looks more
  11. Suigetsu/Karin: Hey, if Karin could stop obsessing over Sasuke, she could at least notice that Suigetsu's only being mean to act hard-to-get.
  12. Yahiko/Konan: They loved each other. It's canon.
  13. Asuma/Kurenai: They had a son, for crying out loud!
  14. Jiraiya/Tsunade: I never really knew that Jiraiya loved Tsunade until he actually died and he even said to himself that he hated how he didn't show his feelings enough and that made me even sadder.
  15. Iruka/Anko: It's funny and kinda cute. Imagine: guy obsessed good-nature and then badass-snake girl. Imagine the adorable arguments. :3

Wow, that was a lot.

Assassin's Creed

  1. Altaïr/Maria: First Assassin's Creed OTP and even Desmond ships it. He witnessed it, excuse me.
  2. Ezio/Christina: I honestly can say that she was perfect for Ezio. Teenage crushes always work up. No one can be better with Ezio if it isn't her.
  3. Ezio/Sofia: I might've stood corrected by that last one, because Sofia also has every right to be with Ezio.
  4. Connor/Aveline: If anyone's got to be with Connor, it has to be her.
  5. Haytham/Ziio: I found this extremely amazing. Their relationship together and also the progress of their feelings. Amazing.
  6. Shaun/Rebecca: Rebecca's a technology badass while Shaun's an OCD nerd. Not to mention Rebecca likes to tease him a lot. They're so cute together.
  7. Desmond/Lucy: This is my favorite Assassin's Creed OTP. If Desmond needed a love interest, it would have to be Lucy. She messes with him, teases him a lot, and I felt super bad when he stabbed her at the end of Brotherhood and he mourned her death in the coma. Whoops spoiler

Avatar: The Legend of Aang

  1. Aang/Katara: The ship that will forever follow canon and will follow each other to hell.
  2. Sokka/Suki: Oh, isn't Suki just adorable and badass at the same time? Isn't Sokka such a dork? Aren't they perfect for each other?
  3. Sokka/Yue: The white haired lady caught me with the regal air. And when they kissed, I felt like screaming. They were one of my first OTPs in this fandom.
  4. Zuko/Mai: The childhood crush developed into BF-GF relationship. Both of them were utterly cute during that sunset scene in the third book.
  5. Zuko/Katara: When I first entered this fandom, I fell in love with this ship. And now, I've converted into KatAang, so whoopee.
  6. Ozai/Ursa: Ursa must've been such a kind woman and loving wife to make a stoic and arrogant king like Ozai love her.
  7. Ikem/Ursa: It could've worked out.

I don't ship Toph Beifong with anyone, because I think she's fine and badass enough on her own.

The Legend of Korra

  1. Bolin/Korra: They're both so dorky. :3
  2. Korra/Asami: Oh look at that, another homosexual ship that I actually like and that's actually canon.
  3. Mako/Asami: I don't really care if Mako doesn't love her anymore, he has to stick with what he stuck with in the first place. Besides, Asami is pretty badass!
  4. Tenzin/Lin: Yo man, friends' children gotta stick together. And be in a relationship.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus

  1. Percy/Annabeth: I will ship this to Tartarus if I have to.
  2. Grover/Juniper: Seriously, what happened to their relationship? I want more!
  3. Beckendorf/Silena: Ahh, my first Percy Jackson OTP. This was so cute. They both died for each other. Fuck that rumor!
  4. Jason/Piper: How could you not ship this?
  5. Frank/Hazel: Frank trusted Hazel enough to keep his weakness with her. That is a hardcore ship.
  6. Leo/Calypso: He better come back to her or I swear

Nico is fine, and I know he's gay but I think emo kid is fine on his own. Or he can stay with Will. Yeah.

Sket Dance

  1. Bossun/Himeko: Seriously, there were too many hints in canon here. And they were friends for a really long time. I want them together.
  2. Switch/OC: This guy needs a life. And a GF.
  3. Bossun/Saaya: Oh, drop the Tsundere act already, Saaya. You love him, and let's face it. Even Agata agrees with me.
  4. Sasuke/Mimori: Mimori's adorable. Sasuke's an OCD dork. The two would be perfect.
  5. Michiru/Daisy: Another adorable person with a serious person. This is so cute.
  6. Shinzō/Megumi: He needs another chance.
  7. Kiri/Momoka: It sounds okay! It sound cute enough to be logical.

Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan

  1. Eren/Mikasa: This is canon I don't care what the hell you say.
  2. Armin/Annie: Because blonds gotta stick together.
  3. Levi/Petra: Oh Petra, you sweet sweet child. You didn't get to tell him you loved him.
  4. Connie/Sasha: These two make the show funny for me and that makes them adorable together.
  5. Jean/Marco: Okay, it might be gay, but let's admit, we all cried when Jean found Marco dead.

Rurouni Kenshin

  1. Kenshin/Tomoe: I am not going to say anything here anymore, because this ship is canon. Deal with it.
  2. Kenshin/Kaoru: How are these two not meant for each other?
  3. Sanosuke/Katsu: You read the manga of the stories between these two and watch episodes 23-24 and come back and tell me they aren't gay for each other.
  4. Sanosuke/Megumi: You can tell me this isn't canon, but there's enough sexual tension between the two to say that it is. This is my main RuroKen OTP. Probably because Megumi's so cute and pretty and Sanosuke's so fucking sexy JFC
  5. Shishio/Yumi: This ship was cool. It was one of those antagonistic ships, but it was cool.
  6. Aoshi/Misao: Ah, the ol' "notice me senpai" game. Except one's a cheery girl and the other's a hell-bent revenge-thirsting lunatic.

Phantom of the Opera

  1. Erik/Christine: Seriously, what more do you want me to say
  2. Raoul/Christine: People in this fandom think Raoul is a huge asshole. But he isn't. He knew Christine since childhood and even went to swim in the damn ocean just to get her scarf.


If you want to know what else I think of the fandoms I belong in, I'm gonna answer everything I have to here. I got the questions from here, so if you wanna try it, go knock yourself out.


This anime opened up many doors for me. Because of this anime, I started watching HunterXHunter, Bleach, and One Piece because of its sheer awesomeness. Go, Kishi. It ended already, but it isn't going to stop it's legacy to the world.

  1. First encounter with the series: I got introduced to Naruto because if was a video game. Then later on in life, a few friends were super obsessed with it and encouraged me to watch it.
  2. Favorite female character: Konan. Definitely.
  3. Favorite male character: Don't get me wrong, they're all cool. But I think that Suigetsu's one of the best.
  4. Something you wish didn't happen: When Obito got crushed by a fucking rock. Then like 98% of the series would be antagonist-free.
  5. Song that reminds you of the series: Regarding the relationship between Naruto and Sasuke, since that happened for like majority of the series, I'm saying Maps by Maroon 5.
  6. Favorite villain: Madara. I hate him, but seriously, you're not gonna deny that he was a good villain.
  7. A ship in the fandom you can't stand: A lot. Don't ask me, just a lot.
  8. Character you have a crush on: Not Tobirama Senju
  9. Favorite quote: "Peace under an illusion is not true peace. It's only meaningful if the real world manages to accomplish it." —Gaara
  10. Anything that will replace the series: Nope. NOPE

Assassin's Creed

Ah, same old game. This was my first video game and I loved it to bits. Ah, how could you not?

  1. First encounter with the game: It was a birthday gift from my sister, and it was awesome.
  2. Favorite female character: Mary Read. Or probably Aveline de Granpre. But definitely Mary Read.
  3. Favorite male character: Ezio. Also Leonardo da Vinci because he's a dork.
  4. Something you wish didn't happen: Ezio's family death. And Connor and his mother's death. So much death!
  5. Song that reminds you of the series: Uh, it's hard to think.
  6. Favorite villain: Haytham. Hands down.
  7. A ship in the fandom you can't stand: Altair/Malik and Ezio/Leo. What the fuck.
  8. Character you have a crush on: No one. Seriously.
  9. Favorite quote: "I realize now that it will take time, that the road ahead is long and shrouded in darkness. It is a road that will not always take me to where I wish to go—and I doubt I will live it to see the end. But I will travel down it nonetheless." —Connor Kenway
  10. Anything that will replace the game: Something with the same mind-blowing graphics and historical accuracy.

Rurouni Kenshin

This was my childhood anime and I didn't understand it when I was seven. But now, since I'm re-watching it, it stuck to me. And it was great.

  1. First encounter with the series: I was seven when I first watched this, and I didn't understand it. But after I watched the live-action, Kyoto Inferno and then Legend's End, I started to re-watch it again, because awesome story line.
  2. Favorite female character: Kaoru. Misao. Megumi. Fucking everyone.
  3. Favorite male character: Despite the complicated back story, Aoshi was cool. And Kenshin. And...Sanosuke. And Yahiko. And Saitō. Well, that clique.
  4. Something you wish didn't happen: Tomoe's death. Ahhh, the unneeded complications.
  5. Song that reminds you of the series: Centuries by Fall Out Boy. Perfect for Kenshin's story.
  6. Favorite villain: Shishio. He was one of those villains who got enough character development for us enough to be sad at his death. And he was a brilliant character too.
  7. A ship in the fandom you can't stand: Kaoru/Megumi and Kaoru/Yahiko. Every pairing with Yahiko that doesn't make fucking sense. Explain this shit!
  8. Character you have a crush on: Pft! Haha! NO one. DEAR GOD SANOSUKE OH GOD DAMN BOY KILL ME NOW
  9. Favorite quote: "A sword is a weapon. Whatever righteous words you use to dress it, swordsmanship is the way to kill." —Himura Kenshin
  10. Anything that will replace the series: Something as good as The Last Samurai. The Last Samurai was great.


If you're so upset with me not updating a story, that's totally fine. I get upset when a favorite story of mine doesn't get updated as well. So if you want to keep track of my story updates, look below.

  1. The Prince of Shadow [Completed: This has become my most successful and only finished fanfic as of the moment. It's complete, so you won't have to worry over anything.
  2. The Shōri [In progress: This is my current most successful Naruto fanfic. It's my most favorite one, and a canon-study story. Due to early planning and an expected ending, I'm going to be completing this, however, it will be long. And I feel it's going to be like my legacy story or something. There's no way in hell I'm abandoning this fic.
  3. Roots and Wind [In progress Hiatus: Due to the many other stories piling up, this one will go on Hiatus as well and will be continued only after the other stories I've posted will be completed. Sorry, guys, the chapters are too long and it's a pain in the ass to type them all.
  4. My Prisoner [MAY be deleted: *Long sigh* Sad to say, friends, I might trash this fic in the nearby future. Sorry, it's just that I lost all inspiration for it and it might as well go down the drain now that I know my OC has all the signs for Mary-Sues. I'm sorry; the last thing I wish to do is to disappoint, and you know that, don't you?
  5. Vagabond [In progress: So far, I'm actively writing this and have already planned it's ending. So expect more updates on this one.
  6. Six Months [In progress: This fic is still undergoing story fixation, and I'm pretty sure I'll update this one a lot.


Okay, so I've been on this site for a year now, and there are things I hate here. Like stories, actions, a lot of things. And below are the things finally revealed and what I have to say about them.

  1. OOCness: This is okay in humor fics; don't worry, I can tolerate them. I do this too, I have to admit. But I only do it when it makes sense, like turning a cold person into one who should know love, so he/she turns all sweet and rainbows. It's okay to make a character OOC, but when you turn a happy-go-lucky lovable person to a cold and cruel asshole without a reason, you've drawn the line.
  2. Yaoi: *Sigh* I respect homosexuality and gayness, but this is taking things too far. I do not approve of anal sex, nor the fact that two males will make out with each other. I'm sorry, Yaoi fangirls, but it's not right. I enjoy Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) to some extent, but all the fanfics I come across is all Yaoi Yaoi Yaoi. Every fandom has like at least one gay shipping. Don't believe me? Go to any fandom and get two male characters, then look at the results below. There are some good pairings out there and I ship a few, I have to admit, but come on, fanfics. On the list with this, I don't like Yuri either.
  3. Rape: I do not understand why people like writing this. Rape is WRONG. It's not normal nor "hot" nor something to get horny over. When it turns violent, it's even worse.
  4. Lemons: I see these things everywhere, in almost very fandom I find. I find these okay, and it can tolerate them to come extent, but when they turn overly descriptive, it gets out of hand. You do not use around 500 words just to describe a person in bed. And I don't understand why the fuck they call it "lemons". Is there an explanation to why you named it a fruit or something? Or the fact that's it's sour or shit like that?
  5. Pedophile stories: I care what the age number is. It's what I look for whenever I'm reading a new OC story or whatever. If it's apart by some 20 or 30, I will not read. You don't pair up a 40 year old man with a 15 year old girl. There are stories like these I come across a lot. And it seems wrong to ship them. Not trying to destroy anyone's OTP or anything, but seriously. STOP.
  6. Incest: I can tolerate these to some extent, like when there's an adopted daughter and an adopted son. Even if I find it a little wrong, I can manage. But when it's blood, it's disgusting. You do not marry your sister, nor have sex with your brother. Just thinking about it makes me cringe.
  7. Canon: If a character did this thing on a certain day, he has to do that thing ON THAT CORRECT CERTAIN DAY. Most canon stories are well-written, but when it comes to things like this that go wrong and the facts get all mixed-up, I find it odd. You can do research, right? It's not hard. I try so hard to keep my story facts straight, just so that I won't fail my own expectations.
  8. Bad grammar and the rest: This is annoying. People who write on this site must write to their best. I have to admit too, that I am not that good a writer, I'm merely making fanfiction like you. But let's get this straight. I hate people who write liek dis and they dont ad capitalised lettrs liek "i" and such and dont care if they dont have propur speling. They also don't put quotation marks when a character speaks. They make sentences really long, and they seem to go on forever. And since it's a new time to fix things up, let's go back to the grammar charts.

You're: contraction of "you are"
Your: shows ownership

It's: contraction of "it is"
Its: shows ownership

We're: we are
Were: past tense of "was"

Their: shows ownership
There: to show distance
They're: contraction of "they are"

As mad and weird and strict as I sound, I don't flame people, but I give constructive criticism when I can. I'm sorry for all the rants though, I just want to tell you what I want to say about things.

Questions? Answers? Oddities? Complaints about my rants? My PM is up and open. Feel free! I'm friendly!

Good luck to you peeps!

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