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Hello fellow readers, writers, BBC fans

Not actually sure what to write here, this actually feels awkward but I will just write what comes to mind, much like verbal yet writing diarrhea...

My name is Annie, I'm 19. I am a fanfic addict, it is a secret guilty pleasure...

So for me there are only two sides of a coin. Utterly obsessed with something or just meh, not interested.

My obsessions change all the time, although one thing they always have in common is that they are bristish, mainly british televison.

I am a devoted whovian (that being a endless lover of Doctor who, mainly the new era of Doctors), as well as a fan of Torchwood, Sherlock and Merlin.

I have watched all the episodes -many times- of the first three shows and have more recently discovered Merlin.

Between anxiously awaiting new seasons or because the show is over and I need more, I turned to fanfiction for my fix.

I love most fanfics, though I can never bring myself to read Doctor Who ones (sorry people who write those) but I kind of feel like its a show that should just not be messed with. However I do enjoy a good Sherlock, Torchwood and Merlin.

Mainly I will ship the relationship in the actual show, for example I am in love for Janto (Ianto and Jack) and I sobbed very very ugly and hysterically when he died. I am not ashamed to admit I get attached to characters. Merlin, I can't even comment on :'( The only time I did not sob at a tragedy was with the Reichenbach Falls, because I knew sherlock would be back because well, its sherlock.

But anyways back to shipping got off track. The most prominent ships I have learnt of is Johnlock and Merthur. I don't really ship them in a sexysexytime sort sort of way, but more as an epic bromance. That doesn't mean to say though that I don't love a good ship story with an amazing plot. I kind of try to write slash, but its so hard since I giggle like a child at 'naughty' words, and well honestly I actually think I may be a mutant and lacking any type of lovely dovey feelings hence making it almost impossible to make a story half convincing.

So far I am working on a couple of fanfics. I find writing introspectives easier because the plots already there. I love watching the actors expressions and actions, I probably over analyse them looking for what I think they may be thinking. Or thinking about how that scene/story could have gone another way to be a happy ending or less frustrating *shakes fist at Merlin* and i love humorous stories, so sometimes I try to make my stories funny and light, but I probably just fall flat on my face, i think i'm funnier than I really am.

I hand write everything first. Don't know why I just like it. So thats why there may be extended periods of time between chapters or fics and why chapters are short because frankly everything seems longer when you hand write. Also add to that I can get stuck for plots/ideas, lack inspiration, I'm lazy, natually slow person, sometimes busy, sometimes I might even have a social life but that is rare and I may just be worshiping my cats (3 dogs, 2 cats - a very busy, noisy household) I also like to occasionally draw a character or a scene although I'm a bit rubbish at it. excuses excuses *rolls eyes* OH AND BIG NOTE I'M SO UNORGANISED - i've written stories, put them down and they have mysteriously disappeared into black hole of the universe never to be found again.

I've only recently started writing, and found I enjoy it. Hopefully my stories and writing skills will develop over time. Sorry for any grammer mistakes for all those grammer nazis out there (I'm too shy to get a beta) and apologies if my fics resemble anyone elses, its completely unintentional but as it is alot of plots ideas have been done before and as it is at the moment I lack imagination and can only follow the most simplest plot ideas. Thankyou for any compliments and please feel free to critique, I hold by that belief that you learn from your mistakes.

I don't own anything, nor do I really want to, but I do wish the fantasies were real and I had magic or the Tardis would come whisked me away for adventures across the universe.

But I spose that is it for now. Thank you to all those lovely readers that follow, favourite, review or just simply read my fanfics. And a big thankyou for all those awesome people that write amazing stories.

toodle pip

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