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So Internet law states I must put a description here. Ugh. I can't be bothered spending any more time than I need to on this, so let's get it over with.

To put it in short, I am an impolite, politically incorrect, crazed gunman at your doorstep with a Remington 870 MCS. Done.

Oh yeah, and check out Falcons Rising Productions. Click on the name to go there.

Are we done here? Is that good enough? Yeah? Well, can I go then? Finally. Also, yes, you are going over the top with a '80s combat handgun.




Remember that time when I said I had seven free weeks to do whatever? Yeah, that was only going to end badly. I finally decided to update this blog after finding part of chapter 4 under a mountain of Word documents. You may have noticed that a lot of what Sky says and knows requires no visible planning whatsoever. I'm hoping to make chapter 4 an introduction to another group of OCs, and chapter 5 will delve a little deeper into Sky's past and his behavioural nature. Get ready, the feels will hit you like a brick wall.


Okay, so let's face it, I was never going to hit any kind of schedule. I even missed the schedule to not miss the schedule. But hey, it's not all that bad. I have a new chapter which should be out in 10 minutes, so that's good. I've also had seven weeks of jack-all to do suddenly laden upon me, so that's cool too. :)


Remind me never to go camping again when I have schedules. Generally I write a long draft on Saturday, then edit, make sense of and upload it on Sunday, making it a 2-day process, but I got back from the single most unentertaining camping trip ever devised by mortal beings on Friday, and Saturday morning came. I got up, did my normal morning routine, sat down at my laptop, opened up Word, and mentally fell asleep. I never knew writer's block was such a serious case. I'm gonna try to do a bit of writing over the week, then push myself to try and double the average chapter length on Saturday (which is about 1500 words, so I'm gonna go for 3000), so I can make up for time lost banging my head against a wall. :/


I think a couple of people were confused about the very start. I'm gonna elaborate slightly here.

One of my all-time writing heroes is Terry Pratchett. Whenever he writes a story, it's not just a story. He makes it a world full of wonders, and goes out of his way to explicitly show this to the reader. With the intro about beginnings, I was trying to show the Original Adventure as not just being a story, but a world in which just one of the many thousands of stories is shown mainly, while at the same time dispersing some actual good writing advice. To be honest, anyone who didn't take a moment out of their lives to say 'wat' after reading that probably wasn't paying attention, so I don't expect them to be paying attention to this either. :I


So in a moment of sheer madness, I decided to make a story that takes OC submission to a whole new level: I eliminated canon characters almost completely! Only the main villain and one hero belong to me. Everything else belongs to hordes of other people who chipped in a bit of their time to help me expand my world, so you can't say my story isn't varied! I called it the Original Adventure. Ironic, really, as most of it is completely ripped off :O

P.S. To people worrying about RISE, I've put it on the sidelines for now. Okay, it was on the sidelines to begin with, but point made.

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