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Hey guys. I'm Lisa and I'm from St.Lucia. Uurhh Idk what to say xD So I write but I'm not that great and I'm actually looking forward to some constructive criticism to help better my writing :) So criticize away :D I mainly write DxG Total Drama fanfics but every once in a while I may switch it up a bit. Soo yea that's pretty much it and I look forward to reading your reviews ! x

Favorite TV Shows

Total Drama (Action, Island and World Tour)



Family Guy

The Bachelor(ette)

I don't watch TV much so that's kinda it xD

Favorite Movies

Mean Girls (Only the first. Second was shit -.- )

Teen Spirit

The NoteBook

Dear John

Fired Up


Sex Drive

Yeaaa :P

Favorite Anime

Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

Hitman Reborn


One Piece


Sword Art Online

Golden Time


Dragon Ball Z

Highschool DXD

As you can see, I'm more of an anime person :)

Random Facts About Me

1.I'm mentally three years older than my age.

2.I don't believe in love at first sight.

3.The idea of friendship is retarded to me cuz being betrayed is so easy.

4.My childhood was taken from me at a very young age.

5.I'm extremely vain but don't show it.

6.I'm a gamer girl.

7.Anime is my passion.

8.I love writing.

9.I'm a bit of a tomboy.

10.I'm a hoe. Like straight up, I can makeout with my ex's best friend in front of them and not give two fucks about how they feel.

11.I'm only like this cuz of the past.

12.I don't let go of the past easily.

13.I am very easily broken.

14.I'm very clumsy.

15.I try not to get close to people cuz I don't want to hurt them.

16.I always live in the moment.

17.I'm very confused at the moment.

18.I'm very natural.

19.I'm good at singing, acting, dancing and eating :D

20.I like writing music.

21.I don't have a favorite color but if asked, I'd probably say black.

22.I love swimming.

23.I know people say its ratchet, but I can twerk. I believe its more of a talent to be able to move your waist like that xD

24.I'm good at drawing.

25.I CANNOT kiss XD I be working on that shizz tho ;)

26.I'm an open and straight up person. There is no point in hiding feelings.

27. I have been friendzoned.

28. I love pizza. :)

29. I only get crazy around my buds.

30.I always go after what's out of my league.

31. I love acting silly.

32.When I was young I literally almost died from choking on beef.

33.I have a weird phobia of mermaids o.o The thought of their existence creeps me out.

34.I'm a hoe, when I'm SINGLE. Very faithful in relationships.

35.I love ranting.

Thanks for reading this far about my random self xD I'll be doing suggested fanfics so Pm me anything you wanna see. I'll do research on it it I have to . So stay sweet ! x


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