Numbuh 8 da pyon n' Megawatt
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Author has written 3 stories for Codename: Kids Next Door, and Mucha Lucha.

Fave food:Japanese Food
Fave Anime:Konjiki no Gashbell,Hamtaro,Sailor Moon,and Tokyo Mew Mew
Fave cartoons:Codename Kids Next Door,Teen Titans, Code:Lyoko,Totally Spies,Mucha Lucha!
Fave Characters:#4(C:KND),Megawatt(Mucha Lucha)(Numbuh 8:hugs him tight Megawatt:face really blue must... need...oxygen...) ,Zero Kelvin(Mucha Lucha)glomps,Aelita(Code:Lyoko),Odd(Code:Lyoko)
Hates:My braces,and SCHOOL AHHHH THE HORROR!

Fan Membuhs
Numbuh 636 AKA the Chilled One
Real Name:Karimah Laroque
Appearence:Auburn hair with a spikey ponitail
magenta tank top (the spaghetti strap kind) ,beige skirt,white sandals with straps, 3 pierceings in both ears, and a necklace,green eyes,and peachy skin
Nationality:1/2 French 1/2 Lebanese
Personality:Chilled but more entuhsastic than Numbuh 5, sometimes gets bad tempered if she gets too annoyed,shy around the boy who she's flirting at (Numbuh 8 D.P:Which is Chibi Wally-Kun._~ Numbuh 4:STOP CALLING ME THAT! =O),and sometimes combative(yes she knows matiral arts)
Likes:Numbuh 4 (Numbuh 8 D.P:He's falling in love with #3& her.Numbuh 4:That's my secret! _ Numbuh 8 D.P:It's not a secret anymore MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)and candy with sugar
Hates The Delightful Children From Down The
Lane,adults,healthy stuff,Lizzie,and country music
HQ Room:Has a soda vending machine,a purple couch,lilac carpet,a big bed with lilac&purple sheets.

Numbuh 8 D.P:The other 2 will appear on my future KND fics.

Numbuh 717 AKA The Wierd One
Real Name:Brandon Webster
Appearence:Black hair but always in a mohawk,Dark green tanktop with sunglasses hanging down from the collar,Black jeans,Black combat boots,and peachy skin,and brown eyes
Height: Appoxomantly 4'5"
Personality:Very Very weird,but really get cranky if he missed the missions.
Likes:Candy,Sugar,Legos,and missions
Hates: DCFDTL,sugar free candy,vegtables,adults
HQ Room:Filled with Legos,has a chair but made out of legos,the bed is made out legos expect the matress&the sheets (They are dark green)

Numbuh 848 AKA The Hyper One
Real Name: Megumi Nakazawa
Appearence: Black hair but brown when sun shines on her hair put in a ponitail with a light purple string,A baby pink almost sleeveless T-Shirt that has a dark pink 848 on it,a denim skort,navy sandals,beaded braclet with dolphins of different colors,charm braclet with pink rhinestones on it,cherry studed earrings,and the skin is lighter than #5 (well a tiny bit),brown eyes
Nationality:1/2 Japanese 1/2 American
Personality:Hyper but less hyper than #3 (and smarter),bad tempered(she does keep it herself) when adults tell her what to do,shy around speeches.
Likes: Sour candy,shiny stuff,anime,and drawing comics.
Hates: DCFDTL,Lizzie,vegitables,bees,thunder storms,spiders,and adults.
HQ Room:Has some stuffed animals,a computer,an X-Box,bed with light purple and milky pink sheets.

Fan Titan
Appearence: purple hair up to her back,wearing a dark purple sleeve less shirt that shows her stomach,wears a denim mini skirt with a belt with an amethyst jewel on it the jewel on her belt glows when is danger,black mini boots,Purple&Black spikey earrings(yes her ears are pierced),little paler skin than a human.
Personality: She's calm most of the time,if she eats dark chocolate she gets hyper,she's shy around Cyborg.
Other Bio:Has a crush on Cyborg.From Planet Cosmins,She is able to control the stars and revive people
Likes:Her team mates,Cyborg,sherberts
Hates: People insaulting her crush&her team mates,villians,and SLADE!

Fan Spies
Jessica Anna
Spy Suit Color:Teal
Personality:Most energetic& toughest spy from the spies,she's the first to go in to action,she's tough when enimies makes her too angry.
Appearence:Brown hair with light brown streaks,with a ponitail a little bit past her shoulders,hazel eyes
Likes:her partners,sports,milkshakes
Hates:Mandy,villians,boring movies
Other facts: She is the only one out of the team who doesn't like David.

Spy Suit: Pink
Personality: She is very cheery and happy-go-lucky
Appearence:Brown hair with light brown streaks,hazel eyes,hair is chest length
Likes:Her sister and friends and shopping
Hates:Villians and Mandy
Other facts: J.A is her older sister

Code:Lyoko Fan Character
Name:Tyra Diotrephes
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Eye Color:Her right eye color is blue her left eye is green
Nationality:1/2 Greek 1/2 English
Appearence on Earth:A white french sleeve shirt with a star on it,Her intial necklace,a normal denim long skirt,star shaped chain belt with light purple jewels inside of the belt,white skechers sneakers with light blue stripe,aquamarine studs,and her hair is down and her hair length is halfway to the bottom of her back
Appearence on Lyoko:A blue sleeveless chinese top,a yellow-orange ribbon on her waist(kinda like Yumi's),a navy skirt,Twisted ponitail,and black boots.
Weapon on Lyoko:Kunais in her hair
Special abilty:Agility
Personality: She is very energetic and act bossy when she's mad
Likes:Her friends,the color light purple,and ice cream sundae
Hates: Sissi (even though Tyra hates her she doesn't show meaness to Sissi),Herb,and Nicholas,and people teasing someone(when she is in a bad mood)
Other bio: She has crush on Odd.

Mucha Lucha Fan Charas
Fiery Ruby
Hair color:Blond with red streaks
Mask Color:Red-Orange and Orange with a fire mark on the forehead part of her mask
Outfit:Red-Orange T-Shirt,Orange short shorts,and Red-Orange boots,and Red-Orange fingerless gloves
When unmasked: She looks like Mew Zakuro with Onpu's(Ojamajo Doremi) hairstyle
Personality: She's enthusasitc and cheery,and little hyper
Fave Food: Strawberry parfait
Likes:Her family and friends J-Pop songs (exept BoA), her sister,and rollerblading
Dislikes:Anyone from room 207 and the 3 brutos from Hairy Knuckles Academy.
Signature Move: Skateboard of Respect
Sounds like:Ami from Hi Hi PuffyAmiYumi

Black Pearl
Height: 5'8"
Age: 15
Hair color:Blond
Mask:Color Black
Outfit: White sleeveless shirt with black spaghetti strap tank top,black short shorts
When unmasked: She looks like Mew Zakuro's hair longer and in a ponitail
Personality: She's mostly quiet and really loud when she's mad.
Fave Food: Chocolate cake
Likes:Evanescence,her friends,and her sister
Dislikes:Anyone bothers her
Other facts: She's Fiery Ruby's older sister and friends with Star
Signature Move:Kuroi Mallet of Submission
Sounds like:Raven from Teen Titans

Hair Color:Light Purple and in a ponitail
Mask Color: Sky blue and white
Outfit: Sky blue shirt that shows her stomach and sky blue genie pants
When umasked: She has long bangs simlar to Tamaki Reika(Ojamajo Doremi)
Personality: She's very calm and collected
Fave Food: Powdered donuts and white chocolate
Likes: Her friends
Dislikes: Dolor de Kurtz and anyone from the Hairy Knukles Academy
Signature Move: Star Shower
Other facts: She's Black Pearl's best friend
Sounds like: Sort of like Aelita from Code Lyoko

Konjiki no Gashbell fan characters

Name: Ayaka Kawasaki
Height:6'0" (182cm)
Weight:141 lbs
Hair:Brown shoulder length hair
Eye Color:Hazel
Occupation: 9th grader and model
Appearence: She has pale skin, wears a dark red turtle neck sleeveless shirt, a long denim skirt, a silver cross necklace, and black boots
Personality: She is a very calm person.
Likes: Her friends, her mamono Krystal, gymnastics
Hates: Cockroaches and her enemies.
Other things about her: She is a blackbelt at Taikiken,Krystal's bookkeeper, she is teaching Krystal Taikiken, and she is a popular model.

Name: Krystal
Age: 7
Height:3'10" (117cm)
Weight:45 lbs
Hair : Pink hair in pigtails
Eye Color: Purple
Book color: Icy pink
Occupation: Unknown
Appearence: She has pale skin, wears a white long sleeve shirt and the sleeve are see through and has fluffy things at the end, a long lavender skirt, and white shoes
Personality: She is a very energetic girl who loses her temper when people annoy when she is very very very stressed
Likes: Her friends, her bookkeeper Ayaka, and singing
Hates:Garlic, her enemies, and ants
Other things about her: She is the master at Shequan, has white cat ears instead of real ears and the cat ears have a small gold loop earring with purple gems in it, she is teaching Ayaka Shequan, and is an ice mamono.

Megawatt, Zero Kelvin, and Pierre Del Fuego are my bishonen!

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