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Heey :D

Damn- I really don't know what to write here.. so... this might become a whole lot of crap :D and I'll probably just write down any random stuff that comes to my mind here and it'll probably be quite boring... but anyway.. I warned you xP

I'm 16, female, live in germany and I LOVE MattxMello!! you might already have guessed from my name. :D *fangirlscream* ...they are just fuckin' fabulous! They are so great I don't even know how to express how great they are! well.. I don't know how to express it in any other way than *mega-fangirlscream* xD

I'm childish (kinda stuck at the age of five or something xD), probably quite pesky most of the time and immature as hell. oh - and I'm like consequently tired, I could sleep all day if I wanted... or even if not xD. I loooove hippopottamuses (mostly for their name xD) and foxes - they're freaking awesome!! I wan't those as pets someday... don't really think that's gonna work... I hate my real name, therefore I love the name Choco even more - (I got that name as a nickname of my username).
I can be confusing and confused at the same time and often no one actually understands what I mean...
I'm pretty much weird and somehow crazy too and I even have a confirmation from a psychologist xD //FuckYeah!//

That's it.. I guess :) soo... if you have any questions .. or anything.. it doesn't even have to be questions... it could be anything you want to talk about.. or anything you want to tell me.. or .. well just anything,... then write me! :D


PS: since I tend to forget to write the disclaimer at every story I'm just going to write it here

Disclaimer: I don't own Death Note or anything... :)

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Lovestories aren't written. They just happen because there's ground to let them happen. Or maybe because some changes are possible... Matt, homophobic, Mello, gay, and the ground's giving in under their feet...
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Miheal, beaten by his father, rescued by L. Mail, imprisoned by his mother, saved by L. Mail, Matt. Miheal, Mello. Mello comes to Wammy's and meets the gamer Matt, and somehow they find comfort and love in the other, and slowly they begin to heal. Something darker and more horrific than Matt's Wardobe and Mello's Knife threatens to break them now. Something from Hell. Complete.
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Life starts now reviews
Mello comes back right after the abduction of Kiyomi Takada and saw the report of Matt being dead on the TV, but is he really dead? Is Mello's sorrow really reasonable? MattxMello / yaoi
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Happy X-Mas - english reviews
Matt - in opposite to all the other kids in Whammy's - hates Christmas. But this year there's somehing different - there's a new kid and he seems no to be the only one hating on Christmas anymore... Matt Pov/ MattxMello/ yaoi/ english
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