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I'm a hugh Harry Potter fan, you won't see me writing anything else.

Please notice that I'm not a native speaker of English (in fact, my English only started to improve when I started reading fanfiction). Therefore, there will be mistakes in my stories. You may either ignore them or point them out to me (for which I'm rather grateful, at least if it isn't combined with an insult). Of course, you are free to stop reading my fics if this bothers you too much.

I have started reading fanfiction about two years ago and my evenings have been rather packed ever since
I like many different kinds of fanfiction. I have started with hurt/comfort fics about Harry and Snape (both mentor/guardian/father and romantic) but quickly discovered that I liked other ones, too. Fics with a strong and powerful Harry are quite nice, but so are fics that show Harry as a young child. I was rather shocked at first when I read the first m-rated fics about Harry in relationships with different men (if you have only ever read the books, that IS quite disturbing at first;)), but once I had gotten used to the thought I started to read many more of those.
Then I like some fics that feature a dark Harry and/or a good Voldy, many humourous ones... well, to be honest, as long as a fic is well-written, I like about everything. The only condition is that Harry features prominently, I think.


Harry/Snape mentor/guardian fic, lots of hurt/comfort. Is set in Harry's third year and canon until then, and even during the school year several canon elements will be included, so quite often in a different way than in the books. Story contains child abuse and later rape (with Harry as the victime) as well as torture (only through flashbacks).

The intital idea is that there are 24 hours missing between the attack of Voldemort on the Potters and Harry being delivered to Privet Drive by Hagrid. In this fic, there happened something crucial during that time, which is revealed during third year due to the Dementors. However, that's only the beginning for the second arch of the story.

Other characters that will play a more major role are, amongst others, Luna Lovegood, Mad-Eye Moody and perhaps Tonks. There will probably be implied use of drugs, but only hinted at, nothing straightforward, it should be relatively easy to ignore the suggestions that point in this direction.

in progress

Harry, the House Elf

Humourous fic about a Harry who refuses to believe Hagrid that he is a wizard. When he learns about House Elves, though, he is quite sure that he has found out what he really is. It explains everything! So Harry goes to Hogwarts with the firm conviction that he is an elf and is determined to start working at the castle alongside all the other elves.

I always wondered why there are no/very few stories about Harry actually being (or at least believing to be) a house elf, while at the same time so many abuse!Harry stories state that he was treated like one. Well, this is my attempt to explore what could have happened...
Will probably be a longer story and I don't yet know whether (and which) other characters will play a more important role, or if the genres I have chosen are really fitting.

in progress

Orphan Child

A kind of Harry/Dumbledore mentor fic. Will be relatively short, I expect about 25,000 words, though I'm not sure whether I'll stick to this. There might be 30,000 words. Hurt comfort, not for Dumbledore-haters. Is about how Harry copes with the death of his parents after seeing them in the mirror of erised.

finished, no sequel planned

De ordini necandi

Very short fiction written in Latin (I like the language and I need to practice), with English translation. Humour, takes place in sixth year after Dumbledore has told Harry about the Horcruxes.


A story about a Harry who is affected more by the Horcrux in his head than in the books. After a few disturbing incidents, he is diagnosed with psychosis as there seems to be no other explanation for his strange behaviour.

He is treated in hospital. I try to make the treatment as realistic as possible, but I have only experiences with the German health system and psychiatriy wards in Germany, therefore there might be things that are different in Britain I don't know about. Additionally, we all know that Harry was born 1980, so the conditions on psychiatric wards, the British Health System in general and the treatment of children who are diagnosed with psychosis are likely to be even different from the current situation.

It's a Severus-mentors-Harry story and Snape eventually becomes Harry's guardian.

Obviously, there will be many things that are AU, but I try to include as many canon facts as possible, for example the Philosopher's Stone (which plays a rather important role)

The main focus lies on the results of Harry's treatment in the muggleworld, how it affects him and the wizarding world in general, and how he will cope with the more-active horcrux inside his head - and of course how the Horcrux will ultimately be destroyed.

The fic will have a happy ending.

finished - no sequel planned

Not a wizard

a very sad oneshot I wrote to get some practice. Something goes wrong at the Sorting...

no sequel planned

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