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April 11th: Well i made it on here... that's a start... i might starting writing again... i'm gonna see wtu i can do... no longer have my oh so precious boyfriend >_ lol... so i might make time for... i have become rather anti-social lately... so cross your fingers

December 18th 2004: Born to be wild! ... don't ask... anyway, for all you godlet written fic fans out there... i am moving in with my daddy tomorrow- but i will be living half time iwth both parents... only daddy has a PC that's functional at the moment... so hopefully i will start writing again >_ on a seperate note, do not expect the updates as they once were because i have a boyfriend whom i luv and deserves much of my attention... much much more than the computer... so be hopeful for updates but don't expect them overly regulalry >_ sorry

November 14th 2004: Fortunitly... i've moved back in... unfortunitly my computer at my mom's house is totally caboshed so i can't write... fortunitly i did manage to get all of my fics off there on one of the PC's good days... unfortunitly i don't have any computer access for another month... fortunitly when the months occurs i will hopefully get back to writing and finishing these fics for you guys lol... in the ends it's fortunate isn't it?

September 19th 2004: Hey guys... bad news... i moved out so i don't really have computer access anymore OR any acess to my sotires so if i ever update... please be surprised (really sorry... and i'll try but... we'll see...)

June 7th: Hey guys guess what! I started a new fan fic! I really like it so far (i like them all lol...) it's really coold it's kind of AU (u'll have to cut me some slack since i've never written one like it before) and it's about htese people call dragonlords... it's people who share their soul with a dragon and can then change into dragons (stole the idea from a book... the last dragon lord by joanne bertin) and of course our lovely Seto Kaiba is one of these (first name is human name, second name is the dragons name) and generally it's about his search for his soul twin (they other half of their soul... it's like their soulamte kind of thing) and of course he runs eventually finds Serenity lol... so yea it's Kaiba Serenity yet again, i think i'll be good... but yea i'm going to go write some more of it and then work on Abaku _

June 6th: I lied lol... guess what... i just finished the next chapter of Akeru and i'm working on Abaku right now lol... i'm just in the mood these days, i got all of my socilness out of my system and i just want to stay home for awhile, plus shcool is done in like 10 days and then five days of finals so i best stay home and study and such... so yea i'm going to update akeru tomorrow lol and abaku shouldn't be long behind and then abaku shi lol... watch for them _

May 16th: You know what guys... i don't think i'mma update anymore... well- i mean... i might... but they'll be really long awaited and un-predictable... i've just lost interest... oh gawds i feel like a witch... maybe i'll give my fics to sumone else... we'll see... i'll try and finish abaku shi at least... maybe... i d'no... sorry guys... >_

April 19th: I got a live journal! lol it's a swicked fun thing... hehe _ " target="new"> -pokes- come be my friend lol... okay, now the real reason i've come to post lol... my new fic _ it's been posted on divineangel143's profile, you guys should go check it out, it's Seto Serenity of course lol, head down further for a summary if you want one lol. Anyway, i'm off to write Akeru and Silent Affair _ lol... ciao guys _

I've also become rather into RPG sites, two in fact, one run by Shardy and another run by myself. Feel free to check them out, they are wicked fun... " target="new"> " target="new"> anyway, i'll quite boring you all with my pointless babble...

"Abaku Koibito" It's a Mokuba/Serenity/Seto fic... the others are there... but you know how it is. Serenity and Mokuba are all in love (young love, you know how it is) and then dumb old Seto enters the scene. He's such a pain. But yes, he enters and sends Serenity nuts. She gets over it after awhile but then Yugi's puzzled breaks... i know that doesn't sound to serious, but when i say break i mean like the peice with the eye breaks in half and the puzzle is ruined. I can't say much more because i haven't written past it lol... but i'll just let you know that htey do get sent to Ancient Egypt... i thought it was an original idea at the time but apparently there's alot of people who have done it, my bad. Chapter 16: Is coming slowly but surley, i'm not happy with Kaiba at the moment lol, give me some time, it'll be up before long _

Rated: R

couples: mokuba/Serenity in the begining, changes to Seto/Serenity soon enough Joey/Mai Yugi(yami)/tea (kind of... no not really actually lol)

Abaku Shi This is my second yu-gi-oh! fic. As far as i can tell most people like the first one better lol, then again i've advertised alot more for hte first one. Anyway, here's a summary on that one. Serenity and Kaiba are finally getting married but a Jealous Mokuba is still a problem. Over 4 years ago Serenity and Mokuba were in love but after Serenity and Kaiba were trapped in Ancient egypt together for nearly a year, the tables turned and Serenity managed to bring at least small amounts of kindess from Kaiba's darkened soul. All this changed again when Mokuba was brutilly murdered. The Kaiba brothers hadn't been on the best of terms before Mokuba's death, but Kaiba still cared deeply for his little brother and his death sent him back into the dark. His thoughts wondered from murder of Mokuba's murderers to suicide. Can Serenity help him pull through? Well... it's a more detailed version of the summary on the front. I do hope you'll read it and i do hope you will enjoy it. Chapter eight: i think... no i haven't started this yet oh wait! yes i have! i've got like two pages -_- lol... well... i have to do alot of research to get this story to have a wicked last/second last chapter, bare with me...

Rated: pg-13

pairings: Seto/Serenity Joey/Mai (just mentions)


The chapters aren'ts as long in this one as they are in the other two. You can't drag chapters out in this kind of a story. OKay, well i wrote this one simply because i've had a few people who the entire idea of Mokuba/Serenity is totally alien to them... but they like it. SO i'm writing this one just for them because the other two are already Seto/Serenity. SO here's a summary for you. Mokuba lives in Domino, you're average shit-hole city where everyone does drugs, and everyone drinks. If you don't, you're a loser, an outcast, not cool. And Mokuba, along with the rest of the teenage population does. Every weekend, he goes out, gets drunk, high and laid, all those good things. His life revolves around drugs, alcohal and sex. That is, until a young girl known as Serenity moves in with her older brother. Mokuba immediatly falls for the auburn haired Beauty, but soon finds that she highly disaproves of his hem hem habits. Can Mokuba survive the dry out, and even if he does, will he be able to stay clean for Serenity? If you don't know what a dry out is... well people who are addicted to things have to have them, like everyday right? Well what i'm planning to do to poor Mokuba in this fic is dry him right out. He spends weeks locked in a room, getting all the drugs and alcohal out of his system. Not a fun thing to do (no i don't know from experience, i've seen them on TV though?. i'm actually co-authoring it with phoenix firerose. She's much more into the goory stuff and i'm a bit more into the lovey dovey stuff, i think you guys will like it when it gets going... i think some people will like it right away, but yah. Chapter five: I have finally been inspired to write! sparkle sparkle mode be watching for this chaptersometime in the next week (i said this april 16th by the way, if i dun get it up in a weak, pummel my ass)

Rated: R, liked doulbe R lol... sorry younger readers, this one isn't for you.

Pairings: Serenity/Mokuba ~~~~

Silent Affairs-

Yay! an english title! The results on Kaiba being horny one night was a wife and two kids, the results of not performing his own job interviews was Serenity Wheeler working in his public relations section. After several months of grumpy moods and people screwing up Serenity finds herself manager of public relations for Kaiba Corp. and often spending late nights with the infamous CEO, strictly on a work bases. But what happens when something happens causing Serenity to seak comfort in the nearest arms? And worse, when she choses that perhaps this comfort is enjoyed and beging demanding her secret lover do something about his wife? shrugs only me and perhaps Gem know that at the moment _ Yea, me and Divineangel143 are co-writing this fan fic and we've chose to post it under her screen name so if your reading this and interested, go check it out lol... Chapter one: is almost done! and shall be posted on Divineangel143's account if you want to read it...

Rating: I can't be sure yet... probably pg'13 for the time being.

Couples: SetoXWife... blah, yea right lol... SetoXSerenity Fave authors: Phoenix Firerose all the way, her writing is amazing, have you ever read the story... 'as i die silently'? Well you should, it's in my favotires if you want it. Hehe, i just love her to peices, it's amazing the people you can find on the internet... And so very unoriginally i have to say pinkstarz is amazing lol. Her story(s) are awesome.

Another one for inu-yasha fans, check this girl out, she has wicked stories. Her fanfic SN is kmf i am personally in love with her story reliving the past. I've started reading the others, and i'm sure they are just as good but i wasn't in the mood at the time. Awesome writer, check her stuff out.

Have you guys ever heard of ShardyPsychoElf? Awesome writer! But actually... i didn't find her lol, she found me and i followed that nice little link from the review to hers and then one day decided to read her fic, and i'm glad i did. I usually start stories, get a few paragraphs in and quit, but hers turned me on lol, i like it right away, mind you after hte first word i thought it would be stupid because most 'truth or dare' ones are really dumb, but her's is really good! Please check it out, the only one i've read so far is... Secret fantasy, and i love it lol, actually i'mma go read some more of it now... lol I'm sure you've all heard of her..

Visions of Malice, yes a VERY impressive authoress. I didn't understand half of the words she used, which is good lol slows down reading but awesome nun the less. I've generally red (how would you spell that? saying read in the past tense...?) all of her stories, either i have or i am, she's also on my faves list so if you get some extra time feel free to check her out. Oh oh! -doesn't read her fics personally but knowns she writes well because i taught her myself-!

Check out Reana1 guys... -pokes- just do it... I'm a hard person to please and if you're up her on my... six (-has expanded from four-) person list lol, then you're story(s) must be worth reading. I'm a cridict, i cridisize everything, my friend is an artist and i can't draw worth crap and i cridisize her too lol. anyway, moving on. Fave couples: Mokuba/Serenity Seto/Serenity Joey/Mai Kagome/Inuyasha If you know any good stories (not just plot good but written good as well) then let me know because i'm interested lol. As far as i know Mokuba/Serenity is my original idea, who da thought? I always thought they would be quite the couple because you know they are supposed to be the same age in the manga... lol. Anyway... carrying on... -pokes- read my fics lol and read everyone on my list... and join the RPG's and beware of theives... (shrugs -doesn't know wut that's all about-)

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Serenity' Mokuba rushed in as he heard her scream, looking around. Kaiba’s papers were covering the room, and glass littered his desk. Mokuba looked up to see the huge window shattered but no Serenity and no Kaiba. MokubaxSerenityxKaiba JoeyxMai
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Does the name Kaiba mean anything to you' Shizuka frowned, shaking her head 'i told you i-' but she stopped as ice blue eyes flashed before her, pain shot through her head as she fell to 1 knee ppl rushing forward. 'Thats very interesting' Mokuba mused
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Oh Seto,' she whispered quietly, brushing his bangs from his face. 'it's going to be okay,' she knew it was true. Nothing would ever be the same without Mokuba, but one day when their babies were born, they'd be happy again. SetoxSerenity
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