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Hello to all of you new peep's out there new AllWolfXFox is in tha house. Now other Fanfiction publishers like to write, then wait age's and never give you a date of when the next chap is goner be published. Well, I will NOT do that. So, If for any reason I don't add up for the next chapter I will always have an excuse, because you have my word. Why? Because I know what it feels like to read upon chapter and find out that it's to short for your own good or it ain't finished. You don't know when they will publish. I love righting stories. Especaly in deatail. However in some cases people don't like detail unless need, so i'll enter in a breif discription. I would write on base charecters of anime or games or made films. The following:


(No stories)


(No stories)

BULLY (Game)

Bullworths Two Favirote Mental Cases - In-progress - Gary x Petey - Mpreg - THIS STORY HAS BEEN POSTEDBONED FOR THE TIME BEING!


(No stories)

Wolf's Rain

(No Stories)

Harry Potter

(No Stories)

Blue Exorcist

(No stories)

Ultiment Spider-man

One Thing Can Change Everything - In-progress - Flash x Peter - THIS STORY HAS BEEN POSTEDBONED FOR THE TIME BEING!

Avatar: The Last Air Bender

Not as it seems - In-progress - Jet x FemZuko - THIS STORY HAS BEEN POSTEDBONED FOR THE TIME BEING!

1) Jetko - Honora - Complete - Jet x Zuko - Mpreg

2) Moment's to remember - Complete - Jet x Zuko (Squeal to Jetko - Honora)

3) The Last Of Us - In-progress - Jet (Sueal to Moment's to Remember)


Untitled - In-Progress - Wolverine/James

(I may add more if nessisary.)

WARRNING: My books may contain: Yaoi, yuri, sex, language, violence, horrer, deaths, and more. I'm may not spell well and I'll tell you what speech action and thoughts, signifiys in my chapters.

Hope you like.

I'm new. But when you read...You'll fall in love with them.

--Post 01/02/13--

If you are a footbal fan and you like Mancheter United then go to this website -

Also I've only had two reveiws from the same person... so please send in reviews.

--Post 14/02/13--

Having a over veiw of my stories of grammer and such. This will take hourseeeeee at this rate.

--Post 15/02/13--

Done all the Bully spell cheack chaps and 3 more to go on Naruto's YEAAAAHHHHH!!!! TTFN

--Post 16/02/13--

Finished spell check WAHOOOOOO!!!!! TTFN.

--Post 19/02/13--

Hay Peeps just saying that I have a new Spider-man chap 4 going now! Check it out.

--Post 09/3/13--

TO ALL YOU YAOI OR YURI FANS OUT THERE! GO ON YOUTUBE AND TYPE Queer as Folk US It's fuck hot and sexey fucking and more. You'll love it!


Important thing is that i'm dealiting my Naruto the nine tails I'm just not feeling it anymore. But thank u for everyones suport you did reivew. I'm just drained out of the hole idea. And cause I'm not into it as much, I was like doing a chap everyDAY! but then got let off. I might just do small narutos for now on.

--Post 02/06/13--


I just think that there should be a lot more Jet x Zuko sort of fan fic and I'm spreding the word ta all tha like this sort of thing!

I'm writing a femZuko x Jet one right now. But It's really crap. However, others have a lot more talent in write and could come up with better ideas. SO! When ya have tha time and ideas! START MAKING THEM!

If ya need any help, just ask! TTFN!

--Post 15/06/13--


Anyone who is reading my Avatar Chaps should be noteified that CHAP 9 - 10 and 11 are rea-done! Sorry, but the story didn't seem to fit. So I re did it. Hope it is still to people's liking!

--Post 21/06/13--


Okay I need ta tell a few things in this post and to all on my curent stories!

I have lost all my passwords to all my stuff, Fanfic, hotmail, facebook ect! But I mange to reclame all them, but in tha prossese. Had my hotmail wiped clean. So if u had a link to yr face book to mine. It's now - lila sakura (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk. Also, my stories have been kept back because of the ammount of work I'm getting. So I'm being held back just a bit. So viewers and readers and all! Please don't dispone my stories! I'm deeply sorry and I will try to get them done at lest two chaps a week before summer starts!


--Post 01/08/13--

Now ya probably woundering why ALL of my stories r gone. Well. Just to save ya tha stress. it aint for ever. There just some miner isuses tha need ta be sorted on my account and I cant do it with tha stories. Don't worry Ill still continue im my absense. So in tha mean time. Just continue anything and dont way around.

Thank u for ya time TTFN!

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Bloody-red-scars Dev account! =


--Post 05/09/13--

OKAY! JUST UPLOADED A Bully chap! Cheak it out!... Hope it's a-o-k!

--Post 21/09/13--

OKAY! THA 503 THING REALLY PISSED ME OFF!... *sigh* Anyway. I hav uploaded three new chaps on Monemts to Remember! So hav a look!

--Post 24/11/13--

One Thing Can Change Everything has been removed from my story list, but don't fear. I have taken it off so I can re-do it. Hopefully, the story will be much better than the last one. Thanks for reading it.

--Post 28/05/14--

Oh wow. Been ages since I've done an updated. Okay things to sprout.

1) I know, I know, I know, I know, I've been saying this over and over that I will up date on my stories with new improved grammar and all. But things... have been kind of hecktic which makes all more things complicated. So what I'm gonna have to try and do more. I know that is not a lot of confidence in me but I will try.

2) People have been sending messages to stories that says on my Profile that are post-boned. As much as I love the feed back from everyone. It is very pressuring that people say hope to see your next up-date. It is not very helpful that it is now a constant reminder that I need to edit and up-date other wise, you as my viewers, will be un-happy. Which again bring me to point 1) that I will try.

So again. Hope everyone is alright and see you all later.


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Bully - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 26 - Words: 38,523 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 9/5/2013 - Published: 8/2/2013 - Gary S., Peter K.
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In the 21st century a zombie apocalypse accrues and the people have to fight for their survival. Avatar style! ZUKOMPREG! Don't like! Don't read! Warining!: Sex. Violence. Laungueg. Horror and many more.
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