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Author has written 5 stories for Inuyasha.

Fav anime: currently Inuyasha. I havent had time to watch any anime period for a while now...its so sad. but i also like elfen lied and Claymore.

Gender: female

Fav Pairing: inu/kag mir/san
sess/rin(depends, no incest) Sessh/Kagome

NB: Sessh/kag (depends... I love Inu and dont think he's a bastard... though I'll read one and 2 stories where he is.)

About Me:

Between work and my dogs I don’t have much free time anymore. I do enjoy anime and managa and will do almost anything for a good book. Not very good at video games, better at RPG games, I also love writing, however I must say that hanging out with friends or family trumps all the above _ . My work is currently only on If I do put it on another site I’ll be sure to say so here.

Because of my lack of time and my innate preference to actually hanging with people or playing with my much neglected pups, my stories are often slow in updating…however never mind I haven’t abandoned one yet. I do have a spelling problem and try to improve as I go along so helpful advice is always welcomed. If you spot repetitive errors please let me know…so I can take measures to correct. Now! Enough on me…on to the matter at hand my stories:


Current Story:

Transcending Borders:

In a time when demons and humans are kept apart for peace one Tai Youkai offers her child a chance at life with a human miko. When the only son
Kagome can ever hope to have is kidnapped, how far will she go to get him back?

Ok this is another Sess/Kag pairing. Its still in its baby phase and I hope it kicks off.

Completed Stories

Ok well there are a few, and hopefully the list grows and the writing gets better.


It is set in a world where demons and humans are just beginning to learn to live together, this merger mainly forced upon society when the great tai youkai of the west decided to take a human bride. His decision however results in unhappy forces trying to take over the western lands and in an act of betrayal the Tai’s wife is brutally murdered. Thrown into a mad fury he orders the banishment of all humans from the west, the soldiers run rampant through the villages destroying and plundering as they saw fit on the orders of the tai youkai’s vicious brother.

When control is regained the humans are given two days to leave the west or face certain death. Reluctant to leave his shrine, grandpa Higurashi goes to plead with the Tai youkai to allow them stay in the west. And so it is his daughter, twin granddaughters and grandson come to be the only human family in the western lands.

However when the eldest son of the Inutaisho’s sons finds a human girl, he calls upon one of the Higurashi women as a sitter. Kikyo despite her dislike for demons volunteers for the position.

And now years later when the enemies of the west have once again risen evidence is brought to the family that Kikyo has been crossing borders against protocol. Unable to produce the missing Kikyo the entire Higurashi family is in danger. To protect her family, Kagome must pretend to be her twin sister, cope with palace life while trying to clear her sister’s name as her family searches for the missing Kikyo. formerly Love As My Sister)

Birth :

ok so the only intro that i can give is the one already written which you can see when u look up the story, so I wont bother to say it again. I think its really cute, and it isnt dark or anything just a fluffster. I'm also glad for the support its gotten... oh and its a Sess/ Kag! the first on ff/net so it makes history! WOOT!! Its also my very first story to get to 1000 reviews much less to pass the mark (thanks guys!) and it won third place for best drama on Doukuga (thanks agian to everyone who voted!)

Love With a Twist :

This was my first official story...not the first to be put up, but the first one ever! It was writting in my 8th grade

I was about thirteen. So far this has the only lemon I've ever done...which was not actually done by me, but one of my

close friends, DJ. Its a little sloppy in the writting, but I cant bring myself to change it, and I still think its great!

Why Inuyasha Never Does the Grocery Shopping:

This is again Inu/Kag, and in all truthfulness is a bad rendition of a story that I told my

my friends to get rid of boredom, however when ur typing for hours and there is no end, shit happens. Its not

like its horrid, just not as good as the first...i need to edit it and tweak it. but then again i suck at doing

those things. Oh yea! this is a one first one at that! so it makes history too!

My Passions: The Love Child:

This is an Inu/Kag. I love it dearly because of the character which I put in there, I think he was adorable. This is

the first fanfic I've written to get over three hundered reviews! and currently the one with the most reviews,

which hopefully will change.

Hey did anyone notice that all my stories so far has been an historical put up? hehe. Anyways thats all for now! I might update this again in another hundered years or so...teehee _

Feel free to send me a pm, when you want to I dont mind...Now that's all there is! There isnt any more! dun dun!

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Beside You in Time by RosieB reviews
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Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 30 - Words: 258,835 - Reviews: 365 - Favs: 365 - Follows: 342 - Updated: 12/11/2015 - Published: 7/22/2006 - Kagome H., Inuyasha
She Who the Prophecy Foretold by Sunset Miko reviews
Sesshoumaru needs the help of a miko, and only one will do. His request for aid sets in motion an ancient prophecy, leading them all on an unexpected quest. Secrets kept for years finally are told, and an unsuspecting Kagome is thrust into a mission with a whole new set of tasks and troubles. She is the priestess spoken of in the prophecy and her strange life is turned upside down.
Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 81 - Words: 413,424 - Reviews: 1402 - Favs: 1,321 - Follows: 1,128 - Updated: 10/8/2015 - Published: 11/6/2007 - Kagome H., Sesshōmaru
Shades of Gray by fallenangel7583 reviews
Kagome wants to escape from the pressures of the Higurashi name, InuYasha wishes to prove him more then a black sheep. Both lead duel lives at sun set. When paths cross in that gothic setting, fires of the soul ignite. Little do they know who the other is
Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 43 - Words: 459,814 - Reviews: 520 - Favs: 272 - Follows: 240 - Updated: 7/29/2015 - Published: 1/23/2006 - Inuyasha, Kagome H.
The Syndrome by Sunset Miko reviews
Kagome finds herself homeless thanks to her rowdy roomies and has to move in with her best guy friends… and Sesshoumaru. The taiyoukai finds him self suffering from a strange combination of ailments, something his father calls simply 'The Syndrome'.
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A Kiss for A Prince by Striking Falcon reviews
A kingdom sleeps, protected by the roses that once symbolized their great power, undisturbed by the world around them. A princess soon to be awakened, a kingdom soon to change hands, and a war that will join both ningen and youkai lies on the horizon.
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Teen Blues by TamashaToko reviews
SEQUEL TO BABY BLUES: Three years ago Kagome and Sesshoumaru were seperated and right after they admitted they loved each other. Now they are back and must face more challenges and deal with raising their three teenaged children. Finished
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Entrapment: A 21st Century Adventure by King Baka reviews
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Sangria by ChaoticReverie reviews
A life of secrecy was not something Taisho had ever envisioned for himself… but all of that changed upon his rebirth. Now, as an unknown menace threatens to expose his kind, he finds himself racing to find the source, lest mankind face the apocalypse…
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In Inuyasha's time, crickets were prized for their songs and served as muses for stories and poems. A collection of oneshots and drabbles of all pairings and genres.
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Inuyasha - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,916 - Reviews: 62 - Favs: 201 - Follows: 17 - Published: 6/29/2010 - Inuyasha, Kagome H. - Complete
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The Lord of the West has his amber eyes set upon the miko Kagome. After all, he is the only one worthy of such a prize. What is there to hold him back? Obssessive/Possessive Seshomaru Blanket Disclaimer: characters and original anime show plot are not min
Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 19 - Words: 184,905 - Reviews: 532 - Favs: 681 - Follows: 575 - Updated: 8/24/2009 - Published: 8/17/2007 - Sesshōmaru, Kagome H.
The Breaking Point by Striking Falcon reviews
She’s fire to his ice, a passionate heat to his flame. Together they set the stage ablaze, but a secret in her present and his past could extinguish them both forever.
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I'm not crazy,' she told herself. So what if she found the dead bodies? So what if she could hear voices? It meant nothing. She wasn't a fatalist, but then she met him... InuKag MirSan
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Sesshoumaru, Lord of the Western Lands, is betrothed to a miko with a dark side. When Sesshoumaru declares in front of the wedding party that he doesn’t love the miko, she curses him. Fast forward to 2003, when Kagome is driving home from work. She a
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1st place winner on A Single Spark for Best Romance and Kagome Portrayal. Kagome meets a present day Sesshoumaru and goes back to the Sengoku Jidai, only to meet the formidable TaiYoukai there. Never realized this wasn't listed as "complete" until now!
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As Deemed By Fate by Jade Catseye reviews
AU. Man is incomplete until he marries. Inuyasha believes his fiancé Kikyo will make him whole, or did until he met Kagome, a beautiful, exotic dancer that instantly complicates things. Temptation has never been so hard to resist. KikInuKag
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Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 19 - Words: 147,342 - Reviews: 1266 - Favs: 1,588 - Follows: 330 - Updated: 8/27/2006 - Published: 10/18/2005 - Kagome H., Inuyasha - Complete
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Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 22 - Words: 249,354 - Reviews: 1343 - Favs: 943 - Follows: 231 - Updated: 7/11/2006 - Published: 9/29/2004 - Kagome H., Sesshōmaru - Complete
Baby Love by topazrain reviews
What happens when a dog demon and a human miko find a baby demon. What will they do. And will the pressure of raising a baby tear them apart or bring them closer?
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For Richer or Poorer by Mujitsu reviews
COMPLETE!The world of the rich is a glamorous and often deadly place. Detective Kagome Higurashi must infiltrate this world with the help of business tycoon, Sesshoumaru. Let the sparks fly! AU, KagSess Added oneshot up!
Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Romance/Mystery - Chapters: 18 - Words: 80,135 - Reviews: 599 - Favs: 860 - Follows: 252 - Updated: 3/2/2006 - Published: 5/4/2005 - Sesshōmaru, Kagome H. - Complete
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Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Angst/Tragedy - Chapters: 49 - Words: 62,551 - Reviews: 1042 - Favs: 321 - Follows: 126 - Updated: 1/13/2006 - Published: 7/26/2005 - Kagome H., Inuyasha - Complete
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Kagome is a cheerleader at Matsaharu high. Kikyo, the head cheerleader, hates her guts(mainly because kags better than her...well thats my opinion anyway). She tries everything to get Kagome off the squad, even to go as far as to push her onto the field t
Inuyasha - Rated: K+ - English - Drama/Humor - Chapters: 3 - Words: 4,339 - Reviews: 38 - Favs: 23 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 5/20/2005 - Published: 11/18/2004 - Inuyasha, Kagome H.
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Duplicity reviews
Kagome's twin sister is governess for Rin, the young ward of the ruling house of the moon. Relationships between human and demons are strained to say the least. With the West tethering on the edge of war Kikyo suddenly disappears. Its up to Kagome to take her place and find her before anyone figures out who she is. This is uploaded from an upload and is therefore in 1 chapter.
Inuyasha - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 309,015 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 5 - Published: 4/29/2015 - Complete
Birth reviews
Sesshomaru stands to loose everything unless he can secure a heir by his upcoming birthday. His advisors and himself are now in a race against the clock to find the perfect child, but how does his secretary, Kagome, fit in? This is an upload from backup because the story was lost. Thanks to all my readers for letting me know.
Inuyasha - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 226,198 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 134 - Follows: 46 - Published: 4/29/2015
Unexpected Passions : The love child? reviews
Kagome finds a small boy by the well... or is he a boy? Why does Inuyasha think he smells so familair? Could this boy bring Kagome and Inuyasha closer together? or will he bring more problems on the small group? not good with summaries, please read and re
Inuyasha - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 34 - Words: 88,273 - Reviews: 377 - Favs: 155 - Follows: 95 - Updated: 1/3/2008 - Published: 1/31/2006 - Inuyasha, Kagome H. - Complete
Why Inuyasha Never Does The Grocery Shopping reviews
See what Inuyasha did the very first time he went grocery shopping, and why he will never do the grocery shopping again.
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something happens and kagome leaves never to go back..........................then something else happen and she has to go back...........................what will happen now?I know you've heard it before but it's good so please read it. COMPLETE!
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