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Nothing really interesting. I am Araelia Lambert, a normal 16 year old with nothing better to do with her time than write fanfics. My main subject WOULD be Dragonriders of Pern, but Anne McCaffrey doesn't want fanfics written about her stories. *grumbles* so unfair. Anyhow, I'm a big fan of a few things:
Anne McCaffrey,
J.R.R. Tokien,
Orson Scott Card
Orlando Bloom (*fidgets uncomfortably* you say Legoluster like it's a _bad_ thing),
and horses, horses, horses.
I spend most of my time RPing (roleplaying, for those of you that don't know), writing fanfics, writing poetry... writing just about anything, really.
I enjoy the remarks of critics, though I do get sick of "YOUR SITE STINKS" over and over. I want to know _what_ you hated about it so I can fix it!
*reads over bio* yup, that's about it... Rae, the Writer, over and out.

The part that everyone hates about bios: where I talk about all of these people that you have never met.

Many thanks to Gwen, Mel, Stef, Jenn, Queen and Coolie; without all of them my fanfics would be very, very bleh (or more 'bleh' than they already are). You guys have my eternal gratitude (well, maybe not ETERNAL... does weekly work?), and keep on writing those wonderful stories and RPs! Gwen, you are the first person who REQUIRED me to write a good post! Thankie! Mel, you and Gwen tie for the 'best author I have EVER met' award! Keep RPing those great ones, and let's get back to writing that fanfic! Stef, you are a good and loyal friend. You keep secrets and you don't think I talk too much. And you're an Orlando fan too, yay! Jenn, you are the best talker I know in real life, yet you never seem to tell my secrets. You keep me updated on all of the happenings at school. Thanks for the heads-up on Certain People, and thanks for being my own little walking homework agenda ^^. Coolie, you have no idea how hard it was to stay sane while you were in Greece! Don't leave us again! Queen, you rock! You're a great RPer, and a wonderful friend; everything I could ask for in an internet buddy.
Anyhow, just wanted to let the world know that I have the COOLEST friends helping me with this thing.

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