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I'm a high schooler who loves Teen Titans to an unhealthy degree as well as Higurashi/Umineko, Mass Effect, Rune Factory and lots of other stuff like that. I enjoy reading and writing things that make me laugh or cry, or squeal with delight at the fluffiness!! Any idea is a good idea, and no matter how awful it is, I will probably post my brain vomit (when I write without thinking) all over the interwebs, hoping that if one person cracks a smile at it, that it was worth it!

So if anything I write makes anyone smile or frown, then it was worth it! Telling me if it did so is a great way to make my day, so review, review, review! :D

OR(more likely) if I suck, tell me that too, and tell me what you think will make my writing suck less so that it can be awesome! I don't mind being told that my writing is bad, just be polite about it.

Some weirdness about me: I often compare stories to food. For example I would say most romance books are like potato chips, tasty, but not filling, (and if you don't watch yourself you'll eat the whole bag in one sitting!) Short and fluffy drabbles are like candy, sweet and short! Then I like Mysteries, which are more like basic meals for me (due to how many I read) I love me some mystery-Yum! (I have no idea...don't ask me how my brain works.) Superheros are like pizza, because even when it's cheesy, it's still delicious! Comedy is comfort food...etc. In short what I'm trying to say is: Stories are DELICIOUS!!! (Unless it is the bland oatmeal and vegetables of non-fiction...bleh!)


Here are my favorite couples from some of my favorite shows/books/movies/video games/etc

Teen Titans (animated series):


Raven/Cyborg (don't give me that look! It could happen...In my world...)

Robin/Starfire (They're cute and my shipping is not exclusive, I don't ship all these pairings at the same time mind you...)

Slade/Robin,Terra,Raven (MWAHAHAHA!!)

Beast Boy/Terra

Young Justice:


Kid Flash/Artemis

The Dresden Files:

Harry/Murphy (OTP doesn't even begin to describe me feelings for this couple...!)

Mass Effect:


I also randomly ship lots of other couples, I do enjoy most of the love interests, I just like Kaidan best 'cause he was my first LI and stayed that way for my original play through of the trilogy! My other favorite couples:


MaleShep/Tali (You can't not love them! They are too cute!)


FemShep/MaleShep? (It could happen! In an alternate universe...)

For those not versed in Tv Tropes, I am sorry for the times I lapse into speaking like that website. (It's a site all about categorizing fiction, basically, it's also very addictive... and they often speak in Tropes that those who use the site understand to explain things faster, sometimes I lapse into speaking with tropes as well)

As a general rule of thumb I like Battle Couples with lots of UST/BST, and Foe Yay (Shipping mortal enemies) is my Guilty Pleasure.

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