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Okay, decided to scrap the bio and redo it!
Terri: Good thing; it sure needed it...
KO: Shut up.
Sybil: She has a point.
KO: a little louder Shut up!
Terri: Well?
Terri/Sybil: o.o blink, blink
Terri: By the way, are you gonna introduce us?
KO: I'm gettin' to it! But first, a few things about me!
Terri: sarcastically Yay.
KO: glares

Name: sorry, can't tell ya
Age: 15
Location: in front of my computer (what, you think I'm gonna tell you where I live?)
Hobbies: reading fics, writing fics, video games, reading books, etc.
Likes: (see hobbies), anime/manga, listening to music, cooking (although I don't know how to cook many things; however, I'm not bad at it if I do say so myself)
Dislikes: STUPIDITY, SCHOOL, YAOI/YURI,SCHOOL, rap/hip-hop (sorry to those who like it, but I personally can't stand it), SCHOOL, bashers except for Weevil/Pegasus or the dub in general, did I mention school?
Terri: Repeatedly.
KO: shrugs I dislike it on a regular basis, so why not?
Terri: -_- When are you gonna introduce us?
KO: In due time! In fact, that's next, as soon as I finish this last section up!
Fics: I mainly write DBZ, although YGO is beginning to take over. There, happy?
Terri: Not really...yawns Why're you doing this at a quarter 'til 2 in the morning, anyway?
KO: Because I'm bored, it needs to be redone, and I might as well take advantage of summer break, that's why!
Terri: Moving on, if you please...
OC's (if I do any more than the main protagonists, this thing'll take up 20 pages, so I'm leaving it down to, like I said, the main protagonists):


Race: Saiya-jin
Family: Goku, Raditz (brothers), Bardock (father), OC mother, Vera, Erin (daughters)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Personality: impatient, proud, fiercely loyal to her friends
Distinguishing marks: scar down right side of neck, symbols "tamashii" and "kori" appear on forehead and palms respectively when in Tamashii form

Race: half-human, half-Saiya-jin
Family: Dana (mother), Nick (father), Erin (sister), Tori (daughter)
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Blue
Personality: very similar to Dana, but a little more patient
Distinguishing marks: symbols for "unmei" appear down forehead when in Unmei form

Race: half-human, half-Saiya-jin
Family: Dana (mother), Nick (father), Vera (sister), Leigh (daughter)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Personality: more easy-going than Dana and somewhat more patient, but otherwise similar
Distinguishing marks: N/A

Hana Senshi (Jasmine, Rose, Lily)
Race: Human
Family: each other (sisters)
Hair: purple, red, blond
Eyes: gray, green, blue
Personality: patient, yet mocking at times
Distinguishing marks: symbol "hana" appears on foreheads when powered up

Race: Chikyu-jin
Family: each other (twin sisters), Fukushuu (brother), Itami (sister)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Silver w/gold flecks
Personality: EXTREMELY patient
Distinguishing marks: symbol "tamashii" on foreheads

YGO (hikaris will be followed by yamis, in order of the hikari's appearance):

Full name (hikaris only; will be done in the Japanese style of last name, first name, w/the exception of American characters): Terri Allen
Hair: Think a female version of Yugi's, but the bangs hang down on both sides, rather than spiking out on her right
Eyes: Indigo (change w/mood purple when excited/afraid, red when angry), shaped kinda like Yami's, but a little rounder at the top
Deck Type: Spellcaster/Fiend w/a few warriors/dragons
Personality: short-tempered, impatient, can be somber and gloomy at times
Neo Millennium Item: Tiara
Misc.: In The Ties that Bind, Untied (TTBU), Terri uses a DARK deck and retains her real-world appearance of brown hair and gray eyes

Hair: same as Terri
Eyes: same
Deck Type: same
Personality: very serious, brooding, teases Terri frequently
Neo M. Item: Tiara
Ka (yamis only): Cosmo Queen
Misc.: In TTBU, Sybil is unmarried

Full Name: Kaiba Natsuko
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Gray
Deck Type: Spirit/Burn
Personality: Withdrawn, protective of family, short-tempered
Neo M. Item: Tiara
Misc.: Natsuko exists ONLY in the timeline of TTBU

Full Name: Iris Hayes
Hair: Dark brown, almost black
Eyes: Green
Deck Type: Spellcaster/Fiend
Personality: optimistic...bubbly, for lack of a better word, at times, likes to tease Terri, kind, gets hyper easily, fiery when angry
Neo M. Item: Bell

Hair: same as Iris
Eyes: same
Deck Type: same
Personality: likes to tease Sybil, calmer than Iris, kind, caring, can be fierce to an enemy
Neo M. Item: Bell
Ka: Mystical Elf

Full Name: Otogi Ayame
Hair: same
Eyes: same
Deck Type: Removal
Personality: similar to Ianthe's
Misc.: Ayame exists only in the timeline of TTBU

Full Name: Shiara Hoshiko
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Light blue
Deck Type: Fairy
Personality: timid
Neo M. Item: Brooch

Hair: same as Hoshiko
Eyes: same, but a bit darker
Deck Type: same
Personality: a bit bolder than Hoshiko, but not much
Neo M. Item: Brooch
Ka: Spirit of the Harp

Full Name: Shiara Saniiro
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Brown
Deck Type: Warrior
Personality: carefree, likes to tease Hoshiko
Neo M. Item: Spear

Hair: same as Saniiro
Eyes: same
Deck Type: same
Personality: pretty much the same as Saniiro, but a little more serious at times
Neo M. Item: Spear
Ka: Ansatsu

Neo Millennium Items (in order of appearance):
item-power-owner-transfer of ownership, if any-introductory story

Tiara-psychic powers (mind reading, ESP, telekinesis, telepathy)-Sybil/Terri-none-MPYP or TTBU

Bell-healing, ressurrection when combined w/certain other magic-Ianthe/Iris-none-MPYP or TTBU

Dagger-purge darkness from a soul, separate yami/hikari-Millennia/Meg-Terri-MPYP

Brooch-reveal/manipulate emotions-Eshe/Hoshiko-Anhur temporarily-OFNFWKT?

Spear-temporarily seal soul rooms (can lock souls in/out)-Sudi/Saniiro-none-OFNFWKT?

Signet-control over body-Akeno/Anhur-Sudi-TBM

Armband-create shields, deflect magic back to source-Ramses/Renjiro-Eshe-OFNFWKT?

"You laugh because I'm different. I laugh because you're ugly!" - a keychain I saw

"How to Get out of Trouble: 1. Deny it. 2. Play dumb. 3. Blame the flying monkeys." - a T-shirt

"People need to remember that I am QUEEN. This is MY world, and these are MY rules. I need to SHOP and DATE and BUY whatever I want." - another T-shirt

"I haven't lost my mind. I sold it on eBay." - do I really need to say it?

"Your karma ran over my dogma."- the sign at Hooter's (-_-' I don't like the idea of the restaurant, but the sign always has something funny, like...)

"My wife dresses to kill. Too bad she also cooks that way."- same sign

Okay, now it's time for more quotes! Not just any quotes, but FIC QUOTES! YAYNESS!

"Knowledge is power Yugi. You shouldn't begrudge yourself the opportunity to learn."

"Duel monsters is power Yami. Knowledge just gives me a headache." - Yami and Yugi, "Aww, Craps!" (a must-read! Funny!)

"Look, it's been over three thousand years since I've been with a person. Do you want to be my man toy or not?" - Yami to Seto, "Aww, Craps!"

"Um, I should probably be impressed, but I don't know what the Millennium Items are, sooo...yeah." - you to Shadi, an upcoming cowritten CYOA story of mine, called "Choose Your Own Adventure: Race Against Time"

FICS (status, summary, genre, rating, warning):


Status: In progress (ON HOLD)
Summary: What would happen if Goku had a sister who showed up at the beginning of the infamous 3 years? Continues until post-Buu saga.
Genre: Act.-Adv.
Rating: PG
Warning: Language, violence

Girl Power Exists After All...(upcoming)
Status: Complete
Summary: The earth is at peace since Buu's defeat, but when Frieza's sister wants to recruit Dana and destroy the Z Senshi, can an ancient legend help Dana save the planet?
Genre: Act.-Adv./Drama
Rating: PG
Warning: Language, violence

Old Friends, New Enemies (upcoming)
Status: In progress (ON HOLD)
Summary: A year has passed since Frigida's defeat, and her husband wants revenge! But when Dana's childhood "friend" shows up, will he provide enough help to enable the defeats of him, Goku, and Vegeta?
Genre: Act.-Adv./Drama
Rating: PG
Warning: Language

All is Not What it Seems...(upcoming)
Status: In progress (ON HOLD)
Summary: Two years have passed since Chilizo's death, and yet again, Earth is a target of vengeful monarchs, this time the shapeshifting princess Chalina. How can the Z Senshi hope to beat a warrior who can use their own attacks against them!
Genre: Act.-Adv./Drama
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Language, violence (not to the extent of Sweet Fury)

The Honor of an Outsider (upcoming)
Status: In progress (ON HOLD)
Summary: A year after Chalina's demise, a mysterious woman appears, claiming to be Dana's adoptive sister reincarnated! However, when the Saiya-jin are abducted one by one, will loyalties crumble, or will the honor of an outsider prevail?
Genre: Act.-Adv./Drama
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Language, violence, mention of rape (brief, not graphic)

The Ultimate Sibling Rivalry (upcoming)
Status: In progress (ON HOLD)
Summary: A year and a half have passed since the Raef-jin fell. Now, at a birthday party for Bra, two enigmatic girls ask Vegeta, Dana, Goku, Gohan, and Trunks to train for 3 years to become the Tamashii Senshi! And they're fighting gods!
Genre: Act.-Adv./Drama
Rating: PG
Warning: Language

It Runs in the Family (upcoming)
Status: In progress (ON HOLD)
Summary: Twenty-five years have come and gone since the Dark Ones were sealed, and three of the Tamashii Senshi have been poisoned! Meet Vera, Dana's headstrong young daughter. Could her quest to see her mother again help the Senshi defeat old grudges?
Genre: Act.-Adv./Drama
Rating: PG
Warning: Language, violence

The Child of Destiny (upcoming)
Status: In progress (ON HOLD)
Summary: When, four years after the resurrection of the Tamashii Senshi, Vera comes down with a mysteriously familiar virus, in exchange for her recovery, she must train for seven long years with Ikari and Kanashimi to recognize her potential as the Unmei no Kodomo! But can even this power stand up to a god?
Genre: Act.-Adv./Drama
Rating: PG-13
Reason: Language, death

Sweet Fury (upcoming)
Status: In progress (ON HOLD)
Summary: Zane is beaten, and Earth is at peace for 20 years, until a string of murders in America menaces our heroes once again! Who is responsible, and why does Dana find all this so familiar?
Genre: Act.-Adv./Drama
Rating: R
Reason: Language, blood (lots of blood!)

New Faces (upcoming)
Status: (here's a surprise!) In progress (ON HOLD)
Summary: The Z Senshi have all died, 500 years after having vanquished Kigeda and her Kuro Senshi. When a powerful shapeshifter threatens the earth, they must join with their own reincarnations to eradicate evil once and for all!
Genre: Act.-Adv./Drama
Rating: PG
Reason: Language, violence


How it All Began (upcoming)
Status: In progress
Summary: Okay, we all know Sybil was sealed into the Millennium Tiara, but has anyone ever wondered how she was sealed? For all of you that have, this is her story. This is how it all began...
Genre: Act.-Adv./Drama
Rating: PG
Reason: Violence

My Pain is Your Pleasure (MPYP)
Status: In progress (ON HOLD)
Summary: An American teen with exceptional dueling skills is transported to the Yu-Gi-Oh! world! And what's this about a new set of Millennium Items!
Genre: General (really, I had so many, I had to use this; it's got act.-adv., humor, drama, and a little bit of romance)
Rating: PG-13
Reason: Language, some violence

The Ties that Bind, Untied
Status: In progress

Loving Enemies
Status: Complete
Summary: WRITTEN BY CRAZED FANATIC ANIME FAN "...But whatever the reason, they kept meeting, and arguing. Not once did the two meet and not say something insulting..." SetoxTerri(OC) fluff!
Genre: Humor/Romance
Rating: PG
Reason: Safety

I Just Want to Dance With You
Status: Complete
Summary: WRITTEN BY CRAZED FANATIC ANIME FAN Kaiba asks Terri to a "party thing," but is there more in store for our favorite Cali girl? SetoxTerri
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rating: PG
Reason: Safety

Old Friends, New Friends, Who's Keeping Track? (OFNFWKT?) (upcoming)
Status: In progress
Summary: Sybil has returned from the Shadow Realm after Millennia's defeat. Can she forgive Terri when danger looms again, or will she turn her back on her hikari when she's needed most?
Genre: Act.-Adv./Angst
Rating: PG-13
Reason: Language

The Battle of the Millennium (TBM) (upcoming)
Status: Not started
Summary: The gang's grown with families of their own, but can they keep it together when the ten plagues of Egypt torment them? Or worse, when their children are kidnapped!
Genre: Act.-Adv./Angst
Rating: R
Reason: Language, violence, death

Mask of Light (upcoming)
Status: In Progress
Summary: ONE-SHOT Celeste thought Shi was gone for good, but she's back and Celeste can't take it anymore. Can she find help, or will it take the most drastic measures to escape an assassin's fury?
Genre: Drama/Angst
Rating: PG-13
Reason: Language, violence, cutting

Friends to the End, or the End of Friends? side story
Status: In progress (ON HOLD)
Summary: After a monstrous fight with Iris, Terri leaves town, leaving Iris enraged and embittered. When Iris goes on a manhunt for not only Terri but Sybil, will they be friends to the end, or will their friendship end...permanently?
Genre: Suspense/Angst
Rating: PG-13
Reason: Language, violence

Whose Dub is it Anyway? (upcoming) side story
Status: In progress (ON HOLD)
Summary: It's "Whose Line" madness with the cast of YGO! Narcoleptic!Terri and Yami as Pegasus! R&R Please!
Genre: Humor/General
Rating: PG
Reason: Language, possibly suggestive

Terri: There, are you done?
KO: Done! However, I do want to start a new series about the next generation once I get some ideas, but for now I'm gonna stick with what I've got.
Terri: Good, it should keep you busy for QUITE a while.
KO: Eh heh heh...

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