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Hello, everyone.

I used to be known under the moniker, Resonant Echoes, but have henceforth decided to change my name to something else. Partially because people seem to be thinking that I copied off one of my character's names. I chose my old name because it was impossible to come up with something else.

I decided to change it to something a little more original.

I'm going to college right now, so updates might be a bit sporadic.

I just wanted to keep this short and sweet, so thanks for stopping by! Feel free to drop me a PM if you'd like!


Want to see Echo? Here she is:
resonantechoes deviantart com

An Apology

I would like to apologize for my earlier actions. I don't want to say that arrogance was the right word for it, but something close to that word will probably do fine. Some people took offense to my reviews that I left on another writer's story, and I realize now that sometimes, people just don't want a critique. And I should have taken that cue.

I don't take kindly to white knight attacks, and I acted a bit childishly over it.

But what's done is done, and I can't change that.

I would like to encourage that author to keep writing.

What Is The Sue Project?

You purposefully give Sue traits to a character. You give girl characters beautiful faces and bodies, a good singing voices, a tragic past, a prophecy to fulfill where they are The Chosen One - essentially any classical Mary Sue trait.

But why?

To prove that a character can have Sue traits and not inherently be a Sue!

I've read too many books and fanfictions where people cry Mary Sue because a character is strong, or has some defining qualities. Yes, sometimes, a red-hair-with-blue-highlights ninja in a regular highschool setting would be Mary Sue fodder, but I promise you, sometimes, it's not.

I'm giving my own try at this, please don't mind any kinks as I try and work them out. I didn't make this project, I'm just trying it on for size.

Fall of the Empire, and Echo, are largely my first experiment with his project.

Yes, I gave Echo Sue traits on purpose.

But we'll see how the project ends after I'm all done with it!

On Being A Mary Sue and Self Insert Fics:

*for a much more thorough, in-depth explanation (with examples!) check out*

I would like to address something I've noticed being said about Fall of the Empire. I've noticed this being said broadly, too, and not just in my works. while I understand that definitions are largely subjective to opinion, it is my strong belief that there is a baseline for what a term does or does not mean.

Some prime examples are the terms "self insert" and "Mary Sue." These are really being thrown around a lot lately, and I feel like the community as a large has really departed from what those terms actually mean.

Before I start, though, if anyone has any questions about the Sue Project, or Echo's part in it, please PM me. I've already had a few in-depth discussions about these subjects with a few other users. I'm totally open for debate/discussion on the topic. Sometimes, a writer gets too close to the forest to see the trees. And that's okay, a new perspective is always a good thing to have.

But let me get on my soapbox.

A self insert is, essentially, when an author drops themselves into their desired universe. Sometimes it is the author, physically and mentally. Other times it's by proxy - aka, "original character." Most often than not, self inserts appear because the author has some wish fulfillment. Most of the time it's because they want a romantic relationship with a main character, or a villain, or whoever.

Self inserts are wish fulfillment at their finest. Rest assured, reader, that Fall of the Empire is not one of these. Echo and I share absolutely nothing in common, besides our love of mythology and fairy tales. I don't wish I was Echo, and I don't model her after myself. I don't deny that my fic has some wish fulfillment in it, but I dare you to find me a piece of fiction that doesn't.

In terms of characters, Echo is pretty standard. She has piece of me inside of her - all authors normally attest to giving their characters little bits of themselves. Echo's love of mythology is my little bit. But I did not write Fall of the Empire because I wanted myself to be in the Thundercats universe because of a love interest. In fact, just romance in a story is really, really bland.

I wrote Fall of the Empire because I loved the 2011 incarnation of the show, and I wanted a second season. So I'm writing one.

Now. Onto the term Mary Sue.

Echo is part of the Sue project. that means that I gave her several classic Sue traits to prove that these traits do not inherently make her a Sue - but shoddy writing will. Before my rewrite, she was leaning heavily towards Sue. But now, after everything has been rewritten, I beg to differ.

One user PMed me with his concerns on this, and he suggested I take a Mary Sue Limitus test. This brought about a heated debate, as we both argued over certain aspects of the test. He interpreted Echo one way, and I interpreted her another. Eventually, he took the test for me and marked everything he viewed a Sue trait. I won't lie in saying my feathers were a smidgeon ruffled at this - after all, Echo is my character, and I know her better than anyone. By that same token, though, it helped me reform her to where she stands today, and for this, I'm actually really grateful.

But this leads me to saying that Sue tests are actually open to interpretation. Sometimes, it's hard to distinguish if something constitute a Sue trait or not. Let's take the instance of names. Some people say Echo's name is masculine - and a google search says otherwise. But that's their interpretation or her, and won't try to change it.

I'd also like to say that sometimes, Sue Limitus tests can actually be ridiculous in standards. I once took a very popular, unbiased test that had a question state, "2 points to your character if you daydream about writing your story anywhere else than your computer!"

Anyway, I feel like I've started rambling a little too long. But I do stand by what I've said here.

And I'm always up for questions. My PM box is open to you!

Current Story Progress:

Fall of the Empire-

Currently in process.

New chapters may be delayed due to time constraints because of school and work.

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