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HIYA! I'm MoryWorgy and I'm new here so please be kind. I love to read, write, and draw.

My Favorite stories: Avengers, AvP, Pirates of the Caribbean, Naruto, Transformers, and Others :p

Age: who cares

Sex: Girl

Color: Caucasian

State: USA baby

Fav Color(s): blue, purple, and lime green

Fav food: Chicken Alfredo lol

Accent: Southern - yea im a redneck

well thanks for readin and if y'all want a pic with ur story look me up. :)

OC (From Do What?)

Name: Lea James

Age : looks 20 but is 184

Hair: Dark Brown almost black

Eyes: Pearl and pale white (Like Riddick basically who i'm basing her on but with my twist)

Clothes: Black Goggles, black cargo pants, combat boots, navy blue tank top, waterproof backpack, and fingerless gloves.

Weapons: Knives, Pistols, and her bow and arrows. (the knives and pistols are hooked to a leather belt around her waist.

Personality: Quiet, sarcastic, calm, patient, understanding, sneaky, tomboy, mean streak, not really into science likes to fight.

Abilities: Animal like reflexes, can see in the dark, calm down the inner beast with er eyes.

Animal: Black Tiger with white stripes.

Interest: Dr. Bruce Banner/Hulk

OC (From Love Found in Three)

Name: Joey Ann Johnson (Jo or Mutt)

Class: Mutant - Beta(Level 3)

Military: Major

Relation: Stepsister to Logan and Victor

Age: 132

Height: 5'4

Weight: 152

Hair: Short wild Caramel with dark brown bangs

Eyes: left is brown, right is green

Skin: Tan and freckles

Ability: Shape shift into a large dog, healing factor, adamantium bone claws, super sense and agility. Also has fighting knowledge and weapon knowledge.

Clothes: Army Garbs, boots, and dog tags.

Name: Mutt

Height: Large Size 6'5 (shoulders come up to hulks chest)

Medium Size 36 in (Great Dane size at a year old, shoulders go to waist)

Small Size 30 in (Puppy at 5 months old, fun sized able to carry)

Weight: L 452 M 160 S 100

Fur: Medium length Caramel with dark brown ears, eye brow marks, tail, and a few small spots

Eyes: Same as before

Ears: Straight

Breed: Great Dane and Husky mix

Able to talk in dog form.

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Love Found in Three reviews
Major Joey Ann Johnson and her team has been called from Afghanistan to base for an important briefing. Will she make the cut for the Avengers? This ol' dog still has some tricks up her sleeves. She earned her stars but will she earn more if chosen, perhaps love or loves? (RE-WRITING THIS STORY) Title will probably be changed. IDK yet :)
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