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Hi, here are some things you might wanna know about me.

Name: Pam

D.O.B: 04/08/87

Hiar color: Dark brown with blond streaks and its a few inches above my shoulders.

Eye color: Dark brown.

Height: About 5'1.

Weight: I ain't tellin!

Fav color: Dark blue.

Fav anime's:Inuyasha, Coyboy Beebop, Lupon The 3rd, Trigun, Outlaw Star, Yuyu Hakusho, Witch Hunter Robin, Big O, and Wolf's Rain.

Fav anime's sayings: Thats right, BIG sit. (Miroku) Inuyasha, SIT! (Kagome) I don't suppose I could have both of them. (Inuyasha) PERVERT! *whack* (Sango) Of course I'll need some of the money to entertain the ladies with. (Miroku) Feh. (Inuyasha)

Fav regular sayings: I'm going loco, crazy, bonkers! (Me) Gone crazy... be back soon. (Me)

Here are the stories I am working on.

Kagome's Sight (not complete)

Zorro, The White Devil (not complete)

Stories I have completed.

Amnesia (Complete)

Future stories:

New Sight (a segual to Kagome's Sight)
(AU)Ever since Inuyasha changed from a dog back to normal the only thing Kagome wants is to see the face of her love. But that will never be possible. Or will it? Can Inuyasha find a way to restore sight back to the woman he has fallen in love with?

A Way To Freedom
(AU) In a place where the rich own slaves there is no hope. When Naraku goes to a slave auction he buys the young beauty, Kagome, to be his personal servant and he also buys that silver haired hanyou, Inuyasha, at the regeust of Kikyo, his other personal slave, along with some others. Can Inuyasha and Kagome find away to escape the bondage of being a slave and rescue their friends from it and escape to freedom? Will they find love along the way?

Loves First Kiss
(AU) This is kinda like Snow White, but its my way. Kagome's father has just re-married and she loves her new step-mother. To bad her new step-sister doesn't feel the same about Kagome. Once Kikyo, the step-siser, finds out that Kagome is betrothed to one of the most richest and most handsome young Lord's of the lands she gets jelous. She hires someone to kill Kagome. Full summery inside.

Reversed Rolls
(AU) Kagome is a hanyou in Fedual Japen, Inuyasha is also a hanyou, but lives in modern day Japan. The rolls are reversed. How can these two hanyous meet? Over 500 years seperate these two hanyous.

Making New Memories
(AU) A sequal to Amnesia. Kagome's wedding is coming up. And she doesn't have everything ready yet! She still has to buy herself a dress, pick out her brides maids, order the cake and all the other stuff. But once that is all done, she just has to wait for the big day, until then she can relax and enjoy just being with Inuyasha. But that won't happen. Kikyo has found out about the wedding and is detirmind to ruin the day for Inuyasha and Kagome. Can the couple over come yet another obsticle?

Full Moons Rain
(AU) Kagome has been feeling weird ever since that strange dog had bitten her. And even worse is that she can't remember an entire night. She doesn't remember how she woke up in the park when the last thing she remembered was being in her room, or the strange taste that was in her mouth, a taste that was slightly matalic. Can the strange white haired man help her? Can he help her with her changes and can he deal with the way his feelings are changing for the girl? I/K M/S Pairings.

(AU) Kagome is a waitress at a small coffee shop, Inuyasha is a guy who works as a handyman. Kagome enjoys her job, she gets to meet diferant people, make new friends, but she didn't expect to find love, of all things, and neither was Inuyasha, he just wanted to sit in a quiet booth and have a nice cup of coffee, but fate had differant ideas about it. I/K, M/S, and maybe Kagura/Sess.

Call of The Track
Inuyasha is a major jocky. Horse racing is a mans world, women shouldn't be racing horses. Thats what Inuyasha Takahasi thought. But Kagome Higurashi thought differant. I can do anything a man can. Thats what she thought. These two are both exalant in the saddle, but can they handle the way they feel when there out of it? As these two jocky's race for the finish line, they are also racing from their own feelings.

If anyone would like to chat here is my Yahoo! user names: inuyashas_girl182, inu_babe182, hot_chick42431 and angel_girl182_2

Ja ne, Pam

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Kagome's Sight reviews
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