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Author has written 4 stories for Phantom of the Opera, Spirited Away, and Naruto.

So, hi! I'm just a normal fanfic writer doing normal stuff and normal things. My stories are probably about musicals (Phantom of the Opera and Les Misèrables), games (Assassin's Creed and some Bishock), and anime (too long to list down).

Now, about me. I can tolerate gore, blood, violence, and I watch movies and play games with them (Assassin's Creed :3). I enjoy people in pain, and that's pretty sick, even for me. I play it rough, I'm wild and don't think ahead, and think things can be solves by fighting, using brute force, and revenge (sound familiar, Uchiha fangirls?). Despite my arrogance and my sick and twisted grotesque mind, I'm not a pervert. So all you people out there expecting a lemon from me, I won't. (I don't even know how they do it, okay?) Yeah, I'm naive. I don't think of strategies, and people say I'm a "real leader", and I don't even know why. I'm a bad leader. Just thinking about my personality makes me think of me as the worst leader ever.

I watch anime, but I'm not an otaku. Even I know there's a difference. I watch Shōnen, and a not that much Shōjo. I really love Naruto, also Naruto Shippuden (kinda the same thing) but problem is it has SOOOO MANY fillers. I skip to fights, and I don't watch filler episodes (I feel like I miss a lot because I don't watch them). I also enjoy Shingeki no Kyojin (AKA: Attack on Titan) but it's hard to catch, and I can't watch it that often. I also enjoy watching Jigoku Shōjo (Hell Girl). And of course, no one hates the Miyazaki movies.

I have a good friend on this site, and her name's anime-manga-lover-11. We plan to co-write a bunch of stories (ridiculous ones, just so you know), and our account name is Sand and Sword (don't ask why). I also plan to make a bunch of one-shots and put them in that account, so when you expect one from me, you might as well look there. We haven't written anything yet though. I also have a tumblr, but don't expect anything special there. I also have a Wattpad but don't expect anything special either. And to make my anonymous-ness worse, I just got a deviantart account and I don't even know what I'm supposed to do.

So, let's start.

NAME: My name is the same name of that of your dog's name combined with the name of your banana.

LIKES: This'll be long, so skip this.

DISLIKES: A lot. There's a lot of people I hate too. I'm super scared of fangirls. You should know that by now. *Shudder*

AGE: Insert algebra here.

B-DAY: Another algebra problem. Here's a clue: there's a month in my birth date. :)

GENDER: Female. But I act a lot like a boy, so there.

OCCUPATION: Angel of Music. And the future Kazekage.

SONG/S: I play piano, so there's a lot from me here. There's pieces by Yiruma and Ludovico Eiduani, and Jesper Kyd and Hans Zimmer.

MOVIE/S: Big number here. Skip too.

BOOK/S: This'll be long too. But favorite authors are Neil Gaiman, Rick Riordan, Paolo Cohelo, JRR Tolkien and the rest.

Now. Let's get started. Below are things that I have to say about things, like rants, and they might go on as time progresses.


This will be long, so buckle your seat belts, peeps. But hey, some trivia, are you aware that "Shippuden" means "tornado"?

The series was long and good, and it's gonna hit 400 episodes anytime soon. The characters are plenty and awesome, and it had a brilliant storyline. But there were a lot of rumors that it'll end this year 2014, and even Kishimoto said it himself. But I don't know. Because, admit it, you have a lot of questions too. There's just too much questions and not enough answers, and they all can't be answered when the series ends 2014. Whether the series will end or not, we still gotta brace ourselves for what's to come to us.

I have a really long list of favorite characters and not-favorite characters, and they go on and on and on and on. But I'll be honest here: I dislike Uchihas. Yeah, Uchihas.

I have to admit, there were a few good ones like Itachi. But there's a lot I really don't like in that clan. To make it short, I'll only talk on about the three I dislike A LOT. Sasuke, Obito, and Madara.

Sasuke: Okay, so the first ever Uchiha was pretty much a standout. It was the cool emo attitude, badass-ery, and the spiky duck-ass haircut that had him running from the girls, even in the series itself (Sakura and Ino, Karin if I need say more). If you even remember the first episode of the Chūnin Exam arc, Temari and her bros made their debut, and she even called Sasuke a hottie. Okay, seriously. What the hell.

He became insane with rage that he went so berserk with hatred in Part 2. He was all like "CRUSH ITACHI" then when his brother died protecting him and Tobi/Obito/Madara#2 told him the truth, he was all like "CRUSH KONOHA". I MEAN, HE WAS GONNA KILL THE VILLAGE THAT HIS BROTHER DIED SAVING. Sure, it was to avenge Itachi, but WHY THAT? And I think that the only good thing that he did in his life was kill Danzo. Everyone hates Danzo.

AND NARUTO. Here's where it gets stupid. It's like "I AM THE AVENGER AND I WILL CRUSH ALL IN MY WAY." Naruto's trying his best to help the poor guy, trying to do everything for him, and he's just "STAHP OMG UR NOT MAH FRIEND ANYMORE." The Team 7 reunite on Samurai Bridge? I WAS DROWNING IN STUPID. He won't see them? He's just all "REVENGE"? My god, if he's done avenging, what the hell would he do with his life then?

He lives, again. Other than that, that moment with Rikudō Sennin? And Naruto? That actually looked like some gay wedding right there.

Obito/Tobi: This won't be as long as the other one above, but it's just as much ranting. So, to not make this confusing, Obito is the young Uchiha with the goggles and the unmasked man with Rinnegan. Tobi is the idiot of the Akatsuki.

Obito was okay as a kid and as a part of Team Minato. He was being all competitive with Kakashi and all and crushing on Rin (MY OTP), and he was pretty much foreshadowing Team 7 future. But seriously. He loved Rin that much? That he would run away from Konoha? He could have gotten over it! It would have taken a really long time and he would have killed Kakashi, but SERIOUSLY. GET OVER IT. If you think really about it, it was because that Kakashi killed Rin that the Fourth Great Ninja War started. He started a war because his best friend killed his crush. Can't get more metal than that.

And this Tobi/Obito/Madara#2 crisis. So, it was sorta okay for Obito to be called Tobi when he joined the Akatsuki. But when they started calling him "Madara"? OH MY JEEZ, WHY? Sure, they compared Obito to the real dude, foreshadowing everything (Kyūbi attack and unquenchable hatred for Konoha). But SERIOUSLY. WHY DID HE HAVE TO PLAY ALONG WITH THIS CHARADE? Like when he was battling Konan. The real Madara gave Nagato his Rinnegan, sure. BUT WHY DID OBITO HAVE TO BE ALL LIKE "I was the one who gave Nagato the Rinnegan" WHEN HE KNEW HE DIDN'T REALLY DO IT? It was already getting too confusing, and they made it worse.

True, I get it. But it pissed me off for the time being. Every time I hear someone say "I'm cosplaying as Madara", I'm all like "Which one?" He's a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude.

Then again, he's turned good too. He isn't insane anymore! He's started calling himself Obito again! THANK GOD YES. HE'S SEEN THE LIGHT.

Then again, everyone's subject to eternal damnation because of the asshole that comes next on the list. And you guessed it!

Madara: You might as well sleep when you read this sentence. If you're here to look at my stories or whatever, just go ahead, skip this and scroll down. If you want to read the longest rant here, go ahead.

But hey, let me make something funny here. "Madara" literally translates to "spots". No, really. You can go to google translate now and do it. Perfect name, don't you think? Add to bucket list: get a Dalmatian and name it Madara. Perfect.

So. Let's start with looks. Just close your eyes and picture a monkey with light brown fur. Now picture it wearing Hashirama's samurai cloaks or whatever. Then put some Sharingan. Okay, now take a Christmas Tree, then color it black. Turn it upside down, and attach it to the monkey's head. Okay, good.

The description couldn't be more accurate, right?

Seriously, where did he get his hair? ALL YOU HAVE TO DO TO DRAW HIM IS GET A BLACK CHRISTMAS TREE, TURN IT AROUND, AND ADD A FACE. I AM NOT KIDDING. It's like he tried to cosplay as a porcupine with his hair and failed. And he got it ever since he was a kid. That spiky hair. (Why do all Uchihas have spiky hair?)

Don't get me started on his personality. It's like all the evil in the world clumped up into one dark cold gigantic mass of bad and possessed Madara. He's the biggest bastardic asshole in the entire Shinobi World. He's cold, cruel, and merciless. No Naruto fan has not heard his name. Why do people even want him as a lover? I'm sorry for saying it, but seriously. Looking at his attitude for over 15 episodes and 20 Manga chapters, he'd make a great guy! A great guy as the King of the Douchebags.

He calls battling "dancing". And to boot, he's being super nonchalant about it too. He just crosses his arms, smirks and challenges you straightforwardly like that. I've watched enough action movies to see where this is going. If you throw everything you've got at an enemy but it can't hurt them and they're all cool about it, you're in BIIIGGG trouble. And here Madara is flipping his hair like a fabulous sass king and challenging his enemies to "the dance". You can't get more macabre than that. "Hey, do you want to dance?"


One of the things that makes him absolutely ridun-diculously odd is the fact that he compares everyone to his old rival and wannabe Hashirama. I mean, we've ALL heard him say things like:

"Your power...it reminds me of Hashirama..."

"You've given me quite a dance! You can fight just like Hashirama!"

"I've never seen a power as great as this since I fought Hashirama,""I've never felt so excited since I battled against Hashirama!"


I know, I know. He isn't gay. I'm admiting here and now that he seems straight. I can actually imagine him hitting a couple of girls during his time. But like...EVERYTHING HE EVER SAYS IS RELATED TO HASHIRAMA. I get the fact that he admired the guy for his surpassing and skill but like...dude. He's the only thing you could ever thing about? I mean, getting his cells, and even going as far as to merge their wills (Zetsu), like. Maaaannnnnnn.

And this recent thing? It gets kinda messy.

Have you read the new chapters? Well, if you didn't, let me recap. Madara is the most powerful man who has ever existed on this planet next to Goku. He is invulnerable to any type of jutsu that has existed or will exist. And I have a list to prove it.

  1. Ninjustu: If you have the Rinnegan, you can absorb any type of ninjustu that will be unleashed upon you, even something as powerful as Particle Style won't hurt you. And guess who has that dojustu now!
  2. Taijustu: Someone got Hashirama's healing justu, a justu that can heal any type of wound, big or small, without having to weave a single sign. Madara got his arm ripped off, his body pierced with a hundred blades and even tackled nine times by nine tailed beasts and guess what? Yeah, still "alive". Not to mention he was able to fight of an ENTIRE Shinobi Alliance ON HIS OWN only using taijustu.
  3. Genjustu: He's an Uchiha. Enough is said.
  4. Nature Transformation: Fire Style? Check. Wood Style? Check. Two powerful Nature Transformations that are efficient in battle and that oppose each other are usually the most powerful in combat. And guess what? Rinnegan again. He has the ability to use all Five Transformations.
  5. Bukijustu: A sickle complete with kunais and sharp blade. And did I forget to mention he has an indestructible gunbai that aids him in Fire Style?
  6. Summoning: Read. GEDO STATUE.
  7. Dōjustu: With his brother, he was one of the first Uchiha that awakened the Mangekyō Sharingan, and his brother gave him the ETERNAL Mangekyō Sharingan. What else do I have to say? With this, there's another sub-list. Powerful Ocular Justu such as Amaterasu, Tsukiyomi, Susano'o, Izanagi and Izanami can be unlocked with the Mangekyō. And guess what? We've seen him use Susano'o a buncha times. And he can practically CONTROL the Kyūbi using the Sharingan.

    Oh hoooh, and this one's good.

  8. Jinchūriki Transformations: He was able to seal the Jūbi inside of himself. And have you seen his new form? JūbiMadara (Jūdara?)=Ultimate Apocalypse

Basically, he's cloning himself too. He said whoever wants to follow the Eye of the Moon plan has to be called a Madara. Obito once followed it, and now he regrets it (THANK GOD), and instead of calling himself Madara like he used to, he started calling himself Obito (THANK GOD). Madara protested against this, saying Obito's name was Madara. No, seriously. He said, "Your name is Madara!" So if a buncha lot of people want to follow the plan, they'll be called Madaras? An army of Madaras? (An army of Spots?) TWO WERE BAD ENOUGH. And he's saying his own name. Do it. Say your own name aloud now. See how awkward it feels?

If he's going to kill everyone, WHO'S GOING TO ENJOY ETERNAL TSUKIYOMI? NO ONE.

Behold, the creation of the epilogue to Naruto Shippuden: Madara Shippuden. Like 20/10 would watch.

Although, I've seen Naruto kick his ass with a hella-awesome lava Rasenshuriken. YOU'RE GOING DOWN, MAN.

Let's not dwell so much on these Uchihas. Let's move on to what I want to say about all the other characters that I need to clarify from a fellow fan's point of view. I'll do this slowly per character, but let's start.

Uzumaki Naruto: Protagonist start, I need to say so. Otherwise, I don't know how'd I start this, in honesty.

When I was first introduced to the series, I liked the fact that it started off with a hyperactive exuberant guy who is all-out optimistic. That kind of hero-figure is absolutely epic, and for the fact that everyone loves a guy like that. I have to admit, he was annoying at some points, but other than that, he was still epic.

But then, some people toss him out into an OOC pit. He becomes like Sasuke! I mean, in what universe can I hear Naruto saying "Whatever, loser."? NONE. And I understand for the fact that he can be ruthless and hardheaded and militant just like our asshole Madara, but it's not like he isn't smart! He can be smart!

And this gayness.

...I'm not going to talk about it anymore.

Haruno Sakura: *Heavy breathing* We got to this point. Let's get it on a roll.

I have to agree with the majority, at one point, she was useless. That point in time where she would always yell "Naruto! Sasuke! Save me!" and would stand in the sidelines like a useless cheerleader. And the fact that she fangirled over Sasuke MAJORLY gave me a headache. Like, man, she just acts all mean to Naruto and all butterflies and rainbows on Sasuke. I can't be the only one pissed about that.

I get it, man. I agree.

But then, my view changed when she became a disciple of Tsunade and trained under her. She became, if not, a little more badass. Sure, I still get a little pissed when she hits Naruto a lot, but she grew to be some sort of Tsunade incarnate. I know, I know, she used to be useless. But then, like, cracking the ground like an earthquake hit it just with a fist! Not to mention that she was able to kill Sasori with the help of Chiyo, save Kankuro's life, work alongside Tsunade to save Konoha from Pein's attack. And she's currently trying to save Naruto's life.

Call me me weird, but still, it's kind of a surprise to me why people are still calling her useless.

Hatake Kakashi: I don't know, but my first impression of Kakashi was that he was a slick cool-headed badass porn-loving somewhat annoying lightning bending book-worming swaggalicious hell of a teacher.

I get for the fact that he as pretty swag. I am not kidding. Even as a young kid of what, 13, he had the girls running to him (RIN). And he was a jōnin! Can't be more epic than that. Or the fact that he has silver/white gravity-defying hair and this smooth easygoing attitude and voice (I love his dubbed voice :3).

A common stereotype of Kakashi is that he's a rapist. He isn't! Just because he reads stuff like Jiraiya's novels of porn doesn't mean that he's a seductive freak. He can be pretty mature if he isn't easygoing (but like 200% of Kakashi is easygoing), and he knows what he's doing! He isn't a pedophile! Sure, he can be classified as a pervert, but come on. You can't just pair him up with everyone, damn it.

Actually, in my opinion, one of the good Kakashi ships is him with the Mizukage Meī. It makes some sense! It seems good and decent.

But one of the things that pissed me off was that before Shippuden, he favored Sasuke more than Naruto. I mean, he taught the Uchiha the Chidori and left the other two students to watch and bask in the glory of all things lightning. Why couldn't he teach the other two? I'm pretty sure I can't explain why not Sakura, but for Naruto, I can explain. Maybe it was the fact that Naruto reminded him too much of his old sensei (Minato), and he trys to stray away from his past, thus neglecting Naruto. I understand your emotional backstory man, but seriously, you could just teach all of them equally. Right?

But Sakura's done with Tsunade, and so is Naruto with Jiraiya. Then again, the Rasenshuriken was a pretty epic move, so well done, man.

Before I end the Kakashi thing, I'd like to introduce something about him that's been pissing me off ever since the day I started watching Naruto.

600 chapters.

Over 570 episodes

10 movies

10 OVAs

A frikin' Chibi Spin-off series

And the greatest question in the entire Naruto universe is:


Sai: I don't have much to say here, but I still have stuff to say nonetheless.

Just because he's showing off his midriff DOES NOT MEAN HE'S GAY. Like, guys come on. Why are we pairing him up with guys? What, because we thought he was gay? Guys, if he actually covered his midriff, would we think him gay?


And Sai/Ino seems decent and okay, doesn't it?

Hyūga Hinata: We got to the little adorable girl who falls head-over-heels in love. She's just so kawaii. :3

One of the things that piss me off about the fandom is that some people call Hinata weak, useless, and utterly dependent on her team-mates. She isn't! She isn't weak. She's a Hyūga for crying out loud! She can do the Gentle Fist great, and not to mention she can put that Byakugan to good use too. She isn't useless. She can defend herself! In the anime arc of the Sanbi Chase, she was able to take on a clone of Guren and the real Guren all by herself! And last but not least, she definitely isn't dependent on her team-mates. She can actually fight alone. Guess what, she fought Pein. Yeah, ALONE.

And one of the things that the people go overboard with her trademark stuttering. Most people only stutter once and usually last or first word in the sentence. U-usually like t-this. N-n-n-n-n-n-n-not l-l-l-l-like t-t-t-this.

And yes, she never (or rarely) goes outburst or yells at people. The only time I ever saw her so rude and straightforward was in the Road to Ninja movie. Why do people still do it? Yeah, it's acceptable some times, but still.

Inuzuka Kiba: Naruto? Except with a dog, slit eyes, dog, animal senses and beef jerky loving? Yessiree.

As I said earlier, Kiba's personality is quite similar to Naruto's. And as much as it is, it's kind of weird that people are throwing him into an OOC plot hole like Naruto. And come on, he isn't THAT attached to Akamaru. Sure, they've been best friends forever and what but seriously, come on. There have to be SOME times where the dog has to be left with his sister or something.

Nara Shikamaru: He's my laziness incarnate. No, really. I'm as lazy as him.

Remember, guys: his laziness level is equal to his genius level. Some fanfics make him look incredibly stupid even if he isn't. Haven't we forgotten he's defeated his sensei in shōgi? Or the fact that his IQ is 200?

Sure, he might be lazy, but he's one hell of a smart-ass.

Yamanaka Ino: A girl diagnosed with Teenage Girly-Girl syndrome. Not sure if that's a deadly disease though (probably is).

She was kinda scary at the start if the series and during the debut. Overly attached fangirl? Yes! Her addiction to Sasuke is unhealthy. I mean, am I the only one who noticed that? She was even scarier that Sakura! And that's saying a lot!

She got mature-er in Part II. And people are still making her over obsessive as hell! And why are people pairing her with Naruto? Sorry, guys, if you're a shipper, it's just not my thing.


Okay, so I've been on this site for a year now, and there are things I hate here. Like stories, actions, a lot of things. And below are the things finally revealed and what I have to say about them.

1. OOCness. This is okay in humor fics; don't worry, I can tolerate them. I do this too, I have to admit. But I only do it when it makes sense, like turning a cold person into one who should know love, so he/she turns all sweet and rainbows. It's okay to make a character OOC, but when you turn a happy-go-lucky lovable person to a cold and cruel asshole without a reason, you've drawn the line.

2. Yaoi. *Sigh* I respect homosexuality and gayness, but this is taking things too far. I do not approve of anal sex, nor the fact that two males will make out with each other. I'm sorry, Yaoi fangirls, but it's not right. I enjoy Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) to some extent, but all the fanfics I come across is all Yaoi Yaoi Yaoi. Every fandom has like at least one gay shipping. Don't believe me? Go to any fandom and get two male characters, then look at the results below.

On the list with this, I don't like Yuri either.

3. Rape. I do not understand why people like writing this. Rape is WRONG. It's not normal nor "hot" nor something to get horny over. When it turns violent, it's even worse.

4. Lemons. I see these things everywhere, in almost very fandom I find. I find these okay, and it can tolerate them to come extent, but when they turn overly descriptive, it gets out of hand. You do not use around 500 words just to describe a person in bed.

5. Pedophile stories. I care what the age number is. It's what I look for whenever I'm reading a new OC story or whatever. If it's apart by some 20 or 30, I will not read. You don't pair up a 40 year old man with a 15 year old girl. There are stories like these I come across a lot. And it seems wrong to ship them. Not trying to destroy anyone's OTP or anything, but seriously.

6. Incest. I can tolerate these to some extent, like when there's an adopted daughter and an adopted son. Even if I find it a little wrong, I can manage. But when it's blood, it's disgusting. You do not marry your sister, nor have sex with your brother. Just thinking about it makes me cringe.

7. Story facts that are wrong. If a character killed a guy on this certain day, he has to kill the guy ON THAT CORRECT CERTAIN DAY. Most canon stories are well-written, but when it comes to things like this that go wrong and the facts get all mixed-up, I find it odd. You can do research, right? It's not hard. I try so hard to keep my story facts straight, just so that I won't fail my own expectations.

8. Bad grammar and the rest. This is annoying. People who write on this site must write to their best. I have to admit too, that I am not that good a writer, I'm merely making fanfiction like you. But let's get this straight. I hate people who write liek dis and they dont ad capitalised lettrs liek "i" and such and dont care if they dont have propur speling. They also don't put quotation marks when a character speaks. They make sentences really long, and they seem to go on forever. And since it's a new year and a new time to fix things up, let's go back to the grammar charts.

You're: you are
Your: shows ownership
We're: we are
Were: past tense of "was"
Their: shows ownership
There: to show distance
They're: they are

As mad and weird and strict as I sound, I don't flame people, but I give constructive criticism when I can. I'm sorry for all the rants though, I just want to tell you what I want to say about things.

Questions? Answers? Oddities? Complaints about my rants? My PM is up and open. Feel free! I'm friendly!

Good luck to you peeps!

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My Prisoner reviews
When a spy thought to work for the Senju is captured by the Uchiha clan, she has to realize that the only thing captured is her heart, stolen by the feared clan leader Uchiha Madara. Madara/OC and set era BK: Before Konoha.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 11 - Words: 38,078 - Reviews: 20 - Favs: 31 - Follows: 43 - Updated: 4/17 - Published: 12/29/2013 - [Madara U., OC] Izuna U., Hashirama S.
The Shōri reviews
The Akatsuki reveal their plans to capture the Bijū, but standing against them are the Bijū hosts themselves. The nine jinchūriki team up and form a group called "The Shōri", and they plan to fight the Akatsuki with everything they've got. Their motto is "We fight the hunters using the power of the beasts themselves." Akatsuki vs Jinchūriki fights and training. Definitely an AU.
Naruto - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 12 - Words: 35,965 - Reviews: 33 - Favs: 48 - Follows: 66 - Updated: 4/10 - Published: 11/29/2013 - Naruto U., Yugito N., Rōshi, Fū
The Prince of Shadow reviews
Chihiro came back to the Spirit World. But she never expected to fall in love again. She falls for a mysterious man called the Prince of Shadow, and Haku has his suspicions. Soon, a love triangle forms, and Chihiro finds her life at stake for the one she loves. Chihiro/OC and Chihiro/Haku
Spirited Away - Rated: T - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 13 - Words: 20,233 - Reviews: 76 - Favs: 39 - Follows: 37 - Updated: 10/21/2013 - Published: 4/1/2013 - [Chihiro O., Kohaku N., OC] - Complete
Once Again reviews
The Opera house is rebuilt, and Erik is calling it his "playground" again. The managers say they've learned their lesson and that they won't do anything wrong after they were given their second chance. But after a sequence of tragic events happen, leading to a masquerade ball wedding massacre, has the Opera House been plagued by the Phantom of the Opera again?
Phantom of the Opera - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 6 - Words: 10,982 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 2/27/2013 - Published: 1/17/2013 - Erik, Christine