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Author has written 18 stories for Lord of the Rings, Undergrads, Disney, Martin Mystery, Starship Troopers, Princess Mononoke, Discworld, Gargoyles, Transformers/Beast Wars, Avatar, Cthulhu Mythos, and Hobbit.

I may name myself after a wizard, but I have the heart of... well, also a wizard, but one of the younger ones.

My favorite pairings are Nitz/Jesse, Harry/Hermione (I'm ethnic Harmonian) Ron W./L. Lovegood, Kim P./Ron S.and Tino/Lor.
By that, I am also a huge Undergrads, Harry Potter, Gargoyles and LOTR fan.
And no, I don't watch Kim Possible, but some of the fics are good (StD was excellent)

Additional Pairings include: Susan Sto Helit/Lobsang Ludd, Moist von Lipwig/Adora Dearheart and Ponder Stibbons/Lucy Tockley (own ficverse exclusive)

Least favorite couples (in order of discovery): Tino/Tish (an elf... and a dwarf?), Kimmy/Nitz and Harry/Ginny (me no likum chest monsters). HOW I DESPISE THEM! Ron/Hermione is also self-destructive in my opinion and Harry/Cho fell apart.

In the 'shipper wars, I'm a bit of a fanatic when it comes to my faves being threatened.

Let blood... Blood... BLOOD be your motto! Slit their gizzards!


And in my reviews, I am quite insane.


Well, yes...

Like the real Gandalf, I also (used to) go by many names.

Date of Birth: Aug 26, 1986
sometimes around 6AM.

Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba in the country of Canada, known to me as "The Quartz City". I also vacation in the forests of Tribus Harmoni.

favorite songs: "Come on Get Higher", "Man of COnstant Sorrow" - band version

Story thoughts:

Hobbits -- Nitz, from UnderGRADS, has a striking resemblence to Billy Boyd, who plays Pippin in LOTR, so I declare Nitzs' mom a full-hobbit Took who drank WAY too much Ent-Draught during one Spring Break and grew from 3'5" to 5'3" in one month.

"Into the West" by Annie Lenox -- Lyrics of song incorporated into a lullaby for their first kid: Annie Estelle Walsh; Annie after Nitzs' mom, Estelle after the Elvish estel, literally 'hope' (and a hobbit aunt). Also considering it to play over the closing credits of my fics.

Orcs -- Trying to make them more sympathetic... well, more humanized really, with stories of hunger, revenge, employment and the theory that common cannibalism was unique to Sarumans monstrosities... human flesh was kosher though. Even orcs have standards sometimes.

Anne Estelle Walsh.
b. April 3rd, 2005
6 lbs. 4 oz.
Parents: Parker Eugene Walsh, Jessica Kingson Walsh
"Daughter of a Thane, Granddaughter of a King, Goddaughter of a ditz."

Of course, the big crossover is basically dead in the water now.

Current Projects

"Will of the Allspark" series (Transformers '07/G1/Animated Movie)

"When God closes a door, he opens a window" The words of a dingbat or a truism? And what happens when you replace "God" with "the Allspark"?

Energy cannot be destroyed. The Allspark had a redoubt. The Allspark had the beginnings of a plan. All it needed was an advocate.

Why did it have to be Starscream?

(UnderGRADS/Back to the Future fusion) - "Click Tock" (?)

In the Year of Our Lord 2025, the three children of the first Click are three days away from heading off to the same colleges that their fathers went to. The Amer-aisan Anne Walsh, the lapsed-Italian and faux-Scouser Edmund Gambiani and holiday-hoarder Jenny Taylor each have thier own plans for the future.

Unfortunately, after Anne gets sucked into a Government experiment gone wobbly and ends up back in the year 2000, all these plans are in jeopardy. This was the year that, more or less, decided the future for all three families and if Anne doesn't figure out that she has a part to play, none of them will be attending... because none of them will have been born!

(Update: This fic has been considered... and Approved.)

Projects Under Consideration:

(Red Dwarf/Escaflowne Crossover) - "Return of the Slime"

Due to a dimensional storm, the Jupiter Mining Corporation vessal Red Dwarf is now lodged in the surface of a dimensional bubble: one landing bay on the outside and one on the inside. On the Outside: Earth in the Extreme late 20th Century, with the promise of wealth, fame and scientific acclaim (not to mention the first decent sausage-and-mash in three million years) after they auction off JMC technology to the highest bidder.

On the inside of the Bubble: Gaea, a Quantam mechanics-nightmare of a planet with an improbably young formation date, linguistic and evolutionary messes at every turn and swimming in enough Destiny Radiation to perform non-invasive sex changes every eight hours to the improperly shielded. But it also presents an opportunity: A high-stakes political mudpit is growing ever deeper and stickier after the collapse of Zaibach power, and whomever resolves it could get the best deal from both worlds... or, you know, die a horribly gruesome death.

Either way, David Lister is just happy to be home.

(Mythos Experiment) - "Men of Leng"

Marie Trinh has always been a bit... ambiguous when answering questions about where her parents came from. Even when she did her people's Stork Dance for her High Schools Heritage Day, it left far more questions than answers, especially in the mind of her semi-demi-sorta-boyfriend, Joeseph Clayton. When he went to Miskatonic University, she disappeared, saying that she was taking a year off to visit the old country.

Now, late in Joseph's first year of University, an ethnographic expedition to the remote mountains on the border of Laos and North-Central Vietnam takes a frightening turn as primitive, tattooed warriors capture him, his classmates and their professor. What they find could totally upend their views on beauty, horror and disgust. Because, as Marie once said in an unguarded moment almost without realizing it, "You can bury your dead, you can burn your dead, you can eat your dead... but you must never forget your dead."

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The Contract by apAidan reviews
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