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Well hello friends... I m new here, dat is, my acc is new but i have been a reader of various fanfics on dis site for 5 yrs nw...

i started withs Sasuke-Sakura fanfic, went over thru Inuyasha, Disney, Ginban Kaleidoscope, La Cordo etc... My latet fanfic passion is gwevin... and i have read A LOT of them... actually almost all of dem...

My fav authors are SKYLARK EVANSON, SPOONFUL OF LEAD, LIONESS 002, and a few others.

About Me:

Full name: Ainsley

Nicknames: Ains, Silly

Age: Eighteen

Favorite Subject: Biology, Literature

Least Favorite Subjects: Commercial Mathematics, Physics


Hair: Brown-Ish Black

Eye Color: Black

Weight/Height: Weight: 150 Lbs. Height: 5.8 BMI: 24

Hobbies: Reading, TV, Technology, And Fanficcing


Favorite Books: (CLASSICS) Northanger Abbey (I've Read It 8 Times), Mansfield Park, Sense And Sensibility – Yea I Love Austen, The Faraway Tree Series, Gitanjali-Song Offerings, Oliver Twist, Romeo And Juliet, Pickwick Papers, Little Women, Fairytales, Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, Jane Eyre, The Jungle Book, Dracula, A Christmas Carol, Sherlock Holmes,

(NEW GENRE) Nothing Lasts Forever; the Other Side Of Midnight, Brida, and Winner Stands Alone, Cavalcades, Call Waiting, Hitchhiker, Halloween Night, And Chicken Soup Series

(COMICS) Luann, Dennis the Menace, Garfield, Peanuts, Spiderman, Blondie, Archie, Animal Crackers, Sabrina

Favorite Shows: (ANIMATED) X Men: Evolution, Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Inu-Yasha, Naruto, Bakugan, Maid Sama, Ginban Kaleidoscope, Powerpuff Girls

Desperate Housewives, Masterchef, Hannah Montana, Lie To Me, Dexter, Glee, Whose Line Is It Anyway, How I Met Your Mother, F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Favorite Films: MI Series, Parody Movies, Jerry McGuire, Mirrors, Shutter, Fire Vs Ice, Romeo And Juliet, The Little Mermaid, Beauty And The Beast, Enchanted, Lizzie McGuire Movie, Hannah Montana Movie, HSM, Sleeping Beauty, , Princess And The Frog, Horton Hears A Who, Igor, Despicable Me And All Other Rom-Com

Favorite Parings:

Gwevin, Goku Chichi, Daphne-Fred, Sakura Sasuke, Shun-Runo, Fanny-Henry, Catherine-Tilney, Adam-Belle, Ariel-Eric, Aurora-Philip, Inu-Kagome, Peter Parker-MJ, Batman-Catgirl,

Favorite Foods: Chips, Pizza, And Chocolate

Fave Animal: Bunny, pups and other animal young

Words I use most often: you got something I need, I’m awesome, its Ainsley time!

Fave Sport:Basketball

Fave Music:Pop, Country especially duets

Fave Actor: Tom Cruise, Toby McGuire

Fave Actress: Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston,

Fave Characters:Kevin Levin, Sasuke Uchiha, Barney Stinson

Role-Model(s):Gwen Tennyson (genius, pretty and a bf like Kevin)

Phobias: Helminthophobia, Entomophobia, Ophidiophobia


Taylor Swift – Mine, Ours, Teardrops, Red, Fearless, Superstar

Avril Lavigne – Hot, Innocence

1D – What Makes You Beautiful, One Thing

Brad Paisley- Little Moments, Wrapped Around

Allstar Weekend – Dance Forever, Not Your Birthday, When I Get Paid, Hey Princess

Miley Cyrus – 7 Things, Best of Both Worlds

Disney – Part Of Your World, A Whole New World, Beauty And The Beast, Something There, Once Upon A Dream, Can You Feel The Love Tonight under The Sea, Kiss The Girl

Ashley Tisdale – Hot Mess, Hair, Surrender, Someday My Prince

Duets – Can I Have This Dance, Still There For Me, If We Were A Movie, If I Didn’t Have You, It’s Your Love, Lucky, From This Moment ON

Some useless beliefs/habits of mine:

I I hate typical sweetmeats... Ice cream/frozen yogurt and frozen fruit bars and chocolate are favorites though.

  1. I believe in make believe
  2. The best thing about me is ME
  3. Crazy is when you have an hour-long sob-fest, then start singing and dancing when your favorite song plays
  4. I hate ALL organisms that are Cnidarians, arthropods, annelids, worms, and Protozoan’s…also hate those tiny viruses, bacteria(the disease causing one-not the ice cream forming one),Reptilians, mollusks (except oyster-it gives pearls) and Chondrichthyes(shark, rays etc)- - yup I’m a bio freak
  5. I hate ham/pork/beef... I just go for simple eggs or fish and maximum chicken…I can’t bear eating mammals….
  6. I role-play in my spare time…the walls/trees play the role of Kevin, Sasuke, barney or any other person…and I act as Gwen, Sakura, random girl etc...100%psycho…
  7. I've got a weakness for tall and well built men/guys. And if they happen to be light skinned AND sincere-I’M IN LOVE.
  8. I like to wear overcoats/jumpers…in fact I think those boyish jackets are better and warmer than fashionable woolens for girls….
  9. My birthday is on March 14. I share it with Einstein. IRONY? I suck at Physics, I can’t play piano and I can’t create awesome quotes that are classics.
  10. I love eating oranges or watermelons and then playing shoot the aim with the seeds in my mouth.
  11. I love having chocolate flavored ANYTHING….even perfumes and medicines…
  12. I hate watching sports…but am obsessed a couple of sport stars? Like Federer, Murray, Viswanathan Anand, Kevin Pietersen, Ronaldo, and ofcourse…RYAN LOCHTE!!YAYYYY! GO RYAN!!!!!
  14. I have trouble finding shoes my size…my feet are long-ish…Call me Bigfoot!
  15. I never wear makeup…not even foundation…just a waste of money...rather buy some great chocolates and ice creams
  16. Getting your hair permed/curled is a trend…having real curly hair is a headache. I speak from experience.
  17. I believe in love at first sight... It could happen.
  18. I believe in ghosts…but not afraid of ‘em coz no force is bigger than GOD…
  19. I believe in aliens/ or other life, and worlds beyond our comprehension, like Paranormal Things-no not the sort shown in the movie, its plain funny…
  20. I hate keeping my books in order…they are too many to handle…
  21. Chick flicks, and love stories rock. Jim Carrey kinda comedy? WOW! Drama's okay. Horror? More like funny… Adventure. Only if mixed with romance…and Pierce Brosnan is the only Bond I think is Bond…
  22. I have been hurt multiple times coz I trust people very easy….but have I learnt? NOOOOO….
  23. Stealing from one author is plagiarism, stealing from many is research…and my profiles are always well researched.
  24. Being innocent sucks…god knows when I’m gonna understand the wickedness and twisted minds of people…
  25. I just love happy endings...
  26. I’m not very pretty, but I still believe that someday someone is gonna love me for who I am on the inside…hoping for a story like Bridget Jones...
  27. My best friend, who I had a crush on, broke off all ties with me. Reason? He is obsessed with a girl who hates me since 5th grade…losing my crush is ok...but losing a friend like him? I was shattered…
  28. I donno what’s maturity; but for me maturity is when you try to understand the person who hurt you instead of hurting him back
  29. I’m waiting for the guy who would come and show me why it didn’t work out with anyone else...
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