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~Boring Stuffs~

-Gender: Female
100 percent Japanese, I was even born there hehe
-Birthdate: November 5 1989
-Current Location: Santa Clarita, California, United States

Anyways, my fav. anime/mangas are usually fighting or total romance stories. Usually I don't like comedy unless they are super funny. Like Azumanga Dioh. I call that hillarious. Well anyway, at this moment I'm going through Naruto phase. I will make other anime/manga seried stories soon~ I am mainly a writer who pairs a character with OC character. However, I will make some real paring ones...when the time comes. Anyway, yes, I know some people dont even like OCs, and they get angry with me, but please, read before you make your judgement. Seriously.

What i dislike: Those who read and NEVER review. _ Arg...they get me angry...and I KNOW when they read my fics since that new feature "Hits" thing. I see so many people read..yet...none. Plus, i know who places me on aleart, and still, i get no reviews from them. Some added me to their fav author or story, yet no reviews. i mean...come on! -_- Ah well, w/e. ANNNDDD i dont like those people who just randomly comment: OMG, OC!! YOU ARE SUCH A BAD WRITER, YOU SUCK, BLA BLA BLA. like, seriously. Ahem. I DO NOT CARE. so don't even comment. I respect reviews that wants to criticize to make me better, but pointless blabber? no. I'll pass.

~Stories Written~

Rayearth the 3rd? Story of What Happens After: Well this story, to me was a failure. I read it over couple of times, and it gets me angry. So many misspelled words! Random plot lines that doesn't even have to do with the story! ARG! I was 12-ish back then, give me a chance. Anyway I might make a total re-write to it, to make it flow more, and erase the current one. Anyway, this one is complete.

Love Behind the Mask: This is one of my favs, actually. I love Kakashi and Iruka, I just had to make this. Yes, it's KakaxOC IruxOC. And I can say, it's pretty good. To me, the story flows, and I liked how I made it sad-ish too. I was pretty proud of myself. This one, again is complete.

Lesson Learned: Well this was one of my one-shots,and well, this was really random. Just like the title says, "Lesson Learned." To learn what lesson, read~

Dragon Girl:Another OC! XD It's KougaXOC, (Inuyasha) and it's kind of stupid, really. I wrote this when I was writing the Rayearth fic, and let's just say, its pretty bad written. There are random plots, and my writing has no description in it what-so-ever. But it is complete, and it's ok story.

What if Naruto Really Was...: This was at first, "What Happens if You Give Sasuke and Gaara Poke'balls?" But I changed it so I can make multiple chapters to it. It is kind of in running. What I mean is that I might make more chapters to it. But, I might not as well. It's totally up to my moods. Lol. Its hillarious, I gurantee.

Secrets: SasuxOc, and I think I did pretty well. It's an okay story, it's not a really good one. Again, it's complete. Give it a try, you might like it. I also had a notice that it was very similar to another story, SasuNaru one. And yes, OMG, it is. Haha. I think it was where I got all the ideas from. Like, the dating part was simliar. But for the plot itself, it is total original. Complete

My Love is Still Here: Ah, I donno, I just love this fic. KakaxOc, and it's only 5 chapters long. Yes, it is complete. It got many reviews, so I'm thinking that it was good. I hope it was, because I liked it. Haha.

Lies, Truth and Love: Completed at last! It'sa NejixOc one, and Igot TONS of reviews on this! O_O! Thanks everyone! Give it a try, Ieven made it up to 100 reviews~Thanks everyone! Finished with 17 chapters. Give it a try please~ I gurantee it's good!

That is All I Ask: One shot again, this time from an inspiration from another YondaimexOc fic. Well anyway, I had many of my naruto friends read, and they said it was the saddest thing on the world. Lol. I personally think it's sad as well. _ Arg. Anyway, please read this! Anyway, extra chapter added! kinda like a new ending.

Thinking of You: I finally have it up! I was proud of myself when I got it up. Anyway, it's a SasukexOc.. Im hoping I will get a lot of reviews like the NejixOc. Please read~ It took me forever to think of the plot, even tho its not really original... _ Anyway, please review~Again, depending on reviews, I might make the story longer with a secound plot to it. Complete, on hold for the continuation. Most likely, i WILL post the continuation...someday. lol

Open Your Heart to Me: It is back up!!! At first I stopped at chapter 2, i believe beacuse of stupid flamers. Most were just simply: OMYGAWD! you suck! go kill yourself! and crap like that. But anyway, one person wanted me to continue, so I did it. If one perosn wanted to read my story, then I will do it. It's completed. I thought it was good. I don't know about the other people.

Time Stranger Alcina: Based off of an RP at GaiaOnline! Hehe, well here it is, and if anyone is interested: is the link.WARNING: I probably won't update for a while. Sorry. Well, it's not like anyone is reading this anyway. haha.

Love Me or Hate Me: So here it is, DN Angel fic. SatoshixOc. I hope this gets a better rating than what I got for the KandaxOc. _ Well anyway, this is about a girl who enters the same highschool Satoshi and Daisuke are in, and she knows who Dark and Krad's human identities are. On the night she comes, a new thief arrives, naming herself Ageha, a thief with butterfly wings on her back. To top it off, she said she was part of the Hiwatari's...? COMPLETED...but new chappies coming to continue

A Change In Life: Another KakashiOc fiction!! Gosh, im so obsessed! Yeah...anywayz, I kind of like this story, and hopefully (i was really hoping_ for a long journey type story. Buttttt it didn't work out. Only 19 chapters, and itsdone. Unless I want to add another plot into it, (which I might, since i have one in mind but i don't know, so) its over in 19 for now. COMPLETED. but pending for a continuation

The Pssing Times: A ItachixOc FIC! O_O. I havent done this before! Anywho, the character is Iruka's younger sister, and she "was" friends and lovers with Itachi before he killed his clan. cough not in this story. Anyway, I'm likin it so far. Not sure how fast I can keep updating though, but we'll see. ONGOING

~Coming Soon~

If any of you wants to suggest a story, or a pairing, please tell me via e-mail or review in any story. I will accept a story plot already thought, if you would like. Just say the word~ (Of course, unless I don't even know the anime/manga)

I am actually working on original stories. I have some so far written, and I'm working on one right now. :P

HirumaxOc is coming up! It's going to be about Musashi's sister OC and Hiruma.

JumonjixOC or AgonxOc. Pending for this one. I don't have a plot to it, either.

I don't know what else to say. Erm. PLease read my fics? Haha. Yes, anyway, please read my fics~ Thanks!
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Magic Knight Rayearth/魔法騎士レイアース - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure - Chapters: 30 - Words: 39,454 - Reviews: 28 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 3/10/2004 - Published: 12/7/2003 - Complete