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Author has written 11 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragon Knights, Pet Shop of Horrors, Demon Diary, Berserk, and Harry Potter.

Rath- Hello, people, c’est moi, Rath Set-Seraph!Whao, some of you out there are willing to see what the author behind the stories is like!
Set- Rather cocky, aren’t you?
Rath- Shut-up. Well, in looking at my past bios, I discovered that I don’t have much info on myself.
Set- Revenge...
Rath- sigh Yeah… He’s thirsty for revenge now.
Set- That’s right, do you have a thirst for victory, a hunger for glory? Well… you WON’T find it here!

Rath- Yeah… Well, I like to read, write yadda yadda as I said before.
Reading- Fantasy, horror, sci-fi,some mystery
Books I suggest in no particular order
1.Voyage of Jerle Shannara (Terry Brooks)
2.Underworld (Based off the screenplay)
3.Lord of the Rings (actually really boring in the beginning)
4. GOOD OMENS IS THE BEST BOOK EVER. I'm sorry. I'm done now.
5.The picture Of Dorian Gray
6. Jane Eyre (I have no idea why, but I love it!)
7. THe Teeth of the Tiger
8. The da vinci code
9. The Devil in Music
10. The Importance of being Earnet
11. Memoirs of a Geisha
12. The Thief

Writing- Humor, action/adventure, I'm workin' on a book to be published now.
Drawing- Is basically one of the things I live for.

A. Fav. Manga/anime-though areCowboy Bebop,Inu-Yasha, Yu-gi-oh, Demon Diary, Peacemaker Kurogane, Vampire Game, Saiyuki and Petshop of Horrors. Used to like Berserk, Griffith was cool, until he completley turned to some jerk when he turned into Femto.
B. Fav. color- Blood Red, Black, silver and Dark Purple.
C. Vicious (mais, elle est tres mignonne) dog and an egoistic cat and some clueless fish (my favorite being Maximillian Von Lloyd Charles Alexandre the third).
D. Fav characters= Bakura(Ryou too, I guess) Seto Kaiba, Jonouchi, Marik, (all from Yu-gi-oh) Ryouga, Ramna, (from Ranma 1/2) Rath, Fire, Gil, Fedelta, Bierrez,(from Dragon Knights)Sesshou-Maru, Inu-yasha,(from Inu-yasha) Hiei, Kurama,(YU YU Hakusho) Shido,(from Night Walker) Eclipse, (Demon Diary) Spike (CowBoy Bebop), Count D, Leon (from PetShop of Horrors), Sanzo, Gojyo (Saiyuki), Aziraphale, Crowley and Adam (Good Omens),Soji and Hijikata (from Peacemaker Kurogane).
E. Fav. Anime-see fav. manga, though some of the dubbings suck.
F. Some weird questions that have come up over my years of life
Q-Why do all Bishounen have long hair?
A- Bishounen- An attractive or/and a feminine one. Let’s not go there… Not that there’s anything wrong with them.

Q-Is it wrong to want a dead person?
A- No, it is not wrong. -()

Q-Do creampuffs taste good?
A-We have yet to figure that out. _ I’ve heard they’re yummy though.

Q-Is being dead like sleeping?
A-“You just diminished all my hopes of an afterlife…” Let’s hope that isn’t the answer. 0_0

Q-If Joey were real, would he be hot?
A-He would be alright, nice on the eyes, but not to die for.

Q-What does one do after they have taken over the world?
A-We have yet to figure that out. Trial and error seems good in this case.
(except with out the error _~)

Q-Would Kaiba Seto be able to fit into Bakura Ryou’s pants?
A- He would probably be able to fit into them. Skin-tight anyone? And Ryou’s about a head shorter… So, would anyone like a side order of low-ride? Oh, and all that comes with our special, ‘Hentai Mind.’
I do have no idea by the way, where they came from. 0_o Except for the Pants thing which is from one of my stories.

G. Piano, very beautiful music...but very deadly at the same time... Picking up violin and guitar too. I try.
H. I d-

Set- Shut-up, my turn! I’m Khusiaaset, call me Set, (loo-ong name, I know, father and mother were obsessed w/ 's's too...), a cool dude with blond-brown hair and red and black eyes. For those of you who don't know how to pronounce it, 'koo-sie-a-seit' Alrighty? I lived around 1527 C.E. in Kemet, where I was born into a secret gang of Set worshippers, did the think that the cult of Het (er,Horus, for the greek lovers out there.) could wipe us out!
Rath- Someone's angry...
Set-I think not. My first tomb robbed was that of the Scorpian King, wa waz his name, when I was seven, well, he was real people and I robbed his tomb. That dude was before Menes! Nothin' that special in the tomd though, but I did take a game. It was pretty. Sold it for some gold. shrug
Rath- He’ll go on forever, believe me, he likes to talk, especially when it’s about him…
Set- My brother on the other hand went into the scribe business, but only got stung by a scorpion when he betting with a few friends of his, he always was a gambling addict so when he died mommy got all depressed and wanted another kid, we-eeeirrd. So, me got a sister.
Rath- Oh, boy…
Set- My mommy wanted me to become a scribe to the king, not pharaoh, that’s only a Hebrew thing… Well, any way, and my daddy wanted me to become a mighty warrior person, thing…
Rath- arches eyebrow
Set- Officer or somethin'. But I didn’t want to go away or work hard. So I though maybe priest person was the thing for me, but I didn’t think that the leopard skin would bode well with my skin tone, and I like my hair, as odd as it is, and un-Kemet it is. Hell with it, i love my hair! And eyebrows!
Rath- Skin tone? Hair? He’s beginning to get very feminine…
Set- Too many of those so I…
Rath- Escape while you can, people, he’ll go on forever, well, ja ne. I’m writing another fic, so it should be up soon enough.
Set- And then I saw the pretty gold and silver thingy and I wanted it so…
Set- Uh, yeah, buh-hye people. And then so, wait a second, you people aren’t gonna stick around for what I did for the last couple millennia?
Rath- Now, that would take us a few more millennia… NOW, we’re really going…

Random Quotations-

Ou est ta vache sacree?
Shut-up before I shove my boot so far up your ass you'll taste leather! (Yu Yu Hakusho I think)

I came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum and I just ran outta bubblegum. (Yu-gi-oh)

Don't give me any of that damned happy-go-lucky-something-dandy attitude. (My friend)

Love Trials, teen idols, cross-dressing...just another typical day at school. (Don't remember)

He'd lose some of his happy-go-lucky, loosey-goosey, who-gives-a-good-God-damn attitude. (Fake)

Oh, I feel like I got smacked in the medulla oblongata with a cast iron skillet. (Demon Diary)

There never was an apple, in Adam's opinion, not worth the touble you got into for eating it. (Good Omens)

Sweet merciful crap! (Van Von Hunter)

Instant teen, just add nuts. (?)

How dare you equate my face to a beet! (Demon Diary)

Always forgive your enemies, nothing annoys them so. (Oscar Wilde)

"...he's been twenty nine for the past twenty nine years." (me at one of my grandparent's b-day parties)

Some of my Notes-
Rath-V-day was not made to celebrate love; but to ridicule the single.


Rath- We're taking a break, okay? We'll be very busy for the next couple of months and will honestly try to post when we can, but don't expect any real chapters 'till maybe the end of the year.

Set-We're so bad.

Rath- I know.

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